Denard Robinson hoping that having a position helps


The Jaguars drafted Denard Robinson last year and designated him an OW, for offensive weapon.

As it turns out, he wasn’t much of either.

Now, the Jaguars are trying to streamline his role, and Robinson has bulked up a bit for the challenge of being a full-time running back.

I’m excited to make something happen,” Robinson told Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. “Whatever they ask me to do, that’s what I’m doing.”

And it’s clear what they want him to do.

“He understands he is a running back,’’ Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said. “He’s a more confident athlete and I think he is really looking forward to this.’’

The former Michigan quarterback got just 52 snaps on offense last year, highlighted by three fumbles. But with 15 extra pounds and a new focus — and a clear starter ahead of him in Toby Gerhart — there’s a hope that Robinson can make a few plays and justify the investment.

14 responses to “Denard Robinson hoping that having a position helps

  1. The guy showed plenty of instincts in college. Would be great to see him make the transition.

  2. said it last year and will say it again- why are there so many of these on a 5th rd pick? his lack of first year success was so darn obvious. the 5th rd “OW” never works out in that role. especially when moving from QB.

  3. I believe this kid’s mental game and passion for football is off the charts. He’s also got some serious physical talents. I hope he can put it all together and get some decent playing time.

  4. Maybe if Robinson doesn’t work out, the Jags can sign Tebow to be the OW. He’s a proven winner at all levels and an inspirational force in the locker room. Plus, he will make the Jags relevant on a national scale which will bring fans to the otherwise empty stadium. Then the Jags should draft Johnny Football #3 and Tebow can be his backup. Do all this and the Jags will win a Super Bowl by 2015 and they can get rid of the tarps and wont have to play in London…

  5. This guy is an overrated bum. I’ve never seen a fifth round bust get so much media attention. In fact in college the media treated him like the second coming of Christ even though he was a quarterback who couldn’t throw a pass to save his life.

  6. You only get a handful of picks each year. Probably best to have a plan for the player’s skill set BEFORE you use a valuable draft pick on him.

  7. They didn’t draft him as an OW. They were clear when they drafted him that they saw him as a RB. Offensive weapon was a title he started going by after the season started. Look forward to what he can do this year with the added bulk and a full season of RB training.

  8. There is one thing everybody on the offensive side of the football needs to do in the NFL. And thats hold on to the damn ball. I remember Lawrence Maroney, he couldnt hold onto anything. Now New England has Stephen Riddle who also fumbles more than I would like him to. But 3 fumbles in 52 carries. Is unacceptable. I get it some backs catch the ball really well. The best in modern era I think was Marshal faulk he was a threat as a back or a receiver. and some backs cant run real well but the catch pretty good like the Faulk that was in New England.

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