Let us know what you think of the postponed draft

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We’ve mentioned a time or two (or more) this week our disdain for the two-week postponement of the draft.

Plenty of you have sounded off in the comments, but we’ve yet to give you a chance to chime in on the topic.

So we’ll do it now.  And we’ll do it live.

Here’s the poll question for which some of you have been clamoring.  Cast a vote and then say whatever you want to say in the comments.

92 responses to “Let us know what you think of the postponed draft

  1. It makes no difference when the draft is held. Either we complain about the wait until the draft or we complain about the wait for training camp.
    Either way, it’s a bunch of useless noise.

  2. This is like asking a bunch of 7 year olds. “Would you rather open your presents tonight on Xmas Eve, or wait to open them until tomorrow.” Hmm, I wonder what the answer will be. It’s 2 weeks. Get over it. I know everyone commenting on here will be watching and enjoy the draft on that day just as much as ever.

  3. The only reason I prefer the later format is because my nephew was born on April 26th and I’d have to celebrate the kids birthday rather than watch the draft. I was so mad when they had that kid on draft weekend…

    Yes…I admit it…I am a terrible person. I prefer the draft to my nephew’s birthday party.

  4. Bores the fans. Hurts the rookies development. Makes the coaches go insane.

    Which all means that we’ll soon see Goodell telling Rich Eisen what a success it’s been and how much everyone loves it.

  5. Definitely the old way. Although I have to wonder if the results would change if you polled the day after the draft starts 2 weeks from now.

  6. The predraft ANALysis was pure speculation and gibberish crap before now it’s even worse.
    Get the draftees to their teams so they can get into their new schemes and systems. The CBA screwed the training and systems integration and this brilliant move, no matter how the Commish explains it and rationalizes…it’s not a wise move

  7. Have a third option of before April and I bet my life savings it comes out on top. Fans just want it as early as possible.

  8. The poll won’t make a difference, the NFL brass no longer listen to the fans, or even the players in some cases, whenever it involves the potential to make an extra $. The VAST majority don’t want an 18 game season, extended playoffs, or a team overseas. Couple this with the fact that after watching football for over 40 years I can’t even begin to define what a legal catch or hit is, and you’ll see why I’m losing interest more in the last 5 years than I did in the previous 35.

  9. I don’t like this one bit. It’s just too long of a wait between free agency and the draft.

  10. Yes, teams can acquire players through FA and trades alike, but it is through the draft that championship teams are built…dynasties even. For the most hardcore of fans like myself, watching the growth of young players through college and their eventual arrival onto our favorite pro teams is one of the best parts about the NFL as a whole.

    I will say one thing as an Eagles fan, I understand the tremendous need for a stout O-line and I’m very glad we drafted Lane Johnson early in last year’s draft, but I’m anxiously looking forward to the prospect of drafting a skill position player in round 1 this year.

  11. Liked it earlier. Course I also agree with Cuban on the whole deal.

    The reason I love football is because the season is short. EVERY game matters, then we get into draft/combine quick and there’s the lull. I like the scarcity of the NFL. It’s why the NFL has grown. It’s must see TV because it wasn’t on as much, certainly not nearly as much as the NHL/MLB/NBA.

    Now with it all spread out – I get NFL every week, every month. Nothing’s scarce anymore. If I miss something in the game today – I’ll see it again and soon. Draft being spread out simply had reduced my attention span for the NFL. Adding games is the same thing.

    It’s what Cuban, a businessman, noticed. NFL is becoming an every day thing and that reduction in scarcity of product isn’t conducive to remaining the top dog.

  12. We want immediate gratification or crucifixion – depending on whether our perceptions agree or disagree with our team’s selections.

    We want it now!!!!!!
    I don’t want to wait!!!!!
    Call the Wambulance!!

  13. Part of the problem is the general disdain will be seen from the powers-that-be as simple, ordinary reaction of people to change. This reaction will be seen as typical change is difficult, no one likes change etc.

    And they couldn’t be further from the truth.

    This is idea is bad simply because it’s bad.

    Quite fankly you should have the draft in March and for a Spring event have a minor league season for backups and second teamers and coaches looking to move up the ranks.

    But what do we fans know?

  14. To reference an earlier comment, I always wanted to open Christmas presents on the 24th but once the 25th came, I was glad I waited.

  15. The only saving grace is that the period from the draft to training camp might seem so much shorter.

    Because the extra wait on this side is painful. I always get a little pre-draft boredom but this is epic.

  16. It stinks. I’ll proably miss some of it as we start to do things outside in May. I wished for something to watch during the winter. It’s crazy to get excited watching a college player in a Bowl game you’d like your team to get and then have to wait 5 months for it to happen.

  17. I used to love getting up on Saturday mornings in anticipation of the start of the draft at noon, and then staying up late on Saturday night going over everyone’s picks and looking at who’s left to be drafted on Sunday. It made for a great football weekend. I wish they would go back, not only to the end of April, but also to the Saturday-Sunday format the way it used to be.

