Draft previews shuffle off to Buffalo


The Bills haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999, a long drought they hope to bring to an end with the help of their 2014 draft class.

Where should they be looking for the help that will push them over the top, though? Should they sit where they are to fill out the offense around quarterback E.J. Manuel as he heads into his second season or is replacing Jairus Byrd’s playmaking at safety a more pressing need when the ninth pick of the first round comes along? Or perhaps neither of those options makes as much sense as moving up or down the board?

Those are the questions we’ll be trying to answer as the Bills’ turn in the draft needs spotlight rolls around. Whatever direction the Bills choose to go, they’ll be adding to a roster that looks solid in several areas and is coming off a year that saw their defense harass opposing offenses quite effectively. That makes Manuel’s development a key and could make that side of the ball the focus of their selections.

Check out our look at what Buffalo needs and let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

11 responses to “Draft previews shuffle off to Buffalo

  1. This is the first time in a long time where I had no idea which way the Bills were leaning in the draft. One thing is for sure, this draft is deep at their top two pressing needs. They could go RT then TE or TE then OT. They could draft down. They could make a huge jump up. Who knows?

    My sleeper pick – Aaron Donald (DT) – Pitt.

  2. Dont be like Cleveland and waste a first or second round pick on a QB every year that isnt going to be much of an upgrade. Build your team then bring in another QB if needed. Having a better offense and defense will allow you to win with a decent QB. Once the team is built, bring in a big prospect and you could be great for years to come

  3. O-line for sure. Not worth wasting a first round pick on a QB if your offense can’t keep him on his feet, or not have him running for his life.

  4. Well, there’s no chance they will draft a QB high this year. They are committed to Manuel. I do not understand support for an OT. Cordy Glenn is the LT and isn’t a player they need to upgrade. RT is a weaker position. But if they draft one of the top OTs, then either he plays RT or Glenn plays RT, and it WON’T be a short term thing. So you are essentially using the 9th pick on a RT, and that’s not good value. They can grab another skill position at 9, take a RT in the 2nd, or more likely the 3rd, and be stronger.

  5. Ebron is my pick here, OR with a pending new owner coming in, Whaley could be looking to make a big splash to help secure long term employment and hopefully give us that last missing play-maker that will help get us in the playoffs. We need to move ahead of Tampa before they draft Evans.Cleveland looks like a real possibility to trade up for there #4 pick. If we Move up then im thinking Evans/Watkins or if hes there Mack.

  6. I Gave you the benefit of the doubt and read on…then you mention moving Cordy Glenn to RT, although he has played at a pro-bowl level at LT since his rookie year.

    So you want the Bills to tick him off and move him to RT so he doesn’t re-sign in 2 years and leaves as a free agent, creating the same problem all over again?

    No, take a natural RT later in the draft.

    Also, if Stevie is not a #1 (or if Williams isn’t) I’d like to know how many WR’s who are not #1’s have three straight consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, with crappy QB play and nobody opposite them, and no threat at TE…all the while detecting Darrell Revis every chance he got?

    Stevie is a stud. He’s going nowhere.

  7. Im glad the readers arent jumping to draft an early S. While losing Byrd was bad, its not world ending. Especially with A. Williams emerging at S and a deep pool behind him. It also helps that the CBs improved about 4 notches and that the front 7 could be the best in the game.

    OL to protect EJ Manuel is the #1 priority. All last season our QBs were getting hit and rushed off the right side. An OT is the biggest need we have.

    I could also do with a TE upgrade, however I think Chandler is underrated.

    A second 3 down LB is also an option to start alongside Spikes and Alonso.

  8. i hope they move up and get evans (ironically the last time the bills drafted a wr in rd 1 it was an evans by another name in lee and that worked out, kinda, for the bills….watkins is going top 3, and i’m not sold on a 6-1 receiver in the nfl. evans is 6-5 and you would probably have to give up less to go get him. but i’d be happy with matthews, after drafting a qb you gotta go meat and potatoes sometimes and go 0-line.

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