Victor Cruz would like the Giants to draft an outside receiver

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The Giants got very little out of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks the last two years, which led the Giants to put forth very little effort to stop him from leaving as a free agent and offered a big reminder of how much better the Giants offense looks with an outside receiver drawing the attention of the defense.

One player who certainly agrees with that is Victor Cruz. Cruz burst to stardom while drawing a lot of single coverage out of the slot because Nicks was a bigger concern for opposing defenses, but saw his productivity dip in 2013 as defenses stopped worrying about Nicks and other Giants targets. On NFL Network Thursday, Cruz lobbied for the team to draft another receiver capable of putting up big numbers outside in the first round.

“A [big-play receiver] is something we need in this offense to be successful,” Cruz said. “An outside guy that can do the job and that can help fuel all the other receivers in the locker room and put some fire up under them to get them where they have to be.”

Cruz said Texas A&M’s Mike Evans fit the bill as the kind of receiver he’d like to see join him on the Giants offense and the Giants would probably be thrilled to see Evans still on the board when they are ready to make the 12th pick in the first round. That seems unlikely, though, and the Giants may not be able to grant Cruz’s wish for receiver help until later in the draft.

18 responses to “Victor Cruz would like the Giants to draft an outside receiver

  1. SHUT. UP. Please only speak if your team is relevant. Moreover, try to be more iconic like Richard Sherman – talk – but don’t talk about what the team needs to do. Either keep it about yourself or KEEP YO MOUTH SHUT!

    What Victor Cruz knows about a winning franchise could be summed up by his 7 second “salsa dance.”


  2. If Evans is still on the board the Giants better draft him, the guy is going to be a beast, 6’5 230 can catch anything thrown his way espically when Eli throws those jump balls in the middle of the field Evans will come down with it every time.

  3. cruiz knows that this draft is deep and we can get everything else later and mike evans will be a stud.Surround eli with playmakers .Hell, move up and get sammy watkins.We want the best.watkins randle and cruiz will be a serious problem for teams.

  4. Btw, as a 49ers fan, I would L O V E to see the NYG draft a WR w/the holes they have at O-line, D-line & TE…The lines are the major issue here….w/out a line the giants will continue to be garbage…love it, take Evans..

  5. Dear Victor Cruz,
    You are being paid #1 receiver money. It’s time for you to step outside, let Jernigan play the slot and be that #1 outside receiver!

  6. To the Comment on Reece we trust.. One good draft beginners luck in 2007… Look at all the Free Agents we signed.. WHY? Because Reeces Peaces draft from 2008 onward have been a BUST.. Need O Line and a Tight End big time..

  7. um, I’m a Giant fan and Cruz is not a number 1. The Giants dont need a textbook example number 1 though either. Nicks even when he was playing good was not a number 1. The Giants need a big receiver that can go up and get the ball out of the air. I have no problem with them drafting a WR but why Beckham? he is not even 6 feet tall. I understand that Beckham runs fast and great routes, but he is too similar to what they already have. The Giants are successful when they have a solid “big” receiver that can go up and get the ball and demands double teaming by the defense which will allow Cruz/Jernigan/Randle to do their damage. I hope Beckham can do this but I would have preferred a guy like Benjamin from Florida State. Granted he is not a good route runner but you don’t have to be when you are that tall and Eli can throw the ball up for him to catch it….

    The Giants drafts lately have been hit and miss. Wilson was a terrible pick and everyone knows it. The verdict is still out on Randle. Lets not forget that they signed Victor Cruz when nobody wanted him and let him develop on the practice squad. The draft is not everything as it’s been shown that plenty of successful contributors can be obtained in the undrafted free-agent market like Cruz, who while many on this board like to jump on and hate, was a great find.

    I kind of surprised at the amount of hate towards the Giants although when I think about it, I guess lots of people are jealous as they would love to have their team win two recent superbowls in the last 6 years. The only team in that same class would be Pittsburgh.

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