Referees Ron Winter and Scott Green retire


The NFL will have two new referees this season.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed to the Associated Press that referees Ron Winter and Scott Green have both retired. Winter entered the NFL in 1995 and became a referee in 1998 while Green was promoted to referee during the 2004 season.

Green worked one Super Bowl as a ref, an honor Winter never received although he did oversee the bizarre ending to a 49ers playoff win over the Giants in January 2003 that ended when the Giants were incorrectly flagged for having an ineligible receiver downfield on a botched attempt at a game-winning field goal. Interestingly, Green was the back judge on Winter’s crew and was to blame for missing that Giants guard Rich Seubert was both eligible and interfered with on the play.

Craig Wrolstad, a former field judge, and Ronald Torbert, who was a side judge, will move up to referee positions. Blandino also announced that two sons of current officials — field judge Brad Freeman, the son of back judge Steve Freeman, a former player with Buffalo; and field judge Shawn Hochuli, son of referee Ed Hochuli — will be joining the league’s officiating roster in 2014.