Harbaugh defends Kaepernick in wake of Miami incident


The details remain unknown regarding the incident that occurred in Miami with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, two other NFL players, and a woman who claims to have no memory of the events that transpired between being naked in a bed and waking up in a hospital.  The truth, whatever it is, may never be known.

Whatever Kaepernick may be suspected or eventually accused of doing, his head coach declared on Friday that Kaepernick is innocent.

“At some point there needs to be a resolution to this scenario,” Harbaugh told reporters, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.  “The only victim is Colin’s reputation.”

Harbaugh also spoke generally about the various offseason issues involving 49ers players, before again pointing to Kaepernick’s situation.

“[I]n some instances, keep in mind this: There’s sometimes two sides to stories,” Harbaugh said.  “And I often see the one side reported in the media.  And then it gains incredible speed and attention.  The other side still remains to be told.  Looking at Colin Kaepernick’s situation, at some point there needs to be a resolution to some of jump-the-gun, witch-hunt kind of scenario that we’re seeing.”

Despite reports that the team has pressed “pause” of Kaepernick’s contract talks until he’s cleared, Harbaugh seems to believe that Kaepernick will be, and that he should be.

“I’ve seen one side reported, heard the other side, and feel very good that there will be a good resolution,” Harbaugh said.  “Hopefully, a just one, too, because you hate to see a man’s reputation be the victim.”

The damage to Kaepernick’s reputation, if any, remains vague because there’s still no specific claim or allegation of wrongdoing.  And there may never be.  Until the authorities in Miami provide a clear and unequivocal exoneration of Kaepernick, some will think that something happened that shouldn’t have happened.

That’s why it’s important for the powers-that-be in Miami to close the case on this one sooner than later.  If the case is indeed going to be closed.

67 responses to “Harbaugh defends Kaepernick in wake of Miami incident

  1. Not a niner fan but Hardblow is right. The media blew this one WAY out of proportion. The old adage “2 sides to every story” is very appropriate here, with the word, “story” being the linchpin. Just look at how quickly the story died in just a few days after it was everywhere.

  2. A naked woman ends up in a hospital and after awakening, has no idea how and/or why she ended up there. Wouldn’t THIS qualify as a happening “that shouldn’t have happened?”

  3. The mainstream media is trying so hard to destroy our franchise…..better luck next time kids.

  4. This team is quickly falling apart of its own accord. Amassing wins in the nfl isn’t easy, and these distractions will be enough to throw everything off.

  5. “The wheels grind slowly” – whatever that means.

    The Miami authorities have stated no evidence of a crime has been discovered. It stands to reason that none will be after all this time. So why can’t they clear the air and be done with it. The PR from this profits them nothing.

  6. I want to see intriguing matchups in the playoffs. That does not include seeing average teams with 8-8 or 7-9 records. The NFL is making an assumption of our interest and forgetting that it is the quality of the product that drives business. They are slowly ruining our game.

  7. I am a Seahawk fan I think the same as Harbaugh. Kaepernick is most likely innocent of everything except perhaps smoking pot.

    Just because I am a fan of one team doesn’t mean the rival team is always wrong/guilty/or evil.

  8. Church mouth…Holey mouth…talking out multiple holes in his face.
    “instead of looking in a micro scope to find problems with other teams, the problem lies in the mirror”!
    God its great to be a Seahawk!
    Remember when…do you remember when you said you … do you remember when you said you didn’t want Payton Mannings? Yeah your fans used to believe you and in you>

    Sea freakin Hawks BABY!

  9. Woman awakes up in hospital & doesn’t remember what happen. Sounds like Kaepernick did the right thing by calling 911.

  10. I am sure Jim Harbaugh would feel the same way if it was his daughter who woke up in a hospital room after using drugs and alcohol with a famous football douchbag whom she thought cared about her in some(however sad) way.

  11. Although I basically agree with what Harbaugh says here, I find those words ironic coming out of his mouth. He has been the quickest to point fingers at other teams, judging them without hearing the other side. Just a little hypocritical, maybe?

  12. Once the classiest franchise of Walsh ,Seifert Montana, Young, Craig and Rice.

    These names above deserve the new venue to play in.

    Not today’s 49ers, pure arrogant trash.

  13. I believe the people there were partying hard. She obviously new at least Kap if not the other two. She probably took something or just got blackout drunk & the dudes freaked & took her to the hospital. This is just my speculation & assumption. Her & Kap obviously had a previous relationship so it doesn’t seem logical that they would’ve drugged her. In other words i believe he’s probably innocent. Having said all that, it doesn’t change the fact that he sucks & if the 9ers give him big money it will make me the happiest member of the 12th man alive.

  14. How about going with the company line as already provided and being neutral with a supportive approach for the process which will hopefully yield the truth. The only one damaging Kaepernick’s reputation is Kaepernick.

    He needs to pull him aside and read him the riot act and remind him that 31 other QB’s are not getting themselves in these situations. And while he is at it, he should blow a gasket because his player is partying with Seahawks.

  15. Kaep saw she was messed up and left,he hawk hater guy,if there was a crime it mighta been lockett bro..

  16. The funny thing is,cops were there and the fire department brought her,maybe they could’ve left a note..

  17. The judge and jury in this day and age are articles like this and then the comments below. Don’t know all the facts; rely on a dreadful media; convict him in the eyes of the public before a trial.

