“Personal issue” sidelines Mikel Leshoure for final two days of minicamp


As last season wound down, Lions running back Mikel Leshoure said he wanted to play for a team willing to feed him the rock in the ground game after getting two carries in the entire 2013 season.

It doesn’t appear that Detroit will be that place. Leshoure is third on the depth chart, at best, with Reggie Bush and Joique Bell looking set as the two running backs that will see the  bulk of the work in the coming season. With Theo Riddick also on hand, Leshoure will have some work to do to grab that third spot. He didn’t do much of it at minicamp this week, though, as he missed the final two days with what coach Jim Caldwell called a “personal issue.”

“He did have a personal issue, let’s put it that way,” Caldwell said, via MLive.com. “We knew he was gone and what was happening. We were well aware of it.”

The minicamp was voluntary and his absence doesn’t seem like a problem outside of a missed opportunity to make the team reconsider his standing on the depth chart. With General Manager Martin Mayhew saying the team has no intention of parting ways with Leshoure, making the most of future chances will be the best way for him to avoid being hungry once the season rolls around.

12 responses to ““Personal issue” sidelines Mikel Leshoure for final two days of minicamp

  1. What does he mean by “let’s put it that way”. That sounds like he is frustrated or upset and doesn’t agree that the reason was a legitimate or qualified one and that he has no choice but to settle in “putting it that way” just to try and mitigate the drama due to the added part about how they knew like as if that makes it alright. He is clearly implying it’s NOT alright!

    It seems like there could be a lot more story here and we should find out more and clear it up because the coach’s position is very curious and confusing as to what he meant by that. So is Leshoure in the doghouse with Caldwell? If not, then Caldwell should be in the doghouse with Leshoure cause this comment does not make him look good. What exactly is the message that Caldwell is trying to send here?

  2. I hope leshoure finished his degree at Illinois. Unless there is major injury to either bush or bell, it sounds like his NFL career is over after this season. No team will want a 26-27 year old rb, with criminal record, and looking for his 2nd contract.

  3. Please just trade him. What’s the point of keeping him now? I realize it’s another “wasted high pick” but isn’t it now just a sunk cost anyway? Let’s get something for him.

  4. Mikel is looking for a way out of town. The comments Mayhew made means the only way Mikel can get that is to be a knucklehead. Caldwell being vague and not putting any extra thought into it means he would rather have Mikel be a baby away from the team then on the field.

  5. All you posters are funny. Nobody even knows what has happened and everybody is making a big deal about missing voluntary workouts.

    As a lions fan I wish we’d trade him for no other reason than I like him and I think he could really contribute somewhere and didn’t get the chance with the old staff. Now with Bell and Bush he’ll never really get the chance in Detroit again.

  6. New coach, same old Lions. Not surprised by this at all. That team needed a head coach that would come in, kick ___ and take names; Caldwell is most definitely not that guy so I expect them to continue their pattern of ridiculously underperforming their considerable talent.

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