Spurrier thinks the Texans “have to” take Clowney


South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier says the Houston Texans have only one option with the first overall pick in the NFL draft: Select former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

“Yeah, I think you have to,” Spurrier said when asked by Dan Patrick if the Texans should take Clowney.

Spurrier said if there was a franchise quarterback like Andrew Luck in this draft, it might be a different story. But Spurrier doesn’t believe any of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft is that kind of elite talent, and as a result he says CLowney is the clear choice.

“He’s a really good football player, and obviously pass rushing is what he does best,” Spurrier said. “He’s a pass rusher like nobody I think I’ve ever seen in college football.”

Spurrier has been candid about Clowney not always having the best work ethic, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s no question about who the most talented player in this draft is. That’s Clowney.

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  1. “How do you rate his work ethic?” Spurrier said…

    “It was okay, it wasn’t, I mean he wasn’t like Marcus Lattimore.”

    I am so sick of this quote being used to say Clowney was lazy. Lattimore was a workout freak and it was more of a compliment to him. Who has a better work ethic? Tom Brady or Peyton manning? Does that mean the other one does not have good work ethic?

  2. When the smoke clears, the Texans will take Clowney. You just can’t pass on that kind of talent.

  3. I watched Taylor Lewan shut him down. Yeah he was good when he was a man among boys, but not so good when he was a man amongst men and the NFL is all men. You have to work to survive in the NFL and he reminds me a lot of Rolando McClain, and we know how that turned out. Tons of talent, no intestinal fortitude.

  4. clowney the best ever pass rusher in college?!? he had three sacks last year. three. i think the better statement is that he is the most over-hyped player ever in college.

  5. They should probably trade the pick if they could fleece some inept team (Falcons?) for multiple #1’s. The Texans have lots of holes to fill and while Clowney would be a great addition, plugging multiple spots would be the smarter play.

  6. People also have to realize that simply not being lazy, isn’t good enough in the NFL.

    We’re heading towards a league where more and more are workout warriors. Another decade or two and almost everybody will be a workout warrior.

    So the point is, if you don’t have the extra motivation, you will fall behind.

    Clowney has a lot of talent, but also red flags. Taking him #1 overall is a risk, but then again every pick is a risk.

    Lots of talented college players every year become nothing in the NFL because they don’t have the work ethic. That doesn’t mean he is lazy, far from it. But you need to have a marathon like work ethic, or else you left something on the table, and allowed others to be better then you needlessly.

    He can’t be sitting out in the NFL, you have to play through pain. He has to produce in the NFL. He has to have the head to prepare correctly in the NFL.

    You can apply this to anyone in the draft, not just Clowney. But Clowney has been poked and prodded with the attention that comes with being a potential top pick, and because of that, he is known not to have that superior work ethic. His production was not good this past year. He did sit out when in the NFL that wouldn’t fly at all.

    So there are some big questions about him, and anyone denying that is a fool. Spurrier knows college, not the NFL. It’s why he kept getting bounced out of the NFL. He can run and build a college program well, but he never figured out the way to build an NFL program. You don’t ‘have’ to pick anyone. In the NFL you don’t have recruits, you have draft picks, and so you have to be wise and can’t just pick based on talent alone, or you’ll be like Spurrier, bounced out of the league.

  7. Connor Shaw isn’t impressed. No franchise QB’s in the years draft? Thanks Coach!

  8. Texans criticised by an LA Jags fan? Now that’s laughable.

    Clowney should be the pick.

  9. I see this like a lot of other people: if there were a franchise QB who were a no-brainer #1 pick than we would already know whose going first overall just like a lot of other drafts over the years. I actually really like how we don’t know exactly whose going first, because a lot of the time it seems like the draft starts with the 2nd pick.

    Without that future star QB staring the Texans in the face, I feel like they have 2 clear choices…take Clowney or trade back.

  10. If you’re the Texans I don’t think you worry about Clowney’s work ethic because you have already a locker room full of guys that can push him and motivate him. I think the only questions are: 1) schematically are you comfortable with him playing outside linebacker like Willie McGinnest and 2) which QB do you think will be available to you when you pick either at the top of the second round or at the end of the 1st for a trade-up. If you could get both Clowney and Bridgewater after a slide, that would be a homerun.

  11. Way I see it the Texans should draft Clowney and not worry so much about his work ethic seeing as how he would be under the immediate tutelage of some guy named Watt. Really can’t see him slacking off with a DPOY riding herd on him. It would also mean that Clowney would be man on man when pass rushing because Watt demands a double team and that means an ideal situation for Clowney to succeed as a #1 pick.

    As for the QB issue with the Texans – there is no Luck or Manning sitting around out there so no point in wasting a #1 pick on someone who may not pan out. Get Clowney, introduce him to his newest best friend Watt and get your QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  12. And if Spurrier doesn’t say this he’ll never see another elite talent like Clowney come to his lesser football program to begin with.

    You can’t expect an honest answer out of a guy who benefits from Clowney going first.

    This is the same coach who blasted him last season and then took it all back. If it wasn’t directly for Spurriers comments to the media before backtracking half of the drama going on about Clowney would never have existed in the first place.

  13. Nothing says pro sports drafting like taking what should be an easy decision and making it difficult. Take Clowney and never look back.

  14. Funny, when Spurrier made comments that put Clowney’s work ethic in question, everyone took it as gospel, but when Spurrier says that he believes he the best prospect in the draft, people are dismissing it.

  15. Not to mention the chance he could end up in Jax (yikes). A motivated and pissed off clowney for the next 4 or 5 years…. yeah I think id pass on that too.

  16. Ryan Leaf’s college coach thought he should go number 1 too.

    I’m sure there are at least a dozen other college coaches out there this year that think one of their players should be number 1.

  17. The System that he did not vote for kept Clowney out of the NFL for one year more than he had to be. He would have been stupid to play hard during that year and risk injury and the loss of millions.

    Clowney taking it easy during a forced college season is another reason why he should be drafted first — he is not stupid.

  18. Quarterbacks can be found all over the place: In the second round (Colin Kaepernick), in the third round (Russell Wilson), via undrafted free agency (Tony Romo), and via trades (Alex Smith).
    Wasting a first-round pick on a QB is “old school,” and it does a disservice financially to the entire organization.
    The Texans, 13-3 in 2012 and now with a new coach, are on the cusp of returning to AFC dominance. Drafting a mediocre QB No. 1 would only derail things.

  19. In this year’s draft, no QB is worth a top pick or will be a franchise QB. Take the clown or trade down and get tons of draft picks.

  20. hes right but not because of the talent…its because if they don’t and they are wrong – all heads will roll. this is the safe pick.

  21. Andrew Luck was not worth the first pick if you looking at wins in big games. Wilson was a 3 rd round pick, but he also had good players around him to make him better. So stop with this Andrew Luck cant miss because he has not taken the colts to big game and this will be year three for him and year three for Wilson we are talking about Wilson winning his second superbowl not luck. So take Clowney and get a qb in the later rounds

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