Chris Kluwe considering lawsuit against the Vikings

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Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is still considering a lawsuit against the Vikings, who he says cut him in part because he advocated for gay marriage.

Kluwe says Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer made homophobic comments and created a hostile environment for him after Kluwe began publicly supporting gay causes.

It would obviously be wrongful termination,” Kluwe told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “A direct supervisor made homophobic remarks repeatedly, and it was an atmosphere that was not conducive to a good working environment, and I ended up getting fired from the team despite the fact that my performance [in 2012] had been as good as the previous years.”

Although previous reports indicated Kluwe would need to file any such lawsuit by May 6 because of a one-year statue of limitations from the date the Vikings released him, both sides have agreed that Kluwe does not need to file his lawsuit until the Vikings complete their investigation of his allegations against Priefer.

If Kluwe does sue, he says it would be for “quite a bit” of money, but he’s not doing this to enrich himself.

“Every single penny I would donate to LGBT charities,” he said. “It’s not about me getting the money; it’s about showing the NFL you can’t do this.”

Kluwe spent training camp with the Raiders after the Vikings cut him, but he has been out of the NFL since he was cut by the Raiders at the end of the 2013 preseason.

115 responses to “Chris Kluwe considering lawsuit against the Vikings

  1. This is going to be a difficult case to win but I look for a settlement. It’s great watching the nfl macho culture come tumbling down.

  2. Just go away Kluwe!!! So tired of one side telling another side you need to believe in their cause, for if you don’t you are intolerant.

    Ya got cut because you weren’t any good, and couldn’t figure out how to kick away from Hester.

    On top of that, you were creating problems in the locker room much like Percy Harvin. Teams don’t need egomaniac like that. Go run for political office somewhere and fade away.

  3. And another thing… Thank your lucky stars you were in a tolerant community like the Twin Cities. I can only imagine what packer fans would have done to you.

  4. Judge: “The award goes to the Plaintiff. Mr. Kluwe… lieu of monetary gains in this matter, I award you the ENTIRE contents of the Vikings trophy case in exchange.” *gavel sound followed by crowd erupting in laughter*

  5. First, the Wilf’s said they would release the report at the end of February. Then, they said not quite done, we’ll release it at the end of March. Now, it’s almost the end of April and still not report. Ridiculous. All they have to do is interview four people, how long can that possibly take? Also, nice of the Minnesota media to completely give them a pass and not even pressure them at all to release the results of the report.

  6. I think that all former Viking players should sue the organization.

    for being robbed of their opportunity to play for an actual NFL football team.

  7. Whether he was for or against gay rights, his job is to punt a football. So, #1, he needs to do his job and #2, he’s not really a football player, he’s a punter/kicker.

  8. Maybe all his yakking had more to do with him trying to hang on in the league for as long as possible. Them when he gets cut he can claim discrimination and squeeze out a few more dollars in a bogus lawsuit, knowing he has the P.C. crowd behind him.

  9. If Kluwe would have spoken out about this BEFORE he was cut, I’d have all the respect for him in the world. The fact that all this comes out after they released him makes it just seem like a case of sour grapes, regardless of if the Vikings cut him over what he’s accusing or not.

    So perhaps his lawsuit isn’t to “enrich himself”, but the fact he sat on this until he got cut was clearly to “enrich himself”.

  10. From a life long Vikings fan, one who used to like Kluwe this is my message to him……. : GO AWAY

  11. Good luck with that. Kluwe has gone a few months without being in the news so he needs to get attention again. Hope the Vikes counter use for slander and wipe him out.

  12. Chris, while I admire your stance on rights for the GLBT community and support you in that cause I just can’t agree with your stance regarding your exit from Minnesota. In 2010 your net average was ranked 14th and the number of punts inside the 20 was ranked 6th, which are both top third of the league stats. In 2011 the net dropped to 27th ranked and the punts inside the 20 dropped to 21st which are both bottom third of the league stats. You followed this in 2012 with a 22nd ranked net and a 31st ranking in punts inside the 20. Add in to this some bad shanks in some big games and I have to believe that it was your declining performance that cost you your job. The fact that you couldn’t win a job with any other team supports that theory. Perhaps you can sue for a hostile work environment but I don’t hear of you filing a complaint with your union while employed with the Vikings. I haven’t heard that you filed a complaint with management while employed giving them a chance to address the situation. There are procedures in place to address these issues and you could have pursued them from within before opting for litigious sensationalism. In fact you have been stumping for the GLBT community prior to 2012 and were not dismissed then. I don’t like slanderous statements either but this is America and people have the right to their own opinion. I hope you keep up the good deeds with your advocacy but think you are wrong on this one.