  18. People that think their team is the perfect team and nobody gets into trouble needs to wake up to the fact that it’s only a matter of time. This time last year we were learning that probably the best, most successful and disciplined coach in the last 20 or so years drafted, coached and kept a suspected psychopath amongst his ranks. We don’t know what everybody is doing all the time, people need to police themselves everybody has choices. The Seahawks are a good team, champions etc but have not covered themselves in glory either with player outbursts, substance accusations, let’s not throw stones at other teams.

  19. “The only victim is Colin’s reputation” It’s comment like this why I don’t like Harbaugh. The justice system doesn’t know what happened but Jim does. What if that was your daughter?

  20. Jim Harbaugh shouldn’t be saying anything one way or the other. If anything he should be teaching it as a learning experience that famous athletes need to be extra careful when out in public. Many players go through their careers without any problems with the law while others set themselves up for trouble.

  21. I’m beginning to suspect Hairball is a bit confused by what the phrase “above reproach” actually means.

  22. The problem is this guy is suppose to be the leader of the team,the face of the organization. Why is he in that hotel room? He obviously does not “get it”. Just like the dolphins hat thing he is constantly showing he’s not a good role model or team leader.49ers should start looking for other options this guy is going to implode.

  23. I know it was reported she claims they were all smoking pot. Ask him if he was smoking it and for a drug test, if he declines that looks bad. If he says ok and he fails it he lied. Than maybe you have a start to a cover up. What else are you lying about?

  24. Media is reckless with their reporting. Im not a 9ers fan at all!! But it’d be nice if the media had enough class to at least wait until there was an indictment before they begin their smear campaigns that affect peoples livelihood. I personally dont care to know gossip. Of course I am the gross minority. Much of our society loves to see people burn, its really sad. Fines should be imposed for reckless reporting. Just remember the court of public opinion doesn’t care if you’re fully exonerated. The seed has been planted and your character will be questioned and assaulted for years. Sometimes just sometimes where there is smoke there is no fire. Now I do believe somebody did something they had no right doing. But lets at least be responsible before the finger is pointed is all.

  25. Yeah, nothing happened. That’s why Raepernick had his buddies call for help while he left his own condo — at 12:30 in the morning.

    Maybe he has a “4th meal” clause in a Taco Bell sponsorship deal.

  26. the lakers fans became heat fans , the yankee fans became red sox fans then they all became seahawk fans. every other year they’ll have a new favorite team , depending who’s champion.

  27. Yes, Sherman’s outburst is the same as Kap and a drugged naked woman or Smith driving to practice drunk and stoned and then giving a bomb threat at the airport.


    Above reproach.

    Or was it simply above a roach?

  28. Forget any unsubstantiated allegations about the woman because there is nothing in her statement to indicate Kaepernick did anything there. I’m an advocate for legalization but Kaepernick was clearly involved with an illegal substance based on this woman’s statements which has been a huge no-no for every other professional athlete. It’s telling about the way the league treats its poster boys when we’ve heard nothing about him being drug tested while other guys would have already lost some game paychecks. Oh, thats right Goodell only cares about making more money off of two more playoff games at the moment.

  29. Harbaugh says that we don’t know what happened that night. He’s right. We don’t know what happened. Yet, he then says the “only victim is Colin’s reputation.” If he says we don’t know the dtails then how does he know who the victim is? His QB choose to put himself in a potentially bad situation. 3 men should not be taking a drunk woman they just met back to a hotel room. The 49’ers are taking over as the most detestable team in the NFL.

  30. I don’t ever remember so much fuss being made about a guy who may or may not have had sex with his girlfriend. And it’s always interesting to see who does, and does not, pass on the “she’s his girlfriend” part of the story.

  31. Harbaugh defends Kaeplisberger.
    But no mention of defending Quinton Patton?
    Both are involved in the same incident. OH YEAH! the favorite child syndrome.

  32. So many of you are commenting without knowing anything about the incident at all. It was not a hotel and they didn’t just meet this girl, it was an apartment owned by one of the three involved. The girl and Kaepernick had previously been “dating” and were intimate before that night. SHE was the one serving drinks and handing out shots. She and Kaep went into the bedroom to fool around, and for whatever reason, he left the room. She may not remember, yet it was stated that someone in the apartment called 911 FOR HER, most likely because they were concerned for her well being and it was the fire department that took her to the hospital. Clearly not a rape, as they would have arrested or detained any or all 3 of the guys involved.

    Jim is likely defending Kaep becuase unlike the rest of us or the media, he has spoken with him directly and has heard his version of what happened, which likely coincides with the fact that none have been detained or had charges brought up against them. Keep stoking that fire though, it just adds ammo to our motivation…

  33. Kaepernick should at minimum face a 1 game suspension because of the marijuana use. Precedent was set back in summer of 2008 when then Patriots RB Kevin Faulk was part of a group found with ‘marijuana cigars’ entering a concert in New Orleans.

    Though he did no possess the controlled substance, Faulk was still levied with a 1 game suspension.

  34. I wonder why Jim Blowhard hasn’t had his involvement in this incident exposed. Since he knows for sure what happened he must have been there.

  35. As a Seahawks fan I have to say that Kapaernick got treated badly by the media in this deal. He’s been portrayed as a sex offender (wink,wink, nudge, nudge). But there is no charge of any wrongdoing on his part at this time.

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