Should the Vikings draft a first-round quarterback?


Will the Vikings draft a quarterback with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft? That’s the big question as we examine the Vikings’ draft needs.

Three years ago, the Vikings used their first-round pick on a quarterback, Christian Ponder. Although Ponder remains on the roster, no one thinks he’s the franchise quarterback of the future. That raises the question of whether the Vikings will use this year’s first-round pick on a quarterback. If they do, Blake Bortles of Central Florida, Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M are all candidates.

But quarterback is far from the only need for a team that also has question marks at several other positions and is coming off a very disappointing 2013 season. The Vikings may be better off turning elsewhere at No. 8.

Tell us what you think the Vikings should do, and check out our look at the Vikings’ draft needs here.

82 responses to “Should the Vikings draft a first-round quarterback?

  1. How long is Adrian Peterson going carry the offense by himself?? You must get a QB. No QB, no shot at a title.

    You have Peterson, get him at least an average QB so he can have a chance at a championship. Or it won’t be long before he ask to be traded.

  2. I’m not a Vikings fan, they may need a QB, but i think one, CP and MC should get at least one more year, and secondly, I’m not sure any of the QBs this year are what minnesota needs to succeed. (They play in the NFCN, may have lots of Cold Weather games. so I wonder if any of these guys can handle that)

  3. vikings should use there picks on defence and give brett favre a call. he’s better then any qb in the draft and any qb they currently have on there roster.

  4. If the rumors of a QB free for all are true, then if I’m the Vikes, I trade down, try to get an extra second round pick, then draft the QB you want at 15-20, or get the best defender avail, then package your two second rounders to trade back into the first round as the Vikings have the past two years and get whichever QB freefalls.

    If the Vikings first two picks are QB and OLB then they really will already on paper be a vastly improved team from 2013 (which, admittedly isn’t saying much.)

  5. I think we need to totally change how we approach the draft. In todays NFL with the rookie cap, there is very little risk on the side of team. After 3 years of a middle pay (relative to other players at their position) the team can either exercise options at middle pay or release the play. Knowing there is such little risk at this point. Who cares when or who was drafted. History has showed us that the draft in 99% crap shoot with a few, very few 1% automatic studs.

    We need to change the way we approach or perceive the draft. There is little risk with some reward. Draft whomever / wherever and don’t buy in the hype. All it does it create artificial standards and pressures on GMs / coaches / players that have little to no bearing on overall success.

    I’d love some thumbs up or down. Up if you understand what I’m getting at, thumbs down if disagree.

  6. Can the draft just be here already, sick of the constant mock drafts, I want Mel Kiper or Todd McShay’s job. Work for one weekend a year, talk everyone up and how they’re the next Tom Brady, talk negatively about the guys that got in trouble a few times. Perfect example Burfict from ASU went undrafted but was the best available on McShay’s board during the draft after the 1st round. They kept bringing up the bad outside of football instead of talking about his skills on the field. Bengals got a steal of a deal.

  7. Manziel and AP in the backfield.
    Imagine that.

    Unbelievably difficult to defend. Pick your poison. The receiving core is talented; AP is the best back since Sanders. Which do you stop?

    And someone as elusive as Manziel means your OL doesn’t have to be elite.

  8. I know I’m gonna get hammered for this, but they could’ve avoided all these questions by hanging on to Josh Freeman. Throwing him out there against the Giants when he’d had about five minutes of practice time with the team was a bone headed move. How can you possibly evaluate him under those circumstances? It would’ve been interesting to see what he could’ve done as the starter with a full off season to learn the play book, OTA’S, mini camp, and preseason. He’s got the size, strength, and rocket arm, and he’s shown, albeit briefly, that he can have some success. I think the main problem with him right now is that he’s got the yips, his confidence is shot, and the Vikings didn’t do him any favors throwing him into the fire like that with basically no practice.

  9. The QB’s in this year’s draft are a crap shoot, just like it was when they drafted Ponder, no real front runner, if you draft any of these top QB’s this year at NO. 8 and get it wrong you have just wasted another 4 years and your past AD’s prime, the fans will want blood if you don’t start him on opening day, they won’t draft a quarterback in round one for that reason alone, I see them drafting the best player or trading down, if Mack is still there (He won’t be) the Vikes would have the card up there in record time, if he’s not, look for them to take their full 15 minutes and find a trade partner.

