Baalke on Aldon Smith: You don’t just open a door and toss people out of it


Last week, we reported that the 49ers were not going to release linebacker Aldon Smith as a result of his latest brush with the law and that the team had not decided whether or not to pick up the option on his contract for the 2015 season.

On Friday, General Manager Trent Baalke said pretty much the same thing. Baalke said that the organization is disappointed in Smith, but that disappointment isn’t going to lead the team to part ways with him.

“We’re a family. You don’t just open a door and toss people out of it,” Baalke said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

Baalke also said that the team has yet to make a decision about whether or not they will be exercising the fifth-year option that is attached to Smith’s rookie contract, but said that he wants to have Smith on the roster in 2015 and beyond. Exercising the option would give Smith a salary of $9.754 million for the 2015 season, although it is guaranteed for injury only and doing so wouldn’t close the door on signing Smith to a long-term deal instead.

The 49ers have until May 3 to make a decision on the 2015 option.

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  1. That quote would seemingly indicate he did no wrong doing. Not a case of “throwing him out the door” unwarranted.

    A lot of issues, he needs to want to help himself.

  2. Realistically, he’s to good a player with to much potential to just throw away. In no way am I endorsing his behavior, but the NFL ultimately values skill over morality, and that is one thing Aldon has plenty of.

  3. When they cut old vets whose play is slipping every GM talks about how “its a business” but when a young star like Aldon Smith does everything wrong but plays well all you hear is “its a family”

  4. Yeah, it’s not like the 49ers release players all the time for all sorts of reasons! They’re all family members! That would mean they toss family members out the door all the time!

    Good lord, the GM is as full of it as the coach.

  5. You’re right Ballke. In some cases you lock them up, and throw away the key. Or detain them in an airport back room under guard. Or stow them away in the drunk tank for 24 hours.

    See how easy it is to play this game?

  6. Wonder if there is anything one can do to get fired from that team. Guess Sharper, Hernandez, Carruth, etc. all the scum, still have a chance with the 49ers. Pathetic.

  7. If this dude wast a football player he’d be charged with a felony and getting a big heapin of water boarding….. Love the compassion for those who can help you get what you want …if he was some homeless dude you beg for him to be in prison…..freakin hypocrites

  8. I am wondering how much more it is going to take for this kid to figure it out. The world is your oyster, Aldon. Please don’t throw it away like so many others have.

  9. The guy has 42 sacks starting next to Justin Smith, the best defensive holder in the NFL, and zero when Smith doesn’t start. I’d say he’ll be there until Smith is gone, and then they’ll throw him out the door.

  10. If you are a family, wouldn’t you keep him in the fold and pick up the option for the next year?

    You cant have it both ways. You dont get rid of family, unless you trade Joe Montanna to K.C.


  11. True, Trent. But what if they’re running for the door, beating on it, trying to get out? What do you do then?

  12. If given their way, the Niners would keep on letting him play football.

    Legal system and the NFL may take the decision out of their hands.

  13. Baalke needs to get his facts straight, Aldon Smith hasn’t been charged with “opening a door and tossing somebody out of it” yet.

  14. This is not a 49er trait; it’s an NFL norm, or even a Professional sports norm. No team in this league will dump a player of this magnitude unless they have a great option behind him or he goes to prison. It’s funny to see fans of other teams and Media contradict themselves dumping on the Niners when every team in this league acts the exact same way.

  15. Should just send a message to the fool and let him rot on the bench for the year, not letting him play one snap, sit there as a disgrace in front of all his team and fans.

  16. If Aldon is tossed out the door he wouldn’t hit the ground. There are 31 other salivating teams,and their fans, who would catch him and announce a “fresh start has begun” .

  17. I’m OK with what Baalke said. But what if a guy is actually dumb enough to open the door and more than willing to run through it?

    That and to reiterate what a few posters previously said, I don’t care how drunk or high you are, you don’t say “bomb” in an airport… or any other public place!

  18. Yes this is not the first you’ll hear about stars getting preferred treatment – nor will it be the last; as is the case in the rest of society, companies and schools across the world.

    At the end of the day, people are people – and more often than not; its the poeople who put celebs on pedistals as role models for their children who will be let down when their unrealistic expectations aren’t met.

    I understand the posts here, and as a niner fan i want this guy on the team, productive and ready to play. in a perfect world, it would be wonderful if he was a great humanitarian, spreading peace and joy across the globe.

