Titans schedule workout with Zach Mettenberger


Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said this week that he doesn’t feel it is necessary to bring in his “own” quarterback to lead the offense, but that’s not stopping the Titans from checking out what’s available.

The Titans have met with several quarterback prospects over the last few weeks and they’ll continue doing their due diligence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Monday. ESPN reports that the team has scheduled a private workout with LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger.

Mettenberger has been a busy man of late, visiting with and working out for many teams curious to see how he’s doing after tearing his ACL last November. Mettenberger has looked good for a player so close to such a serious injury and he’s in Indianapolis for a combine medical recheck on Friday to further assess where he is in the recovery process.

While Whisenhunt and others around the Titans have pledged their support for Jake Locker, they’ve not been shy about calling it a make or break year for the 2011 first-round pick. If it breaks and the Titans like what they see Monday, Mettenberger could be the man to pick up the pieces.

7 responses to “Titans schedule workout with Zach Mettenberger

  1. I like Jake Locker and I am hoping Coach Whiz can turn the Titans around like he did the Cardinals. He certainly learned what QB injuries can do to a team and signing Mettenberger would be a good insurance policy/ possible franchise QB of the future. Unfortunately Arizona lost a good coach because of it’s QB woes but Whisenhunt will always be the guy who took the Cards to the SB!

  2. Mettenberger just might be the best of the bunch… I like the kid…. You just don’t know if these kids can make the jump to the next level and keep maturing.. Overall speed is kicked up and many can’t adjust… That being said… Whisenhunt was a complete failure in AZ.. Yes he took Dennis Greens talent and Kurt Warner to the SuperBowl and should have won… After that it was failure in the standings, dissent in the dressing room, poor talent evaluations based on needs and total disregard for the truth… He took an already good O in Pittsburgh and won as a OC…. In SD that was McCoys O not Whuz.. The guy gets credit for others doings… Wait and see but I won’t be wrong

  3. He has a great chance to be the best QB of this class. Merril Hodge said so, so take it to the bank.

    All kidding aside his recovery time from the ACL injury has been phenomenal. He probably has the best arm in this draft and improved exponentially under Cam Cameron and in a pro style offense. Give him a year to learn and get his knee 100% and this kid could possibly be the steal of the draft at the QB position.

  4. I like Locker & I hope he can stay healthy & become the guy going forward. That said, I’m ok with them taking a round 3-7 QB with potential.

  5. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

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