Report: Patriots sign Josh Hull


Linebacker Josh Hull was released by the Redskins earlier this month, but it looks like he’s landed a new job.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that the Patriots have signed Hull to a one-year deal.

No financial terms were disclosed, but it is unlikely that Hull got more than the minimum salary for a player with four years in the league. Hull had 14 tackles in 11 games for the Redskins last year in a special teams role. The 2010 seventh-round pick also played 28 games for the Rams before they cut him at the end of the summer.

His work in St. Louis was mostly on special teams as well, so you’d expect that New England will be asking him to compete for a role on those units in 2014.

10 responses to “Report: Patriots sign Josh Hull

  1. I dont like those weird fang like extensions on the rams collars, who else has them? The Saints do.
    Give us a regular solid color collar. That crazy spandex pattern looks like something Ultimate Universe Spiderman would wear

  2. Training camp fodder but great for Hull to go from one of the worst franchises to one of the best.

  3. He was a walk-on in college, was drafted by the Rams, to many a surprise. He hasn’t been much more than a special teamer in his career (blew his ACL in 2012 I believe), but, he’s been effective enough that teams keep signing him.

  4. It is going to be very difficult to make the Patriots roster this year for a rookie, let alone a free agent. I expect the Patriots to say goodbye this year to 3 and 4th year players like Jake Bequette and Tavon Wilson unless they take a big step forward this pre season and off season. Belichick always moves around the draft board and won’t be surprised to see him move up for a player he wants, ie Chandler Jones because of this reason.

    Agree with all posters that he is a camp body at best.

  5. Well, given that he was a walk-on, and still managed to get drafted, it’s been a good ride for him. Specially considering that he’s been 4 years in the league and the average player stays for 3.

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