Chance Warmack wants the Titans to draft AJ McCarron

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A year ago, the Titans drafted guard Chance Warmack with the idea that he’d help protect quarterback Jake Locker. Now Warmack is hoping the Titans draft a player who could become Locker’s replacement.

Warmack said on NFL Network that he’d love to see Tennessee draft his old Alabama teammate AJ McCarron.

“I hope we get him. I don’t know what round we can get him in, but I definitely want him in Tennessee,” Warmack said. “He’s a winner. He’s a great guy to be around and he’ll help the locker room. He’s not selfish as a quarterback and he’s going to make the right plays on the field. If he doesn’t start, when he gets drafted by the Tennessee Titans he’ll definitely help.”

The Titans wouldn’t draft McCarron with the 11th overall pick in the draft, but they might consider him in the second or third round. If so, they’d be drafting him with the idea that he’d eventually push Locker out of the starting spot.

Locker can’t be thrilled to know one of his linemen is rooting for that.

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  1. Not sure if this is a shot at Locker, but Locker needs to prove himself this year. They are definitely taking a QB 2nd-4th rd. Whizzy hasn’t had the best success with them aside from Warner. Maybe this GM can grab him someone adequate.

  2. The bright side is at least Locker knows he can count on Chance to be honest with him if he ever needs to ask him a question. It’s no help for people to just tell you what you want to hear, having them also mean what they tell you that you want to hear is what it’s all about. Locker should just find the motivation from this to change the perception of all the players on the team by proving why he’s the guy for the job. If he plays well enough then he can change everybody’s minds about how they feel about him and then they’ll be singing a different tune and with an orchestra of respect.

  3. I don’t know what Locker’s mates think about him or his abilities, however his new head coach has CLEARLY been like warm, at BEST in his comments about Jake. There will surely be an attempt to draft a qb this year.

  4. AJ McCarron will be the last of the “top group” of QBs drafted.

    I personally don’t think he has the physical skills teams want from their starting QB but drafting players isn’t a science. He could be a success in spite of not being the best physical specimen.

  5. There are only a handful of great qbs on the entire planet and lately none of them have won a Super Bowl….time for the rest of the field to try a new strategy …ya know like the Ravens, Giants & Seahawks have done!

  6. I don’t see anything in McCarron that makes me think he’ll fare any better at the next level than Brodie Croyle or Greg McElroy. Croyle was a better passer than McCarron and what did he last in the league, a couple of years? Career backup at best for AJ, who by the way has not helped his stock at all with how he’s conducted homself the past few months.

  7. Really? The same guy who called in sick for the Titans workout. Shut up and block Chance.

  8. Did someone tell Chance that McCarron skipped out on the interview the Titans had scheduled with him? And they haven’t re-scheduled with him since… Probably not happening unless he’s there very late and they haven’t selected anyone at that point. I think they are high on the kid from LSU. I really don’t see the Titans grabbing a QB with their 11th pick. They don’t have a 3rd rd pick unless they trade back and get a 3rd, so they better grab a decent QB in the 2nd if they want one.

  9. At this point Locker can’t be trusted to make it through a whole season without an injury, and Charlie Whitehurst, Tyler Wilson as back-ups…….huh yeah the Titans better get a decent QB by the 2nd rd. Or our season can and will get very ugly fast!!

  10. i say take a decent qb in the 4th. one of them is bound to slip and there are a lot of average/decent qbs that are very similar.

    getting injured 3 seasons in a row as a qb is unheard of so I think this is his year to shine.

  11. Chance, shut up & protect the guy we have. Maybe if the oline was doing their job Coples & Wilkerson wouldn’t have been able to blast him. We’re not worried about drafting your college buddies.

  12. Good luck drafting him, he has to be the worst of the QB’s looking for a job. He gets all the publicity because of his girlfriend.

  13. For the few here that actually watch the games, last season Chance Warmack missed a ton of blocks, was driven into the back field often, and put on his a$$ more times than worth keeping track of. That’s with Matthews and Munchie’s coaching, plus levitre and roo’s on the line. So, worry about your own game Chance cause plenty of times last year Titans fans could have used another guard

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