    But in the real world, all i care about is how he performs on the field. He’s an outstanding OLB on my favorite team; he’s not my financial advisor, he’s not my preacher or president or CEO. I don’t care what he does; and if he was on one of your teams, i think from a football perspective, you’d feel the same way. Let’s not lose sight of what this is all about: Winning Football games. Whoever can make the team better, come aboard. And if you care about winning, i think you’d agree. Again, perspective here – he’s a football player. Not the Pope.

  19. The Patriots are a family too, and they not only opened the door and tossed Aaron Hernandez out of it, the family van was pulling 80 down the freeway when they did it.

  20. If Culliver is still on the 49ers roster there’s no way Aldon Smith won’t be. Smith is probably going to be suspended for a while. Hopefully, he’s gone for at least half the season but I think he deserves a year long ban.

    Harbaugh has always been a clown, so his “above reproach” comments backfiring on him doesn’t make him look that much worse than he always looks anyways.

  21. Technically, it’s perfectly fine to toss marginal family members out the door though, right Baalke?

  22. Actually, you do open doors and toss idiots out for being idiots……unless money is more important.

  23. 2/20/13: Al Netter is arrested for DUI.
    9/13/13 Aldon smith arrested for DUI.
    10/29/13 Aldon Smith turns himself in on felony weapons charges.
    1/26/14 Daniel Kilgore is arrested for public intoxication.
    3/28/14 Chris Culliver is charged with felony hit and run, misdemeanor reckless driving, and felony possession of brass knuckles.
    4/13/14: Aldon Smith is arrested for claiming he had a bomb at airport security.
    Not to mention the “pending case” with Kaeplisberger, and Quinton Patton alleged Sexual assault/ pot smoking incident.
    Great “Family” you’re building Baalke.

  24. Don’t point the finger of shame at Baalke, or the Niners. There isn’t an angelic crew on ANY team in the NFL, or any other professional sport, for that matter.

    Well, except Curling, maybe.

  25. “We’re a family. You don’t just open a door and toss people out of it,” says Baalke. You don’t say? Actually, that’s precisely what happens in the NFL all the time. Once a player loses a step or gets on the wrong side of 30 or has a contract that’s a little too expensive, it’s amazing how quickly the family can decide to open that door and toss one of its members out of it. It happens on regular basis. The only reason the Niners are even considering keeping Aldon Smith is because he’s freakishly talented. If Smith were a marginal player, he’d have already been kicked out of the family without a second thought. All this talk about being a “family” is good PR, maybe, but it doesn’t mean squat when it comes to making personnel decisions. It’s a cold blooded business, and “family” has nothing to do with it. Don’t be disingenuous.

  26. To clarify what I said earlier, I don’t believe the niners will do anything on their own. Aldon went into rehab before the NFL enforced it last season.
    To me that is enabling and is not the best solution for Aldon.
    Again I don’t expect the niners will suspend him on their own. It will be him going to jail or the NFL stepping in and suspending him.
    Great numbers, I don’t think he would have anywhere near those numbers without Justin Smith.

  27. It would be nice if Baalke would identify the family members on the roster. That way the doorman know who to open the for.

  28. i read the headline and thought that aldon smith threw somebody out of a car or something. and didn’t doubt it.

  29. Why are people comparing Aldo smith incident to murder? Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder……Rae Carruth charged with murder…….Aldon Smith…..charged with nothing new at the moment. So why all the new hate?

  30. Hoorah for Baalke.

    What I did in my early 20’s wasn’t necessarily a reflection of who I was or who I would become. Much of it was a reflection of me being still in many ways a kid. I can’t imagine how much millions of dollars would have complicated things. Professional athletes are no different.

  31. Seahawks fan: Aldon Smith should be dropped for a DUI, illegally owning weapons he bought legally in Arizona, and TSA incident ( with no charges). Niners are Evil

    Seahawks fan: GO Marshawn Lynch!
    2008 hit a lady with his Porsche and just sped away.
    2009 pleaded guilty to weapons charges for driving around with a pistol concealed in his backpack.
    2012 DUI

  32. He don’t have to throw him out the door the police are going to drag him out or the NFL is going to shut the door.

  33. A little info on Marshawn so you can stop libelling him.

    The “hit and run” was a misdemeanor that was settled for 100 dollars. Basically the cost of the stitches because Marshawn was not even aware that he hit her.
    The Gun charge was a misdemeanor settled for community service.
    The DUI he was charged with a reckless driving and was settled for attending driving classes and probation.
    Of those charges, he was a Buffalo Bill for the first part.

    So a hardened criminal he is not.

    Care to compare that with everything that Aldon Smith has done?

