Decision on quarterback should drive Titans draft plans


The Titans have a choice to make soon.

Do they continue with the Jake Locker experiment, or draft his eventual replacement?

Locker’s shown flashes of being the kind of quarterback you expect when you use the eighth pick in the draft on one, but injuries have kept him from showing it consistently.

If new coach Ken Whisenhunt wanted to work with him, there’s a good chance Locker could flourish. But Whisenhunt’s also not beholden to Locker, and might not want to bother.

With the 11th pick in the NFL Draft, the Titans have a chance to get the next one, though they have enough needs to justify giving Locker one last chance.

You can read a full preview of their draft needs by clicking right here, and then vote on whether Locker’s worth another shot in the poll below.

12 responses to “Decision on quarterback should drive Titans draft plans

  1. I think Locker is the type of quarterback who could become a free-agent steal in a couple of seasons. I know he’s been injured, but the upside he’s shown when healthy would prompt me to give him all the chances I could if I were calling the shots in Nashville.

  2. If you keep trying to draft the “QB of the future”, you will always be drafting for your QB of the future. Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer all won SBs. Neil O’Donnell, Rich Gannon, Craig Morton, Vince Ferragamo, David Woodley, Stan Humphries, Kerry Collins, Rex Grossman and Jake Delhomme all took their teams to the SB. How many “QBs of the future” do you see on that list?

    And think about all the greats who were not drafted as the “QB of the future” – Bart Starr (17th rd), Johnny Unitas (9th rd), Roger Staubach (10th rd), Joe Montana (3rd round), Joe Theismann (4th rd), Kurt Warner (undrafted) and Tom Brady (6th rd).

    High picks on iffy players almost always guarantees you will have more high picks which you can then waste on more iffy players. It takes 50+ guys to win a SB. Accumulate the best roster and let it go play. Stop with the “QB of the future” nonsense.

  3. I like Jake. He was one of the few bright spots for our sorry team early last season. If the Titans decide to move on, I don’t see any reason to pick a QB in the first round. I don’t see a single guy who will fall to 11 that’s worth the pick. I am, however, fine using a later selection on Mettenberger or Murray as someone to at least push Locker.

  4. Wisenhunt won’t get fired after one year. He has a little leeway in 2014. If Locker tanks, well, Wisenhunt didn’t draft him and he can start over in 2015.

  5. We live in a “quarterback obsessed” society, cultivated by 30-plus years of brainwashing by ESPN. Quarterbacks, with those rare exceptions, are only as good (or bad) as the team around them.
    Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning each have flourished on defensive-dominant teams. But how did they all do last season, with lesser talented teams?
    Steve Young quarterbacked Tampa Bay to a 3-16 record. But how’d he do with a better team in San Francisco?
    ESPN decided decades ago that in order to appeal to “casual fans,” it needed to dumb-down its audience by simplifying the ultimate team sport into one position.
    If just finding the “right quarterback” was the solution, I’m pretty sure Dan Marino would have more rings than me.

  6. Even with a healthy Locker I don’t see the Titans making a run at the Superbowl. We’re a few years away from really making the next jump so if I were the Titans I would focus on different needs and let see what Jake can do. However I would draft a QB in the later rounds maybe even the second be ause we need a reliable backup if Locker goes down. What scares me as a Titans fan is Locker having a breakout season and the Titans are forced to overpay for a guy who has had one good year or cut him loose and hope whoever we draft steps up. I don’t see Locker as are future I really don’t , even with a great year were putting the franchise in a qb’s hands who hasn’t even stayed healthy for ten plus games let alone the whole season. It’s a tough road because Locker is really the stereotypical type qb that brings leadership, heart and is a good teammate however his strengths are rolling out and being tough and that’s also whats kept him out of so many games. He has to learn to stay and throw in the pocket and until he learns he will never stay on the field. Injuries happen in the NFL but would you feel comfortable handing a big contract to a qb that has had one healthy season. If he were to get hurt the Titans will be back to swuare one .

  7. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

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