Source: Clowney isn’t “working out” for Falcons

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It’s true that the Falcons will be venturing to South Carolina on Friday for a visit with defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  It’s not true, according to a league source, that Clowney will be “working out” for the Falcons.

Specifically, the Falcons won’t be putting Clowney through any of the “drills” that typically occur during private workouts.

It’s unclear which team, if any, will get that five minutes.  Some league insiders believe that the team that will get a limited look at what Clowney can do on the field will be the Rams.

Confused?  Don’t blame us.  We’re not the ones who delayed the friggin’ draft by two weeks.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m. ET: A league source tells PFT that the Falcons plan a biomechanical test and an aptitude test with Clowney.

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  1. We should be spending these two weeks talking about all the new replay and officiating changes designed to make the game better just to wet our beaks with some good information to fill the time gap like as if it was planned out or something.

  2. No, you didn’t delay the draft.. But you keep on mentioning that, as if it’s not bad enough for everyone already. When something sucks, it sucks worse to just keep moaning about how much it sucks. Take the Vikings for example….

  3. Well he hasn’t “worked out” for the last year and a half has he? I’d weigh him before drafting him. He may be on the JaMarcus Russell diet.

  4. When I first read about the NFL changing the offseason schedule when they announced it months back. I thought it was going to be a terrible idea. The money grubbing NFL tries to space out the offseason to have one event in every month and everyone hates it. There has been no news in the past week and there won’t be any until the draft nears. This has been a massive failure. They need to change it back next season or risk alienating their fan base. the NFL thinks it is too big to fail. We will see in ten years with decisions like these.

  5. J.C. did a brief five minute workout for the Falcons. He ran 3 1/2 miles around the track during that time. Carrying a position coach on his shoulders.

  6. How does a guy named “Bus” represent guys like “Burt the Masher” Favre and JaDaveon “Im notta” Clowney?

  7. Good for him. The great Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes (featuring Teddy Pendergrass) made it famous … IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME BY NOW, YOU WILL NEVER, EVER KNOW ME…

  8. If you can’t get this guy’s attention now before he’s received the oversized check, what’s the likelihood you’ll get it afterwards?

    Coaches can coach up a lot of things, but effort is not one of them.

  9. Luckily…this is the one position the Rams seem to Not have a need for. Unfortunately they have 20 other holes to fill. And their schedule us brutal. Here comes 5-11. Can hardly wait…..

  10. Good for him. The great Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes (featuring Teddy Pendergrass) made it famous … IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME BY NOW, YOU WILL NEVER, EVER KNOW ME…

  11. I think Clowney is legit, but you have a $100 million QB, who can be one of the top 5 guys in the NFL (save it haters, & lie to yourself and say he sucks if it makes you feel better about your QB).

    How about protecting him? You are going to have a great LT fall in your lap at 6.

  12. Honestly, what would be gained by working him out? Seeing him in person would answer the question of whether he’s gotten fat and out of shape.

    I laugh at the idea that countless coaches and scouts have seen his every play and chronicled his every move, yet one more workout would provide some sort of clarity.

  13. I doubt he ends up “working out” in the NFL. Lazy, no motor players tend to fizzle out when the other players are as talented and athletic as they are.

  14. funny… I can see this headline being true 2 years from now too…

    “Source: Clowney isn’t “working out” for Falcons”

  15. His athleticism is obvious, yet he just feels like one of those guys that will get his money and never really be dedicated enough to live up to expectations.

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