League finds no violation with handling of Romo injury

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The Patriots aren’t the only team that recently got good news from the league office regarding a potential violation of the injury-reporting rules.  The Cowboys, who inadvertently put themselves under the 345 Park Avenue microscope regarding Tony Romo’s back injury, also received an all-clear from the powers-that-be.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the Cowboys were informed last month that the league’s review concluded that there was no violation.

The problem arose after a Week 16 game at Washington, in which Romo tweaked his back and ultimately required surgery.  Both Romo and owner Jerry Jones suggested after the win that Romo entered the game with a pre-existing back injury.  A pre-existing back injury that hadn’t been disclosed on any injury reports.

It’s unclear how or why the Cowboys were cleared.  Several years ago, the league handed out multiple fines months after former Jets quarterback Brett Favre had played with an undisclosed biceps tendon injury.  The investigation discovered evidence that Favre had received treatment for the undisclosed injury.

As potential violations go, a hidden injury should cause far greater concern than the sour-grapes griping of a couple of former players who are quibbling with the extent and precise nature of injuries that were disclosed.  Hiding injuries contradicts the very purpose of the injury report, which is to create the impression that there’s no inside information — and thus no reason for guys with one eyebrow and multiple gold chains to make sizable cash donations to the folks who are in position to know, and to share, the truth.

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  1. The charade the Jerruh and the Boys put up the week after that game was embarrassing enough. No need for a fine. To say on a Wednesday that no decision had been made about Romo’s status for the upcoming Eagles game, then have him under the knife 24 less than 24 hours later was pure comedy.

    The biggest injury on the Cowboys is Jerruhs football mental capacity.

  2. The Vikings 2014 Season-

    Coach of the year: Mike Zimmer

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  3. The Vikings 2014 Season-

    Coach of the year: Mike Zimmer

    QB: Teddy Bridgewater

    MVP: Cordarelle Patterson

    Super Bowl MVP: Adrian Peterson

    The Vikings Dynasty Starts.


  4. Worth remembering that the only reason we have to deal with these dumb injury reports is because of degenerate gamblers playing for the NY Giants in the 1940s.

  5. Thank you Mike Florio! Finally someone on this site sees the Spikes and Talib accusations for what they really are…”sour-grapes griping.” Of course, all the jealous Patriots haters were moaning and whining about the Pats “cheating” or “lying” on the injury reports, when anyone who saw the plays where these guys got hurt, and what body parts they were grabbing or favoring, knew it was simply semantics and that the Patriots did nothing wrong. I also agree with you that IF the cowboys were concealing Romo’s injury, then thats a lot more of a concern than a couple of malcontent EX-players being petty and trying to take baseless cheap shots at their former team. Well done, Florio.

  6. There was no violation b/c (at least as far as I can see) the only thing on Romo that should be hurt is pride…every December.

  7. Mara suggested that Dallas forfeit their first round pick (to the Giants of course) for this, but he will settle for 20 mil in salary cap. And while they are st it dock his other division rivals 10 mil apiece, just because he can.

  8. Mara, the Walking Dead called. They are missing a zombie. Could you please return to the set?

  9. When is the league going to investigate manning and his oc breaking the rules by meeting, when they were told not to? They just “happened” to be at the same place, same day, same time, meeting the same person. What a coincidence.

  10. KRAFT,an JONES , have there pockets open to GOODELL, thats why there 2 of the most “noticable ” owners in the NFL. And why they can get away with so many VIOLATIONS

  11. What have we learned from all this? Disclose injuries, but fee free to lie about the specifics so the player cant be targeted, because that ok.

    If its a left arm, lie and say its something else – the league lets teams get away with this, then doesn’t say what they discovered and why there is no penalty.

    Wheres the transparency?

  12. Romo’s a choke artist, and over time, Jerry’s made the Cowboy’s the clowns of the NFL. I used to be a Cowboys fan (starting as a kid, back in the Staubach days). Two seasons ago, I’d had it, and put my support on hold until they got real again. I can’t hear any of that fair-weather fan crap either. If you’re being absolutely ridiculous and I can’t fix it myself, I reserve the right to walk away until you get right. I don’t care if they’re winning or not, just turn this crazy ship back around to a genuine care and effort towards being a great team. That seems like it should be almost automatic, but I guess it isn’t…

  13. Romo had a back injury some time ago but not like the previous game.

    In the redskin game, it was pretty clear which play Romo injured his back.. Seemed fine prior to that. Who knows what crazy uncle Jerry was babbling about regarding a previous injury.

  14. The league, however, are investigating several cases of fraudulent activity. Apparently, the Cowboys continue to misrepresent themselves as a professional football organization. The results of those investigations should be released after Week 17.

  15. I was a Cowboys fan in 1960. Jones and his staff were too much to stomach so I said adios a couple of years ago also.

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