  10. Man…I would pay to see Johnny’s numbers if he didn’t have a 6’8″ receiver to just lob the ball up to….

  11. The sooner they realize you need a QB to win the better. The Vikings haven’t had a franchise QB since Culpepper blew out his knee 10 years ago. It doesn’t even matter if the “value” is not there or if you have other needs, you have to pick one if they are available.

    Matt Cassell and Christian Ponder are never leading any team to a championship, and really, what else are you playing for?

  12. If Blake Bortles is there the Minnesota Vikings will take him, if not they will try to trade down and/or draft for defense-this from a Viking 4life since 1968 whose seen (suffered) every down all these years!

  13. When I went to Minneapolis to visit my buddy, It sounded like the viking were expected to take manziel if he was available at 8. In fact, several callers to the station I was listening to, wanted Spielman to trade up and secure him. Of the 10 callers and 2 hosts were concerned, they wanted johnny… that doesn’t speak for all viking fans, but from the little I heard, that is what they wanted.

  14. I hope the Vikings Draft a QB in the 1st round. Then they’ll have 2 former first round QB busts, sitting on the sideline.

  15. It’s become a received doctrine that you can’t win a Super Bowl without an elite quarterback. Then Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson won Super Bowls, so they were all pronounced elite quarterbacks. Really? Clearly, it was the Super Bowl that created the eliteness and not the other way around. I would love to have a great quarterback but I would rather have an elite defense and a capable quarterback if that’s my choice. If the Vikings really think one of these quarterbacks can be great, they should take him without hesitation. More likely, they’ll take a big-time defender and hope the quarterback they get can be capable.

  16. Hmmm…based on their track record, I would say no. Based on their needs, I would say yes. Let’s ask Matt Millen what he thinks they should do.

  17. No QB is worth the eighth pick in the draft this year. They either need to draft the best player available or trade down and get extra picks.

    No question the Vikings need a QB of the future. But they can get a good prospect either later in round one, or in round two. Garappolo, Murray, Carr, Bridgewater, etc would be better picks later in round one or in round two. But with #8, you can draft an instant starter with All-Pro potential.

    Another QB reach by Spielman can and should cost him his job.

  18. The best thing they could do with their first pick is take a cornerback. With the wide receivers in the NFC North, you need two solid cornerbacks to have a chance. Rhodes on one side, first round rookie on the other side, Oh Captain My Captain in the nickel, and Harrison Smith roaming around at safety? Let’s go!

  19. The nice thing about the quarterback situation this year is they have Matt Cassel, who is a capable bridge to the next guy. They don’t have to force a rookie in there his first year like they did with Ponder. There are a lot of solid quarterbacks available this year and whoever they draft has a good chance of developing into a good one if he sits and learns for a year or two.

  20. two QBs not drafted in the first round have won SBs in the last decade…and Drew Brees was the first pick in the second round i believe.

  21. The Vikings are in lose-lose position. Drafting for need at #8 is not smart so naturally that is exactly what the Vikings will do thereby setting their franchise back another 5 years.

    Meanwhile, Peterson will end his career exactly has Barry Sanders did; the best RB in his time and barely sniff the playoffs and never make it to a Superbowl as his team finishes in last place more than it doesn’t.

  22. Draft Barr or Gilbert and get a QB in the 2nd round. Carr will probably be gone. It wouldn’t be a shock if he was the 1st or 2nd QB taken. But they can get a good QB and it won’t cost anyone their job because they didn’t pick a QB bust at #8. I think that will be the biggest reason they pass on a QB in the first round.

  23. I’d prefer to trade down a bit, get Mosley. Then trade back into the first for Verrett or Fuller. I would not be mad if packer fans had to think about old Peppers chasing around Johnny tho;)

  24. Trading down a bit would be good if the Vikings can find a trade partner. QBs will start to go fast beginning at #20, and I expect there will be teams trading back into the first round from early in the 2nd to get a QB.

    If the Vikings could trade down a bit, get a 2nd round pick, and still get Bridgewater in the teens, that would be good.

  25. Important thing is not to be the first team to draft a QB. If you take the third or fourth guy at least you have the excuse “Well of course we wanted ******, but he was already gone.”
    They signed a defensive coach, so most likely they go defense first round and take whoever’s left at QB in the second.

