Sherman changes his tune about Crabtree rant


In the aftermath of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s on-field tirade against 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree after the NFC title game, Sherman vowed to stop belittling other players.

Now, Sherman is singing a different tune.

In January, in an item that he wrote for, Sherman suggested that he’d be turning a new leaf when it comes to verbally tearing opponents a new orifice.

“No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is,” Sherman wrote at the time.  “That’s not mine.  It belongs to Irvin Himmel.  Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game.  If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this:  Don’t attack anybody.  I shouldn’t have attacked Michael Crabtree the way I did.  You don’t have to put anybody else down to make yourself bigger.”

On Wednesday, Sherman expressed no remorse for his verbal assault on Crabtree.

I don’t regret anything,” Sherman said during a panel discussion at Harvard Business School, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe.  “People said I had no class.  What is class in sports?  What exactly is it?  Do I say great game and go cookie cutter?  No.  I don’t think he played a great game. . . .  If it was Larry [Fitzgerald], and the same situation happened, I wouldn’t have said a thing.  Because I respect Larry.”

So which is it, Richard?  Have you learned not to put someone else down?  Or would you — and will you — do it again, to Crabtree and others whom you deem to be unworthy of your respect?

Often inappropriately, Sherman has been called many things in recent months.  One thing he can’t currently be called is consistent.

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  1. You know what? I love this attitude. This isn’t pee wee anymore, no need to say “good game”, or “better luck next time”, or any other cliche phrase. These are professionals. You don’t like him putting you down? Don’t let him make big plays. Simple.

  2. He is a pretty smart guy that often says really stupid stuff. He is disrespectful of the game and of many players. His after game rant was probably episode five or six of him proving who he really is. He’s a very good football player, he can show how smart he really is, but often times he does not.

  3. Everyone seems to be forgetting Crabtree’s actions right before Sherman’s “rant”.

    Putting down Crabtree the way Sherman did was not a classy thing to do, but neither is what Crabtree did. There is bad blood between the two. And to expect them to be best buddies is ludicrous.

  4. He’s a great player and deserves respect for his abilities. But he’s just one of those people that just bother me ever time this guy speaks. Even when I see his mouth move on the field and I have no idea what he’s saying it bothers me. And I don’t know why, because I generally like the guys that give the non-traditional answers to questions.

  5. Good thing a DB’s average career is on the shorter side, won’t have to hear this dude’s self promoting/marketing/contradicting trash talk nonsense much longer….

    From the business aspect: Good for him taking advantage of the opportunity while he still has relevance (reminds me of Prime with his marketing approach in the NFL). Soon enough there will be a new Richard Sherman in the league to take the torch and old man Sherman will be tweeting about his glory days and calling out anyone who will listen.

  6. I didn’t like what he did or how he said it… or how I had to explain it to my kids. But it takes a big man to admit a mistake. Could be the contract and $$$ talking but actions speak louder. Great talent no doubt.

  7. Crabtree has said PLENTY of things since Sherman’s initial response that could have changed Sherman’s stance on the matter. This mostly boils down to showing sportsmanship even if you don’t like someone. Neither of these guys are good at it. I believe Sherman was initially trying to put the fire out and save face, but he’s not the type to maintain (or pretend to maintain) respect for Crabtree once Crabtree made the decision to keep fanning the flames. I have no dog in the fight. Just an observation.

  8. Sherman earned a lot of fans around Super Bowl time, but he seems to be inching closer to finding, to his dismay, that people can stop liking you really quickly.

  9. So he didn’t go over, cookie cutter style, and supposedly said to Crabtree “good game” when patted his arse.

    I love his play, hate his mouth.

  10. Belittling another person – something he does during and after games, and continues to do today – to convince himself of his own superiority is something we often see in people who suffer strong feelings of inadequacy. It usually comes from one’s own unhappy life experiences.

    I hope he overcomes it. But don’t be surprised if he starts referring to himself in the third person.

  11. If Sherman became a free agent, do you think the other 31 teams in the NFL would care about what he thinks and says on or off the field? I don’t think so, either…

  12. He clearly says what’s on his mind, which is fine. The problem is that he’s so sure of himself that he can’t see when what he is saying is stupid.

  13. He said the right things for a reason during Super Bowl week. Now he has his ring and the time for telling people what they want to hear has passed. I have no problem with this. It is how today’s athlete needs to play the media to keep them off his back.

  14. It’s going to be interesting to see if ‘humility’ is in his arsenal once his play becomes inconsistent.

  15. I don’t seem to recall Darrell Green needing to tell the world how great he was – he let his play and his play alone do the talking. And Sherman couldn’t shine Greens shoes!