  13. A below average punter gets cut! Oh my god, there must be a conspiracy! I hope Kluwe loses a ton of money in his lawsuit.

  14. Was jut thinking the other day how nice it was that this story had died out. Apparently Chris has missed the spotlight and wants it back, sad in this country that bitterness can run your life and erode this country. Chris was cut for being a player on decline making too much money based on the performance, and needs to move on with his life.

  15. I hate lawsuits. Especially this kind. It wastes everyone’s time and money but in this case I support him suing. It was really obvious what that the Vikings didn’t resign him due to him speaking out. I don’t think k they cared which way he was speaking out, they didn’t want a Viking involved.

  16. Go away Kluwe…your 15 minutes are over. No work environment is perfect. You were cut because Spielman found someone who could do your job just as well for less money. That happens in the real world — get over it.

  17. C’mon man!! Let’s go all you big strong men, make a coherent, lucid argument….that’s right you don’t have one, thumbs down. Jesus H. Christ, ya’ll must be from Texas, only steers and queers come from Texas and steers can’t type so I guess that kinda narrows it down.

  18. Or just the fact he’s bitter because he was on the decline and couldn’t make any nfl roster. Also he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about anything

  19. Let’s face Chris, time has passed your football career. It’s over, and we’re over you too!

  20. And potential lawsuits like this, is why the player from Missouri may not get drafted. No matter what an NFL team does with this player, potential lawsuits exist at every decision a NFL team makes regarding this player.

  21. This guy has always just wanted attention. It may be the case that someone made the remarks, but the reason that you got cut is because you can’t punt. Otherwise you’d be employed. By someone.

  22. Gay rights is great and all but honestly as a vikings fan who watched him play all his career his performance in 2012 was well below average as displayed by the fact that no one else is employing him.

  23. I’m all for equal rights, but this guy is just a martyr. He’s not doing it for money, no, but he is doing it to draw attention to himself.

  24. I think this is crap. He is no longer a Viking because he was not good enough. Hope if he does file, that is taken into consideration. Stupid world we live in, when you can bring a lawsuit against an employer because your feelings were hurt. Go advocate what ever you chose, and quit your crying.

  25. He couldn’t make the Raiders either. Maybe he should consider for one second just MAYBE he doesn’t have a job in the NFL because he isn’t as good as the salary he wants. If you’re talented enough, you’ll be in the league, period. Owners are greedy as hell and if a player helps their team WIN, they’ll sign him. Dude, you’re a punter!!

  26. Seems to me he’ll have to sue all 32 teams since no one else hired him after he was cut as he’ll soon allege he was blacklisted, right? Or, he could just face the fact that it was career over time and now find another way to remain relevant other than threatening lawsuits.

  27. Hell… Just give him some damn tissues.. As if his stance on anything makes any difference in the general publics life. As if we couldn’t form an opinion on any issue that he does or doesn’t support..People have been fired for less… Cracks me up that this clown thinks he will be nothing more than a footnote..

  28. This guy just can’t let it go can he? I’m pretty sure he got let go cause his stats were declining and he was still making high level money. Man I wish this guy would go away.

  29. Let me translate what Kluwe said into normal English: “Waa waa waa no one pays attention to me anymore, I need to complain some more about the Vikings so I am back in the spotlight for a few minutes”.

  30. I liked this guy when he was in minny but this is something you should do right after youre released (which he was playong terrible the yr before) aand not when ur unable to get a job

  31. Wish I could sue every time my organization said something that I didn’t agree with. Can you imagine the number of lawsuits??

    If I was a distraction that was jeopardizing the success of the organization, I should be fired.

  32. Yes, because a preachy obnoxious jackass who happens to be your average punter is what *every* team wants …

  33. It’s going to be tough for him to prove that they cut him because of his views without them outright admitting it and I don’t see that happening. Because of that I wouldn’t settle with him. Maybe just maybe they didn’t want him anymore? Maybe they wanted a punter who is younger and cheaper? That happens in the NFL all the time. To me it’s hard to claim wrongful termination in a business where there are no guarantees of you not only getting a job but keeping a job. The Eagles cut DeSean Jackson and really gave no reason for it. Did he claim wrongful termination? No he just moved on and got another job something Kluwe hasn’t been able to do.