  26. I think coaching had a lot to do with the poor record last year. While everyone considers Frazier a nice guy, he really seemed to struggle on the sideline and had difficulty making the tough decisions. Zimmer already seems much more solid and has gone on record as saying he is “changing everything”. Whoever they take is going to have better leadership right from the start which goes a long way.

  27. If speilman drafts a QB and it doesnt work out hes done, theres not much difference between a “1st round” qb vs a “3rd rounder” in this draft. Take a LB and improve the defense, just like the seahawks

  28. Playing Madden and in 2016, Petersen finally wins a SB. Splitting carries with Eddie Lacy on the Packers, after Minnesota cuts him.

  29. This is the million dollar question. I’m pretty sure they would love to trade down, but I doubt they could find a partner willing to trade up in this draft. Part of me says that they have a defensive coach, Spielman was snake-bit reaching for Ponder and that they’ll go the safer route and draft defense. The other part of me says that they aggressively pursued defense in free agency, they hired Norv Turner for a reason and he has quite a bit of pull in the organization. He won’t be happy with staying status quo on offense, so they will draft a QB. Tough to say which is right.

  30. They should take Aaron Murray of Georgia in the third round, and focus on other needs. Cassell can handle it for now. They’re not top-tier anyway, so keep building.

  31. Cool it with the QB at eight talk. Look at how Minnesota lost games last year. It was because the defense sucked. They couldn’t stop anyone, whether on the ground or in the air. What was it, at least three or four games lost in the final two minutes? That’s not an offensive lapse, it’s a defensive lapse. They couldn’t stop anyone on 3rd down. What was GB’s conversion percentage against them? Something like 80%? That’s on the defense. Here’s last years results:

    Detroit L 34-24
    Chicago L 31-30
    Cleveland L 31-27
    Pittsburgh W 34-27
    Carolina L 35-10
    NY Giants L 23-7
    Green Bay L 44-31
    Dallas L 27-23
    Washington W 34-27
    Seattle L 41-20
    Green Bay Tie 26-26
    Chicago W 23-20
    Baltimore L 29-26
    Philadelphia W 48-30
    Cincinnati L 42-14
    Detroit W 14-13

    Carolina, Seattle, and Cincinnati losses could be called blow-outs. The rest of the losses were not that bad and were reasonably close. I’d lay 75% of the blame on defense and on that stinking soft zone, cover 2.

  32. Hell no! The Ponder experiment should have been a lesson.

    There will be other QB’s with more upside in the second round. Besides, while QB is a major need, there are plenty of others, mostly at CB.

  33. The Vikings already have their franchise quarterback on the roster. Why would they need to draft one? Matt Cassel is the answer. He played like a Pro Bowler for them last year. The best quarterbacks in the NFL are named Matt. Look at this impressive list:

    1. Matt Simms
    2. Matt Scott
    3.Matt Schaub
    4. Matt Barkley
    5. Matt Flynn
    6. Matt Moore
    7. Matt Hasselbeck
    8. Matt Ryan
    9. Matt Leinart
    10.Matt Mcgloin
    11. Matt Blanchard
    12.Matthew Stafford

  34. Rebuild first. That means defense and offensive line before bothering to sacrifice offensive skill players.

    Draft non-QB.
    Trade Peterson while you still can.
    Fill in the rest next year.

  35. You don’t really know who will go in the first 7 rounds. Mack can be there for all we know. Mack would be the best thing to draft #8. It’s likely that he won’t, so I think they’ll be the first to take a CB off the board, as they should considering the Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Megateon, Golden Tate, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery. They need to bolster that secondary so bad. Get a QB in the second round.

  36. Draft Manziel! Football is aggressive, you have to act like it. The kid is a winner at the highest level in college football, Minnesotans advocating for a lesser QB just to keep our heads above water until AD retires is insane to me. We have a rookie wage scale, you can afford to gamble on potential greatness. Minnesotans wouldn’t know a winner of they saw one which is why they want to play it safe, it doesn’t make any sense to me. The Vikes aren’t going to be drafting this high for awhile, pay now or pay more later. Everybody says “There is no Andrew Luck in this draft” ok so what? Settle for 2nd rounders for the next decade until we WON’T have a chance to draft the next one? C’Mon maaaan!!! We almost sucked for Luck but we had AP and Jared Allen who won us 3 games. Be bold lets go!!!