  16. I call him a “consistent shut down CB.” That is all that is really important in the NFL and is the bottom line in that business.

    Go Hawks!

  17. A real talent on the field and a blow-hard off of it. I will give him props on bashing Skip Bayless though.

  18. There’s an old saying. “Never miss an opportunity to say nothing.” Try and remember that, Dick.

  19. The funny part about the whole thing is he says he’s great, but Crabtree is mediocre. How great are you if youre only beating mediocre opponents? Like when a small school beats a ranked team and the crowd chants “overrated!” They’re only trumping their own accomplishments. If he was smart he would have praised Crabtree for being great, and say it came down to who made the play. Whole different light.

  20. Sherman is just a blowhard who happens to be a good player. Tell him to watch Barry Sanders about how to conduct himself on the field. Barry destroyed defenses and kept his yap shut. I respect him.

  21. Consistently confusing! Be a trash-talker or don’t be, but those 2 roles cannot coexist together. That’s not the kind of role you want to go halfway towards, because then you’re trash talking loses it’s credibility, in which case it would be way better to keep quiet.

  22. How great was sherman when ty hilton lit him up all day.dick is exactly who we think he is which is to say a good player on a great def. If kap throws a real fade sherman doesnt win that battle because he was in fact beat by crabtree

  23. I thought Sherman was way out of line with the rant until the video that showed Crabtree smacking him in the face mask after Sherman had offered to shake hands.

  24. I’m quite sure that with his new contract the Seahawks organization has asked him to tone it down a bit.

  25. what’s funny is the media only gives respect to guys like Manning, who has never, ever, ever said anything of value in pre/post game interviews. you know what his answers will be, so why ask him anything? it’s like asking a comedian to tell the same joke over and over and over…those interviews are a complete waste of oxygen. the irony is that those kinds of answers dont draw ratings or intrigue, but they media treats guys like manning like they are the best people in existence. But then you have sherman, who is a ratings draw for interviews, but he is torn to shreds for giving the media what it craves: honesty. it makes no sense.

  26. he’d do best to fall back on a little Whitman,

    “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

  27. Sherman you remember that Colts game you had, TY Hilton shut you up by actions not words……..try it more often.

  28. crabtree is the guy with the big mouth. sounds like sherman is trying to be the better man. as for crabtree, he will be the same trash talking punk he is.

  29. Sherman irritates me. Great players let their actions and performance do the talking. Perfect example…Barry Sanders. Score a touchdown and simply hand the ball to the official. Act like you’ve been there before. Don’t get me wrong, the guys a great athlete, but a little humility would go a long way if he wants to actually EARN respect rather than trying to DEMAND it.

  30. Wait, I’m confused… I thought his initial story was that he went over to Crabtree to shake his hand and congratulate him on a good game that he played… at least that was Sherman’s initial explanation of what was said..

    that would have been cookie cutter

    so now is he admitting he lied and in fact, trash talked, in Crabtree’s face, and that’s why Crabtree pushed him away…

    so he admits he is a liar, on top of being classless… yet Seahawks fans have no standard and love him anyway

  31. This is all crazy talk. Sherman is the BEST shutdown corner in the LEAGUE; Crabtree is definitely not the best receiver. Period. On the subject of Sherman running his mouth: Sherman had a 4.0 grade average at STANFORD. He is more intelligent than EVERYONE who just bad mouthed him. When you graduate from Stanford with a 4.0 and become the best corner in the NFL you can voice your opinion. For now let him be-he knows what he’s doing better than you do.

  32. “What is class in sports? What exactly is it? Do I say great game and go cookie cutter? No. I don’t think he played a great game”

    Give us a break, Sherm. Everybody saw the clip, it’s even on the NFL Films disc released last month. You clearly went cookie cutter on Crabtree by extending a handshake, and even shouted “Helluva game!” not once, but TWICE. What, you forgot that you were wearing a wire?

    Tape don’t lie. Don’t try to change history.

  33. The NFL pays you to be a great PLAYER, whether you are a great PERSON or not.

    The value you place on being a great person is subjective. It takes a lot of time, attention and energy. If you choose to be a great person, it is never-ending duty to a destination that you never arrive to.

    If you decide to not be a great PERSON, don’t be surprised when you are no longer a great PLAYER…..what you have bestowed upon others is bestowed upon you.

  34. “One thing he can’t currently be called is consistent.”

    True enough, but one thing he can currently be called is an idiot.

  35. Sherman ripping on a receiver that missed almost the entire season and was only a month or so back from a major Achilles foot injury… further proof he is classless…

    Oh btw, sherman, YOU didn’t seal the victory for your team in that game, it was your LB team mate that was in the right place at the right time for the interception that did it.

    otherwise, your play would have just led to another couple of down possessions for the Niners to try and score the winning TD..

