We roll on with the draft previews with a look at the Bucs


There are overhauls, and then there’s what the Buccaneers did to the roster this offseason.

The Bucs hired a new General Manager (Jason Licht) and a new coach (Lovie Smith), dumped their most expensive player (Darrelle Revis) and a talented-but-troubled wide receiver (Mike Williams).

They also brought in free agents in droves, giving the team a new look to go with their new uniforms.

With Josh McCown in place at quarterback, the Bucs might use their top pick to fill other needs, but franchise passers are hard to pass, if they think this class contains one.

They do have sufficient needs that trusting McCown for a year might be the prudent call. You can read the full preview by clicking right here, and tell us in the poll below which direction they should lean.

8 responses to “We roll on with the draft previews with a look at the Bucs

  1. why waste another pick on a qb when you already have a good young one on the roster that your offensively challenged coach refuses to play? the fact he would choose the definition of journeyman player to be his starter says all you need to know about Lovie and knowledge of offense.

  2. What about the third option? Give Glennon a chance. Young guy with the potential to get better. Does anyone actually think McCown is the way to go? He put together a few good games in Chicago for the first time in his long career and suddenly he’s a starting quality QB….Not likely he’ll keep that up for a whole season. Glennon deserves the shot. He showed last year he can play.

  3. Trust MIKE GLENNON for now and fill other needs. McCown is an elderly, oft-injured journeyman with mediocre career stats. And unless Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey are coming with him it could get ugly quick for him in Tampa. Glennon has already shown he can be a decent qb in a bad offense with no help.

  4. What use is any quarterback if his offensive line can’t keep him off the ground. Get an O line first, then get a game manager. If you’re 10-6 at the end of the season and still miss the playoffs then go get the superstar distributer. But for Gorsk Sakes have some guys around that can protect him.

  5. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility).
    This veteran quarterback has a career winning record of 31-19…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..
    Don’t be afraid to give this guy a chance….

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