  37. Trade down 4 or 5 spots. Take Mosley, Gilbert, or Denard. then if you need to trade back into the 1st or at pick 40, take Carr or Garropolo. Both will be very good QB’S. Manziel may be great or may be a bust….just too risky at 8

  38. Ponder was a huge mistake, and Cassel is a short-term bandaid at best. The Vikes desperately need a real QB of the future. However, they also have other holes that need to be filled, including OL, DL, linebacker, DB, and WR. It’s really a shame that Adrian Peterson will probably never get a shot at a ring, although we in Minnesota still have hopes that the team can turn around within a year or two. (Peterson may become the Barry Sanders of his generation–the best running back never to get close to a Super Bowl.) I can tell you this much: no matter who the Vikes pick in the first round, a lot of people won’t be happy.

  39. Outside the box thinking…trade our 8 and one of our 3rd’s this year and a 2nd next year and move up to number 4 and take Mack…. Cleveland still get’s their QB and we get our LB

  40. I look at it this way. Cassel and CP7 are the QB’s. Both can play, but I think the coaching last year had a lot to do with the on field production.(And limited plays from play card) When you have 3 Qb’s on a team (2 real veterans) and none of them are successful . I would say its deeper than just persons on the field. This year under different coaching, it might shine a light on what really was the problems last year where QB is concerned. I would like to see Cassel and CP7 thrive under Norv Turner’s offense. Under different circumstances, who knows. Skol Vikings.

  41. Manziel is the only QB worthy of a 1st round pick. Amazing that a lot of people put him down. His production, arm and abilities translate to the game today. Stationary QBs don’t win the bowl anymore. Meanwhile, everyone loves the Clown. You know, the beast that totaled 3 sacks last year. I actually heard a pundit saying he was dominant last year….These people should be on the comedy channel….

  42. I know one thing for sure. No matter who the Vikings draft people will hate it. Same as any team picking one of those QB’s during the first part of the first round during the draft.

  43. it will not matter…

    Cunningham, Culpepper and Favre…in the last 20 years are the only QB’s who were not band aids.

    Culpepper was exposed when they traded the wrong star.

    wasted AP’s career

    wasted John Randle’s career

    the 3 QB charade last year was laughable…

    there are some very deep organizational behaviors that still need to be corrected.

    draft whoever they may… they have no one.. they throw the noob to the wolves out of necessity

  44. Just the fact that Spieladope is going to make the decisions once again on a qb has the rest of the division cheering. His track record speaks volumes he picked up Fiedler and Ponder. Miami was at least smart enough to cut ties right away. With this draft I bet he will take one in the second or third round vs the 1st tot buy himself another year and say the pick needs to sit the bench for a year. The fans and ownership will be duped again.

  45. Unless the vikings plan on losing another 10 or 11 games they need to pick a quarterback in this draft. The vikings should have picked Andy Dalton rather than ponder not Nick Fairley or some other better defensive lineman or cornerback. You have to take a risk and pick a quarterback and if it does not work you do it again because you can’t win 10 games and pick a winning quarterback with as much success if you are picking in the bottom half of the draft. And as Nick Fairly shows you are just as likely to make a bada pick on a lineman as a quarterback.

  46. I like the idea of the Vikings trading up and actually getting the player they want, instead of what they “wind up with.”

    Move up to #2. That way you either get Johnny Football, Clowney, Mack or Watkins (minus whomever the Texans take). Then move on and fill holes as needed. Get the player you truely want!

  47. if bortles or manziel are available they better take dibs on one of them. or mettenberger from because if cassel for don’t show up this year maybe AP won’t either

  48. Bridewater has a hitch in his throwing motion and is a new TJack with a worse arm.Go defense at 8

  49. The answer to this question is very simple. YES, they should draft a quarterback in the first round. The reason is because if you don’t have a quarterback in this league, you need to get one as soon as possible. You aren’t going anywhere without one.

    People may question the quarterbacks available in this year’s class, but the problem is that the Vikings may not have a shot at getting one even this good in next year’s draft. What if they go 8-8 or 9-7 this year? Then they will be going into the 2015 draft without a quarterback AND without a chance to get one, unless they want to give up a lot of picks to trade up.

    The fact of the matter is that you have to take a quarterback as soon as you have a chance to get a good one. Those who think we can wait are fooling themselves.

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