  18. I work in education, so I know this doesn’t effect a lot of people, but this year the draft lands directly in awards/graduation/banquet season. This will be the first time that I will miss the draft since I was a little kid. Kind of a bummer.

  19. For me its everything. Its like how many commercials will we be forced to watch until we finally turn the channel. They will only change when its not profitable anymore and then it might be too late.

  20. Initially I hated it but now I’m ok with it because it reduces the amount of time I have to wait for football post-draft. It seems like we’re still getting the same amount of pre-draft coverage we always have, and maybe more due to the extra 2 weeks.

  21. NHL and NBA playoffs are on … who cares about the draft now.
    Face it … the draft was moved for one reason only MONEY … that’s why the owners love Goodell and pay him the big bucks. He finds ways to money for them any which way … soon NFL logos will be on toilet paper.

  22. We want the Saturday Sunday marathon, and we want it in April…………….CAN YOU HEAR US RODGER?

    You may need to take that Million dollar bankroll out of your ears, but you should try it you can learn a lot from your customers.

  23. Definitely the old way, and definitely on the weekend.

    This may be an indication of a sad, pathetic life, but I remember some pretty enjoyable Saturdays sitting around watching the first rounds with friends and then Sundays spent flipping the channels back and forth trying to catch my team’s picks in the later rounds.

  24. They should have never changed the Saturday / Sunday format. We used to make an event out of it, TV outside, grillin, drinkin, etc. But it appears advertising dollars beat out the fans experience once again.

  25. Roger Goodell is the worst thing that ever happened to the NFL. He has taken the greatest sport in the world and made it a shadow of it’s former self in almost no time. God knows what this ‘sport’ will be like ten years from now.

    I remember growing up looking forward to draft WEEKEND. Not this friday-sun nonsense. I’d sit in the living room all day with my dad waiting to see who the Jags would pick up next. I didn’t need it to ‘move along’ because unlike Goodell, I am a football fan. I wanted to see the highlights of prospects, hear the trade rumors from mort, listen to Mel argue with the panel about players on his board, hear the coaches interviews, have live check ins from the war rooms.

    This guy has ruined a sport that didn’t need any tweaking when he inherited it. Goodell doesn’t care about the fans, he doesn’t care about the players, he doesn’t care about football. He cares about is his ‘legacy’, $, politics and most of all having his fingerprints all over this once great sport that he has quickly driven into the dirt.

  26. ‘The draft was great on Saturday and Sunday. Like most other things Goodell has meddled in he has ruined!’

    Agree. New way sucks.

  27. Two changes I would like to see… A). Bring it back to Saturday and Sunday in late April. B). a new commissioner who isnt continually screwing the fans. Make that money, Roger!!!

  28. Saturday and Sunday back please.

    I refuse to take time from work to watch the draft…so it being on Thursday eliminates me drinking and grilling all day while hanging out with my friends just talking trash all day about a season that’s still 5 months away AND watching all day Sunday asking 2 things “why’d we take him?” and “why’d I drink that much?”

  29. For the last 10-15 years, there’s been one lull in the offseason. From late June to late July when the teams shut down and go on vacation.

    That one was tolerable because it was like waiting for Christmas morning. We knew there was something great at the end of that count down.

    Now the NFL has created another one. Free Agency lasted for about a week this year. So from mid-March until the second week in May there’s been nothing aside from the schedule release which probably should’ve come out two weeks earlier to keep things from going so stale…and is already becoming old news two days later.

    Put the draft back where it belongs please.

  30. Instead of 7 rounds, lets make it like 30 or 40. A round every week for a month…

    I know it’s stupid. But everything about the NFL is becoming ridiculous.

  31. Old way they will never go back to the weekend they get paid too much in prime time on Thursdays to get rid of that, but why wait 2 more weeks? So we can hear more about what “experts” think teams may do for another 14 days I don’t see the point in waiting get the replies in earlier, so they can be signed earlier and begin training camp earlier

  32. The NFL continually tries to revamp things that are already perfectly fine and are working great, Thursday night football is stupid thanksgiving ok that’s cool but doing it every week makes it less special, the draft was perfectly fine with the weekend even if they did round 1 Friday night 2,3,4 Saturday and 5,6,7, Sunday that would be great

  33. I soon as it was announced last year I didn’t like the new draft date.

    Honestly, I don’t know what the benefits of moving it back were supposed to be.

    I know coaches, GMs and scouts all hate it because it delays getting new players up and running, and fans hate it because they have to wait longer to find out who the new players are.

    It just don’t make no sense Roger. Just like you.

  34. With 250 plus picks in the Draft, why not start the Draft in February, draft a couple players every night in prime time for 125 straight nights? Goodell can satiate his greed, the stuffed shirts can blah blah all they want about mock drafts and team needs for months and months, and the fans can sit and continue to witness the greatest sport on earth being poked and melded into a profit driven reality TV show.

