AFL’s Soul to debut new camera helmet on Sunday

Since the third day of the NFL draft isn’t happening today, and given that there’s only so much churning of the same old B.S. smokescreens that can be done, let’s turn an eye to a lower level of the sport.

Specifically, let’s turn that eye to a league that will be attaching the eye of a lens to the front of a helmet.

Via, the Philadelphia Soul will start using the SchuttVision helmet on Sunday.  It has a camera mounted above the face mask, in the spot between the screws on the hairline of the helmet.  It provides fans and teams with point-of-view video that can both enhance broadcasts and assist with coaching.

It’s not the first time a football team has used a camera helmet.  The World League of American Football (before it became the World League or NFL Europe or, ultimately, NFL Europa) tucked a camera inside the padding for a first-person look at the action.

It’s unknown if or when the NFL would use something similar.  The video gets a little choppy as the player moves, making the experience a bit like watching Cloverfield with football and without, you know, whatever the hell that thing was.

And while Sunday apparently will be the first time the Soul use it, it’s already been used by the AFL.  Back in March.

But in March there was actually something going on in the NFL.  Today, there really isn’t.

16 responses to “AFL’s Soul to debut new camera helmet on Sunday

  1. I don’t approve of that team name! It’s offensive and I think they should change it. Make a poll for it, Mike!

  2. roger goodell thinks polaroid cameras should be mounted on football helmets.

    It fits his belief that lesser organizations and technologies be allowed into the post-season.

  3. If they could just get the players to wear those off the field then this could be a serious influx of new cash through a new 1,000 channel PPV lineup that you can subscribe to for any periods that the players want to plug in and broadcast their private lives. The more minutes you deliver gets you a larger portion of the whole pie. Who is going online 24/7?

  4. I think a helmet cam would be really awesome for skill players.

    Imagine watching a Megatron cam, getting off a jam, cutting on an out route and trying to make a sideline toe drag catch, or a crazy jump ball situation.

    Or someone like Adrian Peterson waiting for a hole to open up then accelerating through it and making a defender miss for a TD.

    Sure the QB aspect would be cool, but I think the WR/RB positions is where this would be awesome.

  5. Maybe instead of cameras, the NFL should look for something like a sensory net built into the shell. Looking to try and figure out a way to warn players of concussions before it’s too late. You know, prove they put safety in front of say, cheap lame gimmicks chasing an extra dollar.

    Oh wait…

  6. “Since the third day of the NFL draft isn’t happening today…blah, blah, blah

    Here’s an idea: why don’t you guys post highlight videos of the top players that will be drafted and analyze them and break them down.

    Why is so and so good, or why is this Watkins better than Evans or Cooks, or why is this class so deep at WR. What are their strengths and weaknesses and use past college game film, even past years to chart development, or growth.

    Know what I’m mean?

    I see the analysis a la Gruden’s QB camp where he’s looking at game film and talking about specific plays for such and such a player, but that you do it with all positions, say the top 4-5 at their positions.

    That I would like to see.

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