Patriots cleared of filing tampered injury reports for Talib, Spikes

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It wouldn’t feel right if the New England Patriots weren’t being accused of trying to skirt the rules in some form or fashion.

However, at least in one instance the Patriots have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

According to Tom Curran of Comcast Sportsnet New England, the Patriots have been cleared by the league of altering the injury reports of cornerback Aqib Talib and linebacker Brandon Spikes.

“It was determined that the Patriots complied with the injury report procedures regarding both players,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

After signing with new teams this offseason, Talib and Spikes both accused the Patriots of fudging their injury reports with inaccurate information in regards to their injuries.

The Patriots have their way of reporting stuff, but I haven’t had a hip problem since Tampa,” Talib said. “The injury I had was actually a quad injury. It was reported as a hip injury, but that’s how they do things.”

Whether it’s not acknowledging Tom Brady’s hand injury or mislabeling injuries with Talib and Spikes, it certainly isn’t the first time the accuracy of New England’s injury reporting has been called into question. At least in this instance, the league doesn’t view the problem of worthy of any action.

33 responses to “Patriots cleared of filing tampered injury reports for Talib, Spikes

  1. I guess Talib didn’t see that the patriots were trying to make a history of reoccurring hip injuries to drive his free agency price down as his contract expired; unfortunately it didn’t work.

  2. More evidence that Kraft must have compromising photos of Goodell that he’s using as leverage. It’s not like this is a historic franchise or anything–give them the same sort of treatment that the Saints got.

  3. Now if the Dolphins or Raiders or any other mediocre or bad team did this Goodell would be all over it…not because the Pats are perennial contenders though. It’s because Robert “GMO corn” Kraft owns Roger Goodell!

  4. Of course the Patriots were cleared. Goodell would never do anything to risk his friendship with Kraft.

    If Cleveland or Jacksonville tampered with the reports however…

  5. “It was determined that the Patriots complied with the injury report procedures regarding both players,”

    How? What a crock. Just come out and say ” we don’t take this policy seriously” or “we really like Mr. Kraft and don’t wanna punish him”. Why put out such a transparent lie?

  6. So, essentially, everyone is doing it? NO violation, whatsoever?

    You’re gonna buy that pablum because you’re a fantasy football player. You’re gonna play into the hypocrasy because you’re a gambler. …

    You’re gonna post that your hometown player SUCKS and we “wasted a draft pick” cause of the misrepresentation that goes on with this.

    Get rid of the injury report. Let folks deal with who’s available like the rest of us schmucks.

  7. Both players have vehmently stated that the information presented by the Patriots was deliberately incorrect (part of the Patriot way). How can an NFL spokesman, Greg Aiello now state that “It was determined that the Patriots complied with the injury report procedures regarding both players.” Surely Spikes and Talib know more about their own injuries than the NFL spokesman months after the events.
    The NFL now appears to have given Bill Belichick the green light to continue to lie about player injuries.
    This reeks of a cover up. How does Belichick always get away with these deceitful and shady practices? (Part of the Patriot way).

  8. It should be fun to watch Spikes getting torched by the Patriots for a change. The Icing on the cake will be watching Talib and his bad(hamstring aka.hip) hobble off to the side line useless for the Playoffs like” clock work.” This time the Patriots will have their starters back and the game will look a little more like the first time they meet last season.

  9. Well, Spikes was clearly grabbing at his knee when he first got hurt and Talib was grabbing at his hip flexor when he got hurt. Seemed like a pretty easy call.

  10. Aqib Talib is a dweeb. The Patriots will win it all this year, and at the parade Coach Belichick will pull out his bestest video camera and film the hoopla just for the heck of it!

  11. Fact of the matter is there are always going to be those who will accuse the Patriots of wrongdoing. Get over it, people! Admit the real reason is the simple fact that there is jealousy and envy at the record the Patriots have established over the last 15 years. It’s always easy to take cheap shots at the top dog.

  12. Perhaps Spikes and Talib should be investigated for lying. Those two are a couple of the dumber Patriots that Belichick has had since he’s been there so some of this idiocy can be excused, but you can’t just make false allegations and get away with it.

    Oh well, I’ll just remember the three shiny Lombardi trophies the Patriots have while the haters whine.

  13. What was all that limping out of the Saints game (which you played very well in) all about then? Seemed like your hip was bothering you then huh Talib.

    Great player when on the field, sad he’s gone. Hopefully Revis makes me forget about Talib

  14. All this fuss created by a couple of turds that’ll be out of the league in a couple of years.

  15. “Hey, where is Talib?” the cry heard in January. Why he’s injured his knee, hip, quad, or whatever takes him off the field in big situations, of course.

  16. I don’t know who’s worse, the Pats for continuing their slimy ways, or the NFL for ignoring what they’re doing.

  17. Of course they are…

    Kraft has the league in his back pocket…and it’s a disgrace to the NFL.

  18. if Cleveland or Jacksonville had done it nobody would care…
    You always attack the king of the hill.

  19. Why the hell would it even matter if they identified the exact body part that was hurt? So Spikes and Talib would prefer to let the opposition know what specific part to target with their hits? And that in no way gives the Patriots any advantage against the teams they play. Get over it and find a legitimate reason to hate the team

  20. “Sometimes when a guy had an ankle (injury), I might list it as a knee, just because I didn’t want people knowing where to take shots at my players.” — Bill Cowher.

  21. So basically, Bobby Kraft cut a nice fat check to the league office and suddenly there’s no problem at all. The Patriot Way.

  22. For each and every one of you getting on here to complain about “The Patriot Way,” quit crying about meaningless rumors and just admit you hate the Pats because everytime your team plays them, they make you look like fools or college dropouts.

    From a completely unbiased review, if this were such a big issue in cry baby Talib’s and fizzing out (already?) Spikes’ mind that they HAD to bring it up now that they are on a new team with comfy new contracts… why didn’t they do it while they were on the team?? There is such thing as anonymity in reporting. Has anyone heard off the NFLPA??? These are just trying to slander a team that they weren’t offered more money to play on… greedy slugs.

    Wait… I just came up with the best conspiracy theory ever… maybe the NFLPA has planned to “fudge” the records, so they can give the player’s longer playing expectancy and so they can suck more money out of each organization they play for… or that is just as stupid of a ploy as blaming the Pats for something every (or most) teams do IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEIR PLAYERS AGAINST CHEAP SHOTS… grow up amateurs.

  23. 2 things …….
    1) there has been exactly ZERO pieces of ANYTHING that backup what Talib and Spikes stated and ….
    2) 2 players who were not resigned are trying to sell themselves to their new employers … so does anyone with more than 5 IQ points think either of these guys are gonna be honest about their injuries
    Talib: “Hell yeah I have a recurring hip problem”
    Spikes: “Sure … I have knee trouble”

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