Bills G.M. Doug Whaley is no fan of the delayed draft

It’s easy to roll your eyes when reporters grumble about the delayed draft, because frankly, nobody cares what we think.

But the NFL pushing the draft into May isn’t necessarily any more popular for teams than it is for the media.

Bills General Manager Doug Whaley admitted he wasn’t a fan of pushing things back.

“I’d say, for us, it doesn’t help us,” Whaley said, via Mike Rodak of “I’m a firm believer in the saying, ‘study long, study wrong.’ I like to go with my gut, my gut feeling.”

Of course, he’s not just flinging darts. He’s been studying for this test all year, as he usually does. Now, the process gets dragged out, causing teams to adjust schedules.

Whaley pushed the Bills’ final draft meetings back two weeks, and gave his scouts a week off for the Easter holiday.

“We wanted to get away, clear our brains,” Whaley said. “We’re tired about thinking about it. So we said, ‘You know what? Instead of sitting here, banging our heads up against the wall, let’s go and refresh ourselves, get ready to attack the last two weeks.'”

But scouts and personnel men aren’t conditioned to relax this time of year, so you wonder how much time off some of them actually took, and whether the time off really was.

17 responses to “Bills G.M. Doug Whaley is no fan of the delayed draft

  1. His philosophy of not studying players hard and long enough hasn’t worked out so far to be honest. Maybe the NFL is doing the Bills a favor here.

  2. Nobody is. All it does it give the Mel Kipers and other mock drafters of the world two more weeks of face time. Goodell has made many bad decisions but this one might be the worst. I hope the ratings fall but I suspect that won’t happen, and the NFL will use that fact as justification to keep it this way.

  3. If E.J. Manuel is his idea of getting it right, I’m scared to see what his picks are this year.

  4. Right?!?…..Whaley doesn’t know what he’s doing. All he did was draft the should have been Defensive Rookie of the Year (Kiko), a starting QB (EJ), a starting WR (Woods), a future star WR (Goodwin) and several other contributors in his first draft. Watch the Bills kill it again in the draft this year…..

  5. wow, to clear the record Doug Whaley came to the Bills in 2010 and the Bills have been building talent since his arrival. He only became GM last year and we had a rock solid draft. As a Bills fan you can see a clear difference in talent since his arrival. Agree 100% with this comment, I think the scouts come back and look at the data and talent much better with few days of rest than without

  6. I agree with him. You spend all that time evaluating. Then, you have to wait longer, which gives you more time to 2nd guess yourself. Just put the draft back to the 3rd weekend in April where it belongs.

  7. Of course Whaley is an incompetent GM. As Assistant GM/GM he only was a part of Dareus, Gilmore, Robey, Woods, Alonso, Glenn, Spiller, Goodwin beung drafted for the Bills. And he was involved with Mario Willioms signing. And lets not forget how he traded 2 players who were about to be cut for a starting DE and our backup QB.

    No, hes trash. lets totally sack him. /sarcasm

  8. Plus the NFL decided to have the draft on Mother’s Day weekend. Thanks for nothing Roger.

  9. This whole thing is ridiculous! Imagine it if the Germans had told the Poles, (in 1939); “We are going to cross your borders with tanks and howitzers, and planes, and tens of thousands of our best troops. We’re going to burn your farms and reduce your cities to rubble. Get ready! Here we come!…….Uh, in two weeks. Uh, can you wait until then?”

  10. Draft in May is as stupid as the 30 yard line extra point and everything else that bone headed Goodell comes up with.

    The sooner NFL teams know who their drafted players are the more time it gives them to make important free agency decisions so they can put their teams together.

    We need a commissioner intervention to take our NFL back.

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