Bills G.M. open about willingness to move up


As chatter increases about the possibility of the Texans trading the first pick in the NFL Draft, the Falcons are the usual suspect for the other end of the deal.

But there might be more than one team interested.

Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said during an interview with WGR (and transcribed by the team’s Twitter account) that he’d be interested in picking higher than ninth.

“There are players on the board we won’t trade away from and players we would trade up to get,” Whaley said. “If we think a guy would help us make the playoffs, why wouldn’t we make the deal?

Whaley spoke about South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who would strengthen an already good line. Pairing him with Mario Williams and defensive tackles Marcel Dareus and Kyle Williams would immediately create one of the league’s best lines.

It’s an interesting idea, and at least gives us something to talk about for the next two weeks.

14 responses to “Bills G.M. open about willingness to move up

  1. If the Bills got Clowney, jeez their front line would be nasty – Mario Williams (Pro Bowler) Kyle Williams (Pro Bowler) Marcell Dareus (Pro Bowler) and Clowney…WOW!!!

  2. OK…I’m a Lions fan and the Rams D-line is insanely good, but pairing Clowney with Dereus, Williams and Williams wouldn’t make them one of the best D-lines, it would be the best, hands down. That would have Brady, Tannehill and Vick/Smith peeing in their pants a little.

  3. I’m a Ravens fan and it would be nice for Buffalo to generate some buzz and be a contender in their division. Oh, and our dislike of Brady is immense so watching him wet his pants, and get the snot beat out of him twice a year would be a beautiful thing.

  4. One of the best lines on paper you mean. Clowney Hasn’t played a single snap yet, and Williams is streaky. But yes, the potential is there if they added Clowney.

  5. God please let this happen. At first i thought clowney wouldn’t be a good idea.
    However at this point we have become the laughing stock of the nfl. Surpassing the cardinals, lions, and bengals. Atleast for a couple years we could have the best line. Of course mario isn’t getting any younger and his contract cap number will soon get huge. This would give the bills a great option at DE and fall back if Mario wouldnt be willing to restructure.

  6. I am fully on board to trade away future picks for this once in a generation player. This will not only give the Bills the best D line but with Kiko Alonso, Brandon Spikes and Jerry Hugges, they will have one of the best front sevens. Which will only improve the secondary.

    Allow EJ Manuel an offseason to improve, get healthy, master the offenses and gel with his receivers, this team will look very similar to the Seattle Seahawks of last season.

    I really hope this isn’t a smokescreen. This would be the defining moment of Doug Whaley’s young career.

  7. The Bills are the best marketing firm in the country. And the worst football team in the country. Whoever they draft one of three things will occur. 1) the player will be very good and be gone after 5 years. 2) the player will stink. 3) the player will be average and the bills will over pay him to stay in buffalo. Whaley miss spoke when he said the Bills are not in the business of losing good players. Why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs in this century is because below average to average NFL players get over paid to stay in Buffalo. 14 years and counting. More excuses to come. When EJ is below average again he is setting himself up for a big contract with Buffalo.

  8. The Bills already have one of the best lines in the entire NFL.

    Mario, Kyle Williams and Jerry Hughes all had double-digit sacks last year.

    Hughes did it as a situational player, after being a 1st round bust.

    I’d love Clowney, but we don’t “need” him.

  9. Clowney would make the Bills DL one of the best…possibly in history. It already has 3 pro bowlers. 1 of which somehow gets better every season in Dareus. I mean…who do you doubleteam? And then to have Spikes and Alonso waiting at LB to pick off any survivors. Its probably the leagues best front 7 if Clowney joins.

    And I would still be disappointed in this draft. The Bills NEED OL help to keep their QB upright. RT preferably as their LT Glenn is quietly developing into one of the better in the league.

  10. Who needs 1at round picks to be a dominate DL? Oh yeah everyone except Cincy. Please report to Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis on how to draft DL.

  11. Have nothing to lose, sick of 6-10 and 7-9 every friggin year. Go for it Doug

  12. Thx u buffalo for moving up spending a lot too move a couple of spaces In the draft take clowney, or Ebron glad my jets are staying put. Draft picks are very important in this draft

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