    What other professional sports commissioner takes a look at the sport before him, rubs his hands together and says, ‘How can we crank out more profit from this thing?’ Every year Goodell tries to fix what has never been broken, all for the sake of greed and profit.
    He’s ruining football. How can we get this guy off his throne??????

  35. Why does everyone blame Roger Goodell for everything bad…. he does not make the rules changes.. did not change the draft date.. did not have a game playing in London.. He works for 32 owners.. THEY ARE THE ONES MAKING THE DECISIONS…

  36. The offseason is like 7 months long. Having to wait 2 additional weeks in the midst of that 7 months isn’t really that big of a deal. Yeah, it’s cool to get it done with 2 weeks earlier, but the way it is now makes the wait til the season 2 less weeks from the original draft date. So, to me, it really doesn’t matter. My vote would go toward “don’t care” if that were an option. But do it on the weekend. That’s all I would really care about.

  37. I do like the primetime draft over the all day saturday version. You get to see who gets drafted in the first couple rounds, and then it frees up your weekend to do other things.

  38. The Postponed Draft Sucks. Don’t get me wrong, the NFL does A Lot right. But they have screwed this up. The draft is a Great Event and the interest is dappened by the two week delay. Hopefully they change it back next year.

  39. I don’t technically like it but I’m sure it will put better athletes on teams with more time to evaluate each player. Each year to many bums get drafted and now teams can spend more attention on the draft and free agency this way.

  40. If I have to look at another mock draft to get my football fix(which I’m sure they are making new ones now), I will go crazy. The excitement isn’t there anymore after months of speculation and waiting.

  41. I say the delay is bogus. If the owners continue to let Roger Goodell tamper with the dynamics of the NFL there won’t be an NFL the way we know it much longer! Mark Cuban will be dancing in the streets while laughing in the NFLs face. The only reason Roger was picked as Comish was because the owners already had an agreement that he would take money from the players and give MORE to the already RICH owners in the new CBA. Geaux Saints!

  42. I think it sucks to have to wait considering the NFL is not using this time properly to do other things they could have done to keep us entertained and not frustrated with the way the NFL is doing things.

  43. As for going back to the “old” old way where it was just two days on the weekend, I have to admit I do like having the first round at night. I think my ideal scenario would be to have the first round on Friday night, rounds 2-3 Saturday night, and then the rest Sunday afternoon.

    The all-day Saturday thing was great when I was younger, but now with family, kids, etc it got tough to see any of the draft live on Saturday afternoon.

  44. Really bad idea, I don’t believe there is anyone in Goodell’s office that has any common sense. Now they say they will extend the draft to 4 days – idiotic.

  45. I HATE IT Gooddell realy needs to make the draft like it used to be 1st 2nd 3rd rounds on Saturday then 4 through 7 on Sunday. I hate the idea of making it in may just drags it out I really wish they would make it last weekend of April and NO!!!! to the 4 day draft omg really gooddell WOW PLEASE FIX WHAT YOU HAVE MADE SUCH A MESS WITH. Now giving us more teams in playoffs i am 50/50 I see both ways. Thanks and o yaa GO NINERS!!!!!!

  46. I would love it if NFL got rid of the Thursday night. Have the draft Friday/Saturday/Sundar so we can we the NFL draft with friends and indulge on some cold drafts with friends.

  47. Obviously, like all Roger’s decisions, it doesn’t matter what the fans think. Until the owners take a stand and reign him in, the fans input means nothing.

  48. I know it’s been said here before but I prefer the old Saturday, Sunday draft. It was a tradition for my boys and me to get together halfway through the off season spend the day recalling the previous year (life and football) and look forward to the coming year with your new players.

    I just don’t get that satisfaction with the current format. Forcing me to watch this on a Thursday and Friday night just ruins the whole experience for my friends and me.

    Please go back to the weekend draft.

  49. It doesn’t matter. He will just lie and brag that fans seem to love it and conveniently leave out that they will love it like lima beans. It was a bonehead move but the NFL won’t admit it and I’m glad this site does. The bold moves on this site keep me coming here. I’ve even stopped watching NFL Network and have taken to watching DVDs of The Wire and Justified from the beginning.

    How do you turn a good thing into a bad one? Let Roger Goodell get a hold of it. He doesn’t care what fans want.

    18 games: “we don’t want it” but he hears “we want it”
    Kickoffs from the 35: “we don’t want it” but he hears “we want it”
    And this 2 week delay in draft: He will no doubt hear “we want it” when we said, “we don’t want it”

  50. The only issue I had with th “ole way” was the long gap of activity right afterwards. Free agency Combine, pro days prior to…… then like 2-3 months of cricket sounds. This new delay will at least break up that long gap. Otherwise I vote with the majority.

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