Whisenhunt says he doesn’t need to bring in his own quarterback


Whether new Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt sticks with the starting quarterback he inherited, Jake Locker, remains to be seen. But Whisenhunt says speculation that he prefers to bring in his own quarterback is incorrect.

“To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it that way,” Whisenhunt said Thursday, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I am excited about the little bit of time I have spent with Jake. He exhibits a lot of the qualities I like. He has been great in the meeting rooms, I like the way our exchanges have gone. So our focus is on that.”

Whisenhunt already did bring in one of his own quarterbacks in Charlie Whitehurst, who signed with Tennessee this year after playing under Whisenhunt in San Diego last year. But Whitehurst is a career backup who has looked bad in his few playing opportunities, so his presence doesn’t really put pressure on Locker.

If the Titans use the 11th pick in the draft to select a quarterback, however, that would put pressure on Locker. If Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, Central Florida’s Blake Bortles or Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater is available at No. 11, the Titans may select the player they hope can succeed Locker.

But Whisenhunt sounds like he’s willing to give Locker this season to prove himself.

“It is a make-or-break year for a lot of guys in the league. Jake is one of the guys,” Whisenhunt said. “That is the nature of this business. He just happens to play a position that gets a lot of attention.”

Whisenhunt’s most important job is getting that position straightened out.

38 responses to “Whisenhunt says he doesn’t need to bring in his own quarterback

  1. Dont even know what to expect with this guy locker anymore . He showed some good qualities here and there but was never on the field long enough to prove anything

  2. John Skelton / Kevin Kolb / Ryan Lindley / Brian Hoyer / Derek Anderson / Max Hall.

    These were all “Whisenhunt’s quarterbacks”. His complete and utter inability to find a QB he could coach besides Kurt Warner is why he was a terrible Head Coach. Tennessee, this will NOT end well.

  3. Locker has the same skill set as Roethlisberger. If Tennessee can provide protection and find a running game the whiz should be able to work with Locker, provided he can find a way to stay healthy for the first time In his football career.

  4. Oh my… It’s hard to see…. What’s he talking about…. Oh yeah it’s two extra weeks of…. Smokescreen Smokescreen. Come on draft.

  5. When a coach genuinely believes that Max Hall and John Skelton are an acceptable QB depth chart then you should not listen to anything he says about QB’s

  6. wiz ain’t got a stellar track record with qb’s. your dl is going to be banged up too. hortons d is injury prone. have fun tenn.

  7. Probably a good decision on Whisenhunt’s part. Something to be said for stability and finding out what you already have before making a drastic move.
    Locker has shown ability and leadership when on the field, but Whiz is right; Locker’s likely in a make or break season, at least with the Titans.

  8. Locker is ok … Whiz (Whuz) will destroy his confidence like he did with many players here in AZ. His double speak with the media is ledgendary… Get ready Titans it’s going to be a long two years with this clown running the show

  9. Whisenhunt learned the hard way that the advantages of bringing in your own quarterback is nothing but a myth. In fact, he tried it over and over with the Cardinals in his attempt to replace Curt Warner. And every time it was an epic fail. If Jake Locker’s raw talent delivers on its potential this season, Whiz will be all to happy to claim Jake as HIS quarterback.

  10. The ability to be a “QB Whisperer” is a gift and a curse. He has proven that he can help players find their true talent, it’s just that the players may not have enough talent to being with.

  11. Gotta give Locker this year. If he can stay healthy, and that’s a big if, I think he can be the guy for years. Everyone thought Stafford wasn’t going to be able to stay healthy after his first couple of years too & he has proven he can. I’m hoping it’s the same with Locker. He’s athletic, smart, has a great attitude, & works his tail off. I think he can be really good.

  12. The Titans can follow the Browns model of two new QB’s every year with no OL and RB plan. Bottom line, loser every year.

  13. Believe or not Titans fan but if true then that’s great news. Judging from the bangup job he did here in AZ. He doesn’t know how pick one.

  14. Translation: Locker doesnt impress me so we will be drafting a QB but I don’t want other teams to know this ahead of the draft or offend locker so I haveta lie about what I really think.

  15. Titans would be better off drafting a stud OL or a difference maker on defense than to use a high draft pick on a QB that’s going to take years to possibly mature.

  16. Locker has some limitations, but they surround him with some additional talent and he can stay healthy he can be good enough to help the Titans make the playoffs. I just don’t see him as a carry the team kind of QB though.

  17. Thank you Ken. So glad you chose the titans over the lions. Caldwell looks better every time I read an article with your name in it.

  18. Very overrated coach. Made the Super Bowl with a team mostly built by Dennis Green and the team steadily declined before the disastrous trade for Kevin Kolb (which I called a terrible trade right away!)

  19. Perhaps Whisenhunt has wised up and is now ready to give full credit to Kurt Warner for the Cards success while Whisenhunt was there.

    To date, Whisenhunt has been lukewarm at best in giving credit to Warner (and a lesser degree to Todd Haley who sided with Warner in completely changing Whisenhunt’s static offense of 35% pass and 65% run. We know how that works in today’s NFL) And Whisenhunt used to arrogantly declare he knew how to evaluate QB talent and develop QBs. To date, his track record on both accounts is a resounding FFF for huge failure.

    BTW Titan fans, be ready for Whisenhunt’s behind the scenes backstabbings and vendettas. If you want more, just as Dockett or a few of the QBs he has screwed big time. Be ready for him to manipulate players to play when they are not physically or mentally ready and then blaming them for being malingerers and lazy (tell them Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells) when they fail to properly perform.

    And then beware of his preferential treatment he gives to “his” players while holding others to higher and tighter standards. Levi Brown, one his first round picks, was always a step too slow and a half a second too slow, but Whisenhunt always protected him and his starting job was never in jeopardy.

    Be ready Titan fans for the storm that is to descend on your team from within. Now that Whisenhunt is gone, the Cardinal players and their fans are truly enjoying a true professional NFL head coach in Arians. The difference between Arians and Whisenhunt is like day and night. Too bad the darkness will descend on your team. Best of luck cuz your team will need it. No kidding!!!

  20. Everyone knows that a so-called “elite” quarterback is the “instant cure.” Steve Young in Tampa Bay: 3 wins, 16 losses. Yep, a QB solves everything…

  21. You guys blast Whisenhunt for the QB play in Arizona, but he didn’t have much say in getting John Skelton / Kevin Kolb / Ryan Lindley / Brian Hoyer / Derek Anderson / Max Hall.

  22. As a colts fan, I would love him to stick with Jake Locker, but I know this statement means nothing and the Cardinals will still look for a QB in the draft.

  23. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

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