    Aldon Smith will have his trial for the gun charges and DUIs next week on the 29th.

  34. Baalke on Aldon Smith: You don’t just open a door and toss people out of it

    Well not unless your a low round pick or UDFA…then they’d toss you out that door for picking your nose.

  35. The organization that basically abused Brandon Jacobs is now saying they don’t treat people a certain way?

    I see what’s up here. This is the one truly great pick of the Baalke era (Kaep was probably Harbaugh’s choice all the way). Remove Smith from the equation, and suddenly Baalke’s acumen as a GM comes into very serious question.

    The good news is, he’s still a talented player. The bad news is, you still can’t fix stupid.

  36. Niners fans conveniently neglect to mention Lynch’s weapons and hit and run charges happened while he was NOT a Seahawk. But should we really expect anything less from a fanbase that can’t stop bringing up ancient history ie: their 5 rings from 20+ years ago?!

  37. When they are waving automatic weapons around, shooting at people, smashing their cars into innocent trees and “clowning” about bombs in a TSA line, yes, Trent, you do open the door and push them out.

  38. Ummmm …

    I remember QB Ben Roethlisberger had a little controversey with a few women
    That was a lot worse than anything Aldon Smith did

    Did he get cut ?

    No, he was way too valuable for Pittsburgh to give up
    Happens all the time

  39. Smith yells bomb in an airport and the 49’ers show little class with this statement. What would they do if he had actually had a bomb?

  40. If teams cut all the players who broke the law……….

    the Seahawks would NOT be able to field a team !!!

  41. Did a Seahack troll have the audacity to accuse the Niners of holding to generate sacks? The same hacks who DEPEND on holding and PI to generate the bloated reputation their overrated defense has?

  42. Hernandez was only cut because he was arrested for MURDER. You are absolutely crazy to believe he would be cut under all of Aldon’s circumstances. Even by Bellichick. Not condoning Aldon’s behavior but you are comparing an apple to a watermelon…. And spare the “he coulda killed someone” speech becaue Aaron IS a serial killer.

  43. Stay classy 9ers… Something tells me that if we werent talking about a probowl caliber player he’d be gone already..

  44. Obviously Mr. Balke has never had a job in the real world. At the first infraction, my company will escort you from the property and then mail you any belongings that you may have left behind. And this is a major utility company. You break the law- society or company- you are gone. No second, third, sixth, eighth chance like all these immature, coddled goofball get!

  45. You only give him the boot if he’s not a star pass rusher.
    If he’s piling up 15+ sacks per season, he’s family and gets about 19 second chances.

  46. If Aldon goes to trial his defense team will have fun with the County Sheriff having them explain the fun they had after inviting Aldon Smith to fire automatic weapons at the county gun range before giving him a ride in a Sheriff’s helicopter . . . all in the 15 month gap between the event and actual charges.

  47. When you guys trash my Aldon Smith, make sure you address him as All Pro Aldon Smith prior to your pathetic diss.


  48. Id love to see an example from all you “appalled” fans of any team cutting an all pro on his prime because of off the field issues.

    Lets face it no GM is getting rid of a young star in his prime unless he pulls an Arron Hernandez that’s just the way it is. The Niners org. Is no different than any of the others. Hate all you want he’s ours and your not getting him. I bet they pick up the 5th year option at the very last minute and hope no one notices 🙂

  49. What he’s saying is, if he’s a family member that has money, you don’t throw them out the door. Now if he’s poor it’s bye bye go stay at your friends house…

  50. I think him garnering additional attention because his skill is so obvious it’s not worth mentioning. It’s a fact of life though, an unfair aspect of life.
    If your good at what you do, you’ll be provided more opportunities, in all walks and avenues of life, period.

  51. Gee this is a shocker to hear. Back in the day they cheated the cap space to pay players under the table to SBs and now they won’t release a player that gets away with a felony bomb threat at an airport??? Sounds fishy if you ask me!!!

  52. Especially when they average a sack a game. Last years treatment episode was a joke. They knew they would have him back for the playoffs. And they got to look like they were being sensitive to the players needs as well.

  53. Harbaugh pulls the strings in that organization, not Baalke. If Harbaugh wants Aldon to stay — which he does — then Aldon stays. Simple as that.

  54. “We’re a family. You don’t just open a door and toss people out of it, if they’re a good player” Baalke said

  55. the last time a seahawk was arrested????.the last time a 9er was arrested?????. STOP IT. Quit the comparisons..Live with your team and ALL from coach to gm,players and get used of the circus

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