Seahawks narrowly avoided 11,010 miles of travel in 15 days

At a time when Seahawks fans may be rightfully grousing about the lack of prime-time home games beyond Week One (that’s what happens when Oliver Reed’s advice from Gladiator is ignored), it could be worse.

Peter King of explains that the runner-up to the final schedule had the defending champions playing three road games in a row, with trips to St. Louis, Washington, and Kansas City.

The game at FedEx Field would have occurred on a Monday night, requiring the Seahawks to play only six days later at Arrowhead Stadium.

Per King, that’s 11,010 air miles over a 15-day stretch.  It’s quite possible, if not likely, that the Seahawks would have dipped into owner Paul Allen’s vast resources and set up shop somewhere east of the Mississippi for all or part of the fortnight plus a day away from the Pacific Northwest.

Still, extra days away from home would have been an extra burden for a team that already has plenty of schedule disruptions, thanks to its status as the defending NFL champions.

NFL senior V.P./broadcasting Howard Katz admitted that, absent a better schedule, the league quite possibly would have gone with that one.

“I think so,” Katz told King.  “We didn’t want to.  We were hopeful that we’d find a better one.  I think we would have, and we did.  If we had to play it, I think we would have had an interesting discussion with Roger [Goodell] about it.  We had many interesting discussions in this room about it — whether it was a fatal flaw or not.  I didn’t deem it fatal, but we were hoping we could find a way out of it.”

They ultimately did, balancing the various conflicts and other factors and sifting through more than 500,000 possible schedules and coming up with a winner after Katz and three others (NFL V.P./broadcating Onnie Bose, NFL senior manager of broadcasting Jonathan Payne, and NFL senior director of broadcasting Michael North) spent 70 days working hard to come up with a winner.

It’s in many ways a thankless job, with inevitable criticism no matter how much time and effort is spent to make the process as fair as possible for all 32 teams.  And the criticism will come from fans or players or front offices that don’t like one thing or another about a given team’s schedule.  Last year, the Bills complained about facing too many teams coming off of bye weeks; it’s likely only a matter of time before someone gripes about that this year.

Actually, since the draft should be today but have been moved back two weeks, that will be our next schedule-related project.

9 responses to “Seahawks narrowly avoided 11,010 miles of travel in 15 days

  1. Three road games in a row just means 8 out of 13 home games the rest of the year. Every team plays 8 home games and 8 road games, the order is not a big deal.

  2. Please bring the “Stillurs” to Seattle. Much to settle here.

    Travel is not the hawks schedule problem. The back half of the schedule inclues SF x2, @KC, @Phi, @Car, Stl x2. Tough way to wrap up the season.

  3. But a west coast team can play and east coast game followed by a trip halfway around the world to London for another away game and a total of 16,800 miles in 7 days is O.K?
    King needs to do his research for his reporting, because there are worse examples of scheduling going on.

  4. Actually, the order of games played is THAT big of a deal. Especially if a team is travelling 11000+ miles in a two week span, with 10am PST start times. The fact the NFL was seriously even considering letting this happen just shows the obvious biasness against the Hawks and the PNW in general. Can you imagine the uproar if the Denver Mannings were subjected to this kind of impartiality?!

  5. How the schedule was worked out against the hawks makes me think the first Super Bowl against the steelers WAS rigged lol. Just kidding. I think? Maybe? Ok, not really. At the end of the day… This team isn’t that likable. Accept if your from Seattle. The entire country thinks we live on a arc and our women don’t shave their armpits. Guess what nfl. That’s not who Seattle is and you can keep on trying to hide this team. Guess what. They are young, mean, fast, and oh my god…. Smart. We are still under the cap, and guess what sticky Pete and Schneider will still find some gems in the fifth round. You can shove that in your pipe and smoke it nfl

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