Looking at the Lions’ needs, and whether they’ll trade up


Another year, another draft with the Lions owning a Top 10 pick. This year the Lions pick 10th overall, and they’ve had Top 10 picks in 10 of the last 13 drafts. But there’s been some talk that the Lions aren’t satisfied with just owning a Top 10 pick and want to move way up to make a big splash in the draft.

Interestingly, that talk has centered on Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins, even though in PFT’s look at the Lions’ draft needs, wide receiver is far from the biggest need the Lions have.

Watkins would certainly make a big splash, but drafting a cornerback in the first round would fill a bigger need. Take a look at the Lions’ draft needs and tell us whether you think Detroit should trade up.

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  1. C’mon Smith, you seem to follow the Leos pretty closely. There is no way that receiver is #5 on the list of needs. Behind Megatron and Tate there is absolutely zero and CJ is showing signs of wear and tear with more injuries every year. If (when) he goes down, that leaves Tate as the only option. I’m not saying WR is their biggest need, but it certainly ranks ahead of QB

  2. With Megatron and Watkins opposing defenses would not be able to stack the box.
    Of course every game would be a shoot out since they also would get burned deep alot but they could address the secondary with UDFAs or other FAs and then draft secondary help next year.

  3. Millen was fired for drafting a fat, slow WR with character problems that hadn’t played organized football in a year.

    Megatron isn’t going to be around forever. I really like Tate but I think Sammy would complete the offense.

    A young CB rarely makes immediate contributions. Look at Dee Milliner last year.

  4. I would rather trade up for Clowney or Mack than Watkins. The price is too high and there are too many other needs and it’s just not convenient to trade for Watkins. If they trade up to 5 to target a group of players and some QBs or OTs get selected in the Top 4, then they could take Watkins as a fallback option if Mack or Clowney aren’t there. That would be better than trading up to 2.

    Trade to 4-6 and see what happens is better than trading to 2.

  5. As a Bears fan, I hope the Lions do mortgage their future & trade up to land to Watkins. Hell of a WR trio you will have, but you’ll have some big holes on the OL and in the secondary.

  6. @ alshonbrandontandem Holes in the secondary? Yes. Holes on the OL? Uh, no. With guys like Reiff, Warford and Waddle taken within the past two years the Lions have the makings of a good OL for some time to come.

  7. Trade Suh to Clev or Oakland! Take Watkins, Clowney or Mack! Then take DT at ten or trade back a cpl if you think you can still get him or say Barr Gilbert Dennard Dix Pryor!

  8. I think everyone is overlooking Ebron. Just because we kept Pettigrew doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a perfect fit. Lombardi saw Jimmy Graham split wide, in the slot, and only inside about 10% of the time. They used Watson for blocking and short routes.

    If he”s the best player, and can be that mismatch, take him.

  9. Aren’t the Lions going to eventually have to draft or sign some db’s and linebackers to get over the hump? A running back wouldn’t hurt either

  10. Wide receiver is a huge need for Detroit.

    #1 wr Calvin Johnson = 1492 yards

    #2 wr Kris Durham = 490 yards

  11. Yeah, trade Suh because you don’t like something about his attitude, then draft Clowney. Good plan.

  12. Seriously, the Lions have enough talent already to have won their division the last two years already. And I say that as a Bears fan. I don’t know what their problem is but it’s not talent.

  13. They have at least 5 cb under 26 that aren’t their current starters. They’ve drafted Bentley, Greenwood, Green, and Slay in the last 2 drafts. They need an OLB and a DC that will not run a wide 9.

    The O-line is stacked except for center and thats not a position you use a premium pick on. Lions need a safety far more than a corner.

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