  36. Hopefully his next Contract will include a Clown Car as a Signing Bonus.

    He is a good player, no doubt, but he is a good cog in a very good machine. He is a notch (or two) below Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson and Darelle Revis when those guys were in their prime, but he thinks he is as good as they were.

    He is NOT.

  37. I don’t have any problem with Sherman talking smack to Crabtree but I do have a problem with him scaring the crap out of Erin Andrews on live TV and coming off looking like an out of control maniac.

  38. Talks out of both sides of his mouth, narcissistic, educated, punishes his enemies…..

    If this football thing doesn’t work out he will have a bright future in politics. Or perhaps the IRS, I hear they need a new leader.

  39. These guys never learn. Great player but someone else will follow and so will someone else.

    When this guy falls it’s going to be loud.

  40. Haha I nor anybody else needs to have a 4.0 at Stanford and play in the nfl to voice our opinion on a player, we pay for his salary by game tickets, merchandise, etc…. So that gives us good enough reason to say whatever we want. In response to this though, Sherman seems to me like the guy that got picked on his life, went through a growth spurt and got athletic so now he thinks he’s Gods gift, you are that good? Shutup and continue doing your thing and if he continues playing the way he has everybody else will take care of the bragging for him

  41. Sherman did say good game to Crabtree right after the play. NFL Films captured the moment. That was the good Sherman.

    Immediately after came the CBS rant which was staged so his Nike commercial, which happened to be released that next day, would have context.

    The press conference afterwards was ridiculous with his personal attacks. That was the real no-class moment. He had another no-class moment when he belittled Skip Bayless of ESPN.

    The problem is promotion money. He wants it, but must not be too controversial to get it.

  42. Why the need to make yourself bigger Sherm? Insecure?

    I would never give a large contract to someone that is this unstable and self centered/self serving. I would lace that thing with behavior clauses too.

  43. Love the guy as a player, even as a member of our bitter rival. I’m just tired of the attention-grabbing moments in sports in general.

    He made the moment about himself. Me me me.
    He didn’t win that game himself. And as a very articulate, intelligent guy did he really need to go so postal in a post game interview?

  44. Crabtree is the one with the big mouth? Are you kidding!? Crab is a pretty quiet dude. I would take Sherman on the 49ers in a heartbeat but he comes off as a very small insecure person.

  45. Sherman is only in his 2nd lifetime, he’s got a lot to learn, like Terrell Owens, and so many other 2nd life blow-hards with self-esteem issues do. The real greats of the NFL typically are in their 17th lifetime (Payton, Rice, Brady, Long, Montana, Butkus, Young etc.), and work really hard while keeping their dignity intact. Big difference (!) from where Sherman is at this point.

  46. Sherman is controversial thus he makes good copy for news organizations. I prefer athletes who let their actions do the talking. Too bad we don’t hear more about the charitable athletes like London Fletcher or Brandon Marshall. Richard Sherman is the Miley Cyrus of the NFL. Can I get an app to black out his name too?

  47. sherman and crabtree have had incidents in the past, so to act like crabtree is mr. innocent is typical 49er arrongance. can’t wait until the seahawks beat down the 49ers again this year!

  48. personally I don’t consider Sherman a top 5 CB…

    who really heard of this guy until he successfully used Revis name to somehow associate himself with a true top CB

    Sherman is slow… he is in a hugely advantageous situation which, I believe, makes him appear much better than he really is….. his team has good pass rush, his team has 2 best safeties, one a ballhawk to protect him deep, the other a hitter that takes away the middle of the field…. all Sherman has to to do is use sideline like a defender, which he does well, to be successful… Sherman is not a great CB.. Sherman is a great self promoter and marketer….

  49. A person shows their true colors often enough if you let them.

    He acts like a classless jerk much of the time and then tries to use his educational background and against-the-odds upbringing to prove how smart and well-intentioned he is.

    His MMQB articles are just an act. He’s the blowhard that he CONTINUES to showcase.

    Dick actually reminds me a lot of the the great Terrell Owens.

  50. Before rant, Sherman’s jersey was not in the top 100 in the NFL jersey sales. After the rant he ended up in the top ten. Classless…possibly, ignornat….absolutley not. The kid is building a brand and keep his name in everyones mouths and the media keeps letting him stoke those coals. The comparison’s to TO are groundless as Sherman appears to be a great and well liked teammate.

  51. When did NFL fans become such pansies? Use to be if you can back it up, talk all you want. Love this dude’s play and trash talk, and I’m sure most of you would too if he played on your defense

  52. WE ALL make to much of what these players say and do and dont do. He talks trash just like 90% of the NFL does. If Sherm was on YOUR FAVORITE TEAM you wouldnt be putting him down lol yall are funny!

