Richard Sherman: Seahawks deal will be sign of respect

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The Seahawks and cornerback Richard Sherman are talking about a contract that will keep Sherman in Seattle for the long term.

Mike Florio of PFT reported earlier this week that the goal is to get a deal done before the draft gets underway in two weeks, but that the two sides have yet to reach a consensus on any terms at this point in the negotiations. Albert Breer of NFL Network spoke to Sherman on Wednesday and asked him if his goal was to become the highest paid cornerback in football and the man who has loudly proclaimed his superiority to other corners in the league said the value of the deal would be a sign of respect.

“Whatever they feel I am due. I will take it as respect,” Sherman said. “It’s all about respect in this game and the only way people show respect is the dollars. We’ll see what happens.”

Darrelle Revis got $12 million for this season from the Patriots and Aqib Talib got $26 million in guaranteed money (although some is guaranteed for injury only), which sets the bar Sherman would need to clear to become the best-paid corner in football. Franchising Sherman for the 2015 season would lead to a salary close to what Revis got in New England, which raises the likelihood that he’ll wind up being very well respected if he and the Seahawks can agree on a deal this offseason.

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  1. This guy is one of the smarter people in the NFL and in the top 3 in the league at cornerback. And he’s about to see a boatload of respect coming his way shortly.

  2. Richard is right. In my view he should be the highest paid CB. The problem is that the Seahawks may not be able to make that happen, even if they want to, without damaging what they have going on.

    Of the top CBs, Talib and Revis, Sherman is the only one with a ring, if I’m correct. He’s on top of the game and should be compensated as such.

  3. “The only way people show respect is the dollars” Thankfully that’s not how most people think…

  4. I think Sherman should be the highest paid CB in football. It would be nice to have a “hometown discount” but that is not reality. When players are older, talent starts to diminish or there is a younger cheaper guy capable the veteran is shown the door. There is no loyalty in the NFL. I heard talks of 13 million per year. Seattle is really good about the way they structure contracts.

  5. This guy is the man. he will and should get paid to a long term deal. Those of you who have played and won at any level in a team sport know how key certain players are at inspiring and demanding harder play out of the rest of us. I had some guys like that in soccer and if weren’t for them we wouldn’t have had the success we did. Those key players can’t be over rated. If Sherm wasn’t there to make that play in the title game against the 49ers then the Niners would be SB48 champs. What about the Texans game! If we let this man walk then were done and on our way to the mighty M’s futility. don’t believe in anyway we loose Sherm, ET or RW. Get it done John, I know you will.

  6. The guy has been a very good player the last two seasons but I’m surprised the Seahawks aren’t focused on getting a deal done w/ Earl Thomas.

    All I know is that if the Seahawks keep drafting or keep finding undrafted FA & developing them they’re going to be a REALLY tough team to contend with for awhile. If not then their run ends after 2014 year b/c they’re going to lose players to FA.

    It pains me to say this b/c I really don’t like the Seahawks or their fans but the GM & Pete Carroll have done a phenomenal job there.

  7. The fact that he thinks “respect” = “money” is sad.
    He doesn’t show respect thus doesn’t deserve any.
    Up to this point Richard has been a clown.
    Grow up, stop the sideshow and just play.

  8. When will these guys understand that the NFL is a business in which management can’t be swayed by emotion?

  9. Schneider was mentored well by Ted Thompson & Ron Wolf and will do what’s best to make sure the Seahawks are contenders every year. Sherman won’t get a deal until his current contract is over. In the meantime, as a sign of respect, Schneider could ship Sherman’s locker to his home after the season.

  10. If he doesn’t get at least what the Bucs gave Darrelle Revis, that’s a slap in the face. He’s way better than Revis past and present.

  11. give him max money. give wilson max money. in fact give the entire team all the money the cap has to offer. bc the hawks are in big trouble in the next few years w cap space. a lot of good talent will have to go bc the team wont be able to afford them. after sherman’s guaranteed money is up, he’s gone.

  12. I guess the sad truth in today’s NFL is that as you achieve success, the cost of business skyrockets. I heard that with the acquisition of Pryor, Wilson is now the 3rd highest paid QB on the roster (and he just won you the Superbowl).

    How will they fit in all of these players under the cap, remains to be seen. A nice problem to have, mind you – but a problem nonetheless, if they want to retain all their guys that brought them to the promised land…

  13. Only an arse hole of his caliber would equate respect with money! What a turd. Mark my words, he won’t get what HE believes he’s worth and will start taking off on plays. The second coming of Randy Moss!

  14. Is there any player in the league that has a bigger chip on his shoulder from perceived lack of respect than Sherman?

    The guy is a complete mental case. I’d have more respect for the guy if he just didn’t give a crap what people thought.

  15. It’s always about respect with this guy, isn’t it? For a big CB he has a serious case of short man syndrome.

  16. So…he’s calling out the front office and saying if they “respect” him, they’ll pay him top dollar. He claims to be a team player, but they can’t “respect” everybody on that team who deserves it. Yet again, with his me-first attitude that means they can’t keep everybody else who is due a big payday. When he gets his big money and the rest of that D has to go because there’s no money left, we’ll see how great he really is when he has to cover a lot more of the field…

  17. get the feeling he’ll pout if he’s not offered the biggest contract out of all DB’s in the league. trade him for a 1st and a 3rd round pick. no one man above the team, let someone else pay him. love what he’s done for the team but he is not irreplaceable. IMO

  18. I would like to hear what theMackstrong has to say on this matter. He’s a legendary Seahawk even if it’s mostly hawk fans that understand that. I value his opinion. If he says he wants too much money & will weaken the team in the long run then i say let him go. That is my humble opinion. For the record I’m a huge Sherman fan even tho he embarrasses me at times & I’m sure his teammates & coaches feel the same way. It’s a strange dichotomy with what comes out of his mouth in the heat of the moment against how obviously bright & well spoken he is in off the field interviews. He obviously earned that Stanford scholarship by more than just his football acumen.

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