  34. You were cut because you would have been due more than you were worth and we found a replacement. Kluwe you are doing more harm than good.

  35. Kluwe just confirms the justification that teams use for avoiding the drama that “all inclusive” brings to the locker room. If anything, it’s a disservice to anyone thinking about “coming out” to sue your team for cutting you. (and coming out used to mean entering the draft early!)…

  36. Anyone who supports this clown is an even bigger idiot then him. He would have 0% chance of winning a lawsuit. Kluwe you were cut b/c were mediocre and too expensive. Just go away nobody cares about you .

  37. It’s time to ride off into the sunset Kluwe, you were nothing more than an average kicker and being cut by the Raiders is the icing on the cake.

  38. After getting cut by the Vikings he was also cut by the Raiders.

    I repeat – after getting cut by the Vikings he was also cut by the Raiders.

    Read the tea leaves.

  39. Don’t settle. Kluwe is an attention hound. Hi stats were similar but he was regressing and his last games were pretty bad I IIRC. He can’t possibly claim discrimination since he does not actually belong to the protected class. It would be like a white guy claiming racial discrimination because he has a black friend. The vikings should sue Kluwe because this whole thing is beyond dumb.

  40. Sad little boy that can’t get a job with the raiders or anyone else cause he’s a terrible punter and he now doesn’t have any other ways to make money. I hope Vikes draft Micheal Sam in the 4 th !!! Skol

  41. Its true, nobody wants an outspoken punter. They dont want to bring extra attention or drama to their team. Especially from the punter. Locke will do just fine as the Vikings punter.

  42. From a legal aspect, what separates the work environment in the NFL from any other business in America? It looks like the coach stepped in it. But as a Cowboys fan since ’66, we should sue Jerry Jones for Fraud.

  43. It was the stats and the price we had to pay him. He was making close to 2 mil a year and locke only gets like 300, 000 a year. Im sure priefer liked kluwe but kluwe didn’t like priefer.

  44. you were an awful punter, we found a cheaper replacement who we thought would be better. stop crying.

  45. Who cares why they fired you? Here in North Carolina, employers can fire if you look at somebody wrong. Quit your bitching, stop the money grab, and move on with your life.

  46. Kluwe sucked, That’s why he was cut! The Vikes were trying to improve there team, Kluwe is trying to come up with a reason to stay in the news so that he can have a public forum to express his beliefs. I really wish this guy would just go away.

  47. Maybe someday Chris Kluwe will realize that the only one who cares what he says Is Chris Kluwe… Hopefully soon

  48. Which is the better organization?

    The Packers have come out and openly stated that they would have no problem having a gay teammate in their locker room.

    Meanwhile, the Vikings cut Chris Kluwe for expressing his support of gay marriage.

    Packers are far classier than the Vikes.

  49. So let me get this straight. This dude had to start his career with the Vikings and then end his career with the Raiders?

    I actually feel bad for him. He should be suing the NFL … not the Vikings.

  50. and the media got on the dolphins for having a “dysfunctional” work place.

    miami fans would like to thank the vikings and niner’s for diverting attention.

  51. So I guess in the future, all an overpaid fringe player needs to do ,is speak out about any controversial subject a couple days before cut day. The team will be forced to keep said player for fear of a Kluwe style lawsuit. Brilliant.

  52. Wrongful termination? Kluwe had an off year in 2012 and wa slated to earn $1.45 million. The Vikings cut him because of his poor 2012 performance and his salary.

    It looks like Kluwe is fishing for a settlement. Not one of his former teammates have backed up his claims about Priefer. Meanwhile it has became painfully obvious that the Vikings are not going to fire Priefer. Considering the fact that Zimmer could have replaced him like he did with most of Frazier’s former staff speaks volumes.

    Finally, consider that while Kluwe has publicly called several Viking players and coaches names like liars, cowards and bigots, the Viking players, coaches and front office have handled this situation with class.