  53. Sherman was an invited speaker at Harvard. So he expressed his views. If you’re not interested his opinions, read something else. That seems simple enough.

    At what point did so many football fans become so concerned with “class”? Wonder if it’s code for something else?

  54. He’s a bright guy that thinks he’s brighter than he actually is. Combine that with loving attention and it explains Sherman quite well.

    Like every other player there’s ever been he’ll eventually get hurt or old and will lose a step, then some other bright guy will take him to task and suddenly Sherman won’t like it.

  55. My sincere hope is, that Richard keeps exercising his Constitutional right to free speech, and his unmatched abilities at making opposing offenses appear irrelevant.

  56. He is clearly an intelligent young man and a graduate of a top-rated university, however, what is he doing on a panel at Harvard Business School? Isn’t ANYONE this young lucky if he is even in the AUDIENCE at this symposium?

  57. Sherman can dish it but can’t take it. He got mad when people talked trash about his post game interview. Just proves he is a bully that likes to pick on people, but when they pick on him he starts crying.

  58. This guy is starving for attention and will say anything to keep his name in the headlines. We are nearing the end of April and he is still running his mouth about something that happened 3 months ago! It’s the off season. Get a life!!

  59. No doubt that he is on PEDs. That why he was super hyped during and after the NFC title game, and he changed his tone after taking these drugs.

  60. How could you respect Dick Sherman! Russell Wilson is the only Seahawk i respect he’s a class act as much as i hate to say it. GO NINERS!

  61. It’s the off season, do we really have to hear from this guy? Please, can we have a moratorium on Richard Sherman. The man just does not know when to shut up!

  62. Does he have some alarm that goes off if he hasn’t been ‘news’ in a week? It’s been about a week since Lockette had to call 911 to get him out of his hotel room

  63. Crabtree hit someone in the head…

    yet the press only wants to talk about someone who went on a 20 second rant.

    good job ‘Merica. Maybe you are just as classless as Sherman for completely overlooking what it was that escalated that situation. Crabtree.

  64. For a guy who people seem to think is smart, he’s really kind of an idiot.
    I wonder how many players actually respect this clown? He’s a good but over-rated player, and a bit of a turd.

  65. I think people forget, if the QB throws that ball just a little further there would be no Seahawks super bowl.

    He was beat by crabtree, the Q just under threw the ball.

  66. Let’s not forget the context in which Sherman made his retraction. His team had just won the NFC Championship game and all the press attention was centered on his post game WWE smackdown of a mediocre receiver instead of the great team effort. This is what Sherman was sorry for, the press focusing on the sensational.

  67. Sherman was an invited speaker at Harvard. He’s entitled change is perspective on and understanding of his own experience. Or is that privilege reserved.

  68. Love my Hawks. Have since 1976. Always will….That having been said, I have had plenty of R. Sherman’s mouth…Enough to last a lifetime, as a matter of fact…If this is what he is going to be as a person, I can’t wait for him to take it somewhere else…anywhere else…We CAN do just fine without him and it is increasingly clear that the smart play is to franchise him this year and give him a chance to grow up. If he fails in that effort, get rid of him and do not look back. TIRED OF IT!

  69. To put a twist on Obi Wan Kenobi: Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows the fool’s every word?
    Sherman is a talented player, but he’s bi-polar and has psychotic episodes, hanging on every word of a bi-polar psychotic is futile.

  70. How can you not respect Marshan Lynch: “I’m all bout dat action boss” how awesome is that? And this is coming from a Niners fan. Sherman should take a page from Lynch and maybe he’ll earn the “respect” he’s so desperately covets.

  71. Funny thing about being on top, it’s really a small place and you get pushed off it pretty easily. Sherman should go have a long talk with T.O. about how his mouth and choices may affect him down the road.

  72. I don’t know. Wasn’t the ball under thrown? So why does he pick on Crabtree? There is no way he could have made that catch. I think he has something personal going on with him that may transcend the football field.

  73. He’s a FRIGGN head case!! Bi polar much Richard? Dez B would eat that a$$ up. And tell your boy R Wil great Christian example divorcing your wife. U brothas in the N.W. r jacks to the asses!!

  74. Nothing to do with being consistent, its him reacting to the complete s-storm that reigned down on him after the NFCCG, and him overcompensating because of that.

    Since January he’s had time to settle back into normal and is saying how he truly thinks. No foul.

  75. The Seahawks just gave Earl Thomas 10 mil a year and next they will give Sherman 11 or 12 million+ overpaying everyone just like Flacco after a suberbowl win. Beginning of the end for Seattle.

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