    If Priefer really did what Kluwe accused him of, Kluwe should have filed a grievance via the NFL players association. For someone as outspoken as Kluwe has been for years, it is hard to imagine him

  53. I just find it very hypocritical when Kluwe and the LBGT community preach tolerance and acceptance of all lifestyles – but only if they agree with it. There are many people who truly believe that based on their religion, gay marriage is a sin. Whether any of us agree or not with that assertion, it’s what they believe. They should not have to defend themselves in a lawsuit for feeling this way. It’s completely unfair that if the CEO of a company is a christian who does not support gay marriage is made to resign from his job, or be forced out of their job by the pro-gay marriage faction. I thought they are all about tolerance? Guess not.

  54. I don’t know who is more of a wuss: Kluwe-less, or Jonathan Martin (and his mommy the lawyer).

  55. He’d stand a much better shot at winning if he had actually been playing well before getting cut. He’s the worst sort: He just wants to take on this cause for his own personal gain.

  56. Regardless of how you feel on gay rights, this sets a horrible precedent if victorious.

    Any player would then be able to publicly advocate for a position on any issue, then when cut (as most players are eventually) use a lawsuit as a “retirement bonus” by claiming that it was the issue and not mediocre play that got them cut.

  57. Kluwe is a liar when he claims all of the money would go to charity.

    You don’t sue a company unless its for personal gain. Ever.

    And his game wasn’t good. It was his repeated poor seasons that got him canned.

  58. Whats even more pathetic about his argument is that the year before, the Vikings cut Ryan longwell. Longwell was performing much better than kluwe and it was a very big surprise when he was cut for a rookie. It paid ofF big time. Since then, Kluwe performed terribly and has many knee problems, so the Vikings drafted a punter for less than half the cost hoping to replicate Blair walsh success. I’d say Locke was very productive as a rookie. Overall, it was the right, smart move by the Vikings.

    Kluwe is no different than some guy suing mcdonalds for for weight gain.

  59. Wrongful termination? If he got picked up by another team, couldn’t beat out their rookie punter, and couldn’t get a sniff by another team, maybe he’s just not good enough to do the job anymore. He should just be happy they kept you as long as they did. The last couple years of punting, he was just average at best.

  60. It was a smart business decision to cut him:

    1. His performance had been in decline year over year.
    2. There were cheaper alternatives out there, the league has salaries set up on a scale for minimum salary based on the number of years in the league.

    I hope the Vikings’ file a lawsuit against Kluwe.

  61. The major problem for Kluwe will be proving he was cut due to his stand, and not his skill level. I mean, it’s not as though The Vikes cut the second coming Ray Guy.

  62. I Kluwe. But he’s never known when to zip it! I think his complaint has merit. However, his behavior (not campaigning against the marriage amendment in Minnesota, but other situations) also contributed to his unemployment in the NFL.

  63. “ketchupaholic says: Apr 26, 2014 7:16 AM

    And another thing… Thank your lucky stars you were in a tolerant community like the Twin Cities. I can only imagine what packer fans would have done to you.”

    Hahahaha. Packers fans elected Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate. Minnesota, conversely, has given the country four terms of Michele Bachmann. Please, tell us more about “tolerant communities”, genius.

  64. It’s apparently very painful when your 15 minutes have run out, eh Chris?

    This is a feeble attempt to gain another 15.

    Not gonna work, Kluwe.

    Now please slink back into your basement to play video games and practice your air guitar.

  65. This isn’t a wrongful termination issue, but one of either discrimination or retaliatory discharge (MN is an employment at will state). All the Vikings have to do is establish a legitimate business reason for their act to replace Kluwe, regardless of what the hell Priefer said. There are about 10 legitimate, non-discriminatory business reasons for the Viking’s actions. The only lawyer that would take this meritless case is one that wants publicity – or is a Packer fan – in which case lack of proper judgment is a given.

  66. Anyone saying the Vikings cut him for performance reasons is clearly wrong. Yes, Kluwe does suck but so does everyone else not named Peterson and the Vikings didn’t fire any of those players.

  67. Kluwe- are you going to sue the other 31 teams for not giving you a job on silver platter. The funny part to me is your talent didn’t outweigh your mouth in any other city. The way I see it you owe the Vikings money for hanging onto you so long.

  68. For arguments sake lets say he was fired because of his gay marriage what..people have been fired for not supporting gay marriage..fair is fair

  69. 32 other teams thought you were done too!!!!

    If you were so “outraged” and “offended”, you should have brought a complaint right then and there, in 2012/2013……but no, you took the money, got cut, and got your panties in a tizzy.

    So sorry Kluwe………you lose!!!!!!

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