It’s our length-of-draft poll, because nothing else is going on


In past years, today would have been the third day of the draft.  This year, that day remains two weeks away.

In even earlier years, today would have been the first day of a two-day draft.

So with Commissioner Roger Goodell musing on Friday about a four-day draft and with nothing happening on the day the draft should have been ending, it’s time once again for PFT Planet to be heard.

What’s your preference for the duration of the draft?  Make if known below.

48 responses to “It’s our length-of-draft poll, because nothing else is going on

  1. I’d like to go back to a 12-round draft and then break it into a 14-days with 2 days devoted to both the 1st and 2nd rounds. Everything happens so quickly I don’t think the kids get their just due if they happened to be picked while a commercial break is going on.

  2. 2 days was best, especially when it started Saturday afternoon.
    Could make a day out of it…, bbq, drinks and friends at the house all day.

  3. A 4 day draft? If you’re going to go with a 4 day draft, you might as well go full bore and go with a 7 day draft and down a round a day. Then add an 8 th da for the super undrafted free agency signing specials on NFL Network and ESPN.

    The draft hasn’t been as interesting to me since it moved from 2 to 3 days but I will admit that I can’t exactly explain why.

  4. Put the draft back on Saturday where it belongs. It use to be a huge party, every bar packed at 10 am. Now? I’ll be sleeping and read about it at 4am. Screw your tv rating commish. Keep taking from the fans ……=FAIL!

  5. Oh lets just have round one last 32 days. One pick per day. Then Goodell and Kiper and Schefter can really admire themselves for a whole month

  6. 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Start it at 7 pm eastern time and hold the draft on the west coast in L.A., San Fran or Seattle. This way the teams reps attending the draft are able to leave at a reasonable time by only having 3 rounds that first day. Sunday should start 10 am western/ 1 pm eastern and run it the whole day.

  7. Draft weekend used to be a sacred holiday in my household. I’ve lost interest, though– don’t really care what they do with it at this point.

  8. Currently at 71% for 2 days, we can expect a press release soon from Goodell that he’s just giving the fans what they want.

  9. 2 days max. And 2 weeks earlier than this year. Having the draft over 3 or more days is boring as all hell. Regardless will follow the draft via twitter

  10. What’s the downside of making the draft longer, and taking more players? As it is the teams are scrambling around trying to sign the players who weren’t drafted for a couple days after the draft ends. Most teams sign at least as many undrafted free agents as players drafted. The normal rookie contingent in training camp is about 20.

    Make the draft 20 rounds in length, so each team can (but does not have to) take up to 20 players. Have the first three rounds televised, and the balance on a specialty channel for the hardcore fans. No one HAS TO follow the draft for any longer than they feel interested, unless they’re getting paid to do so in some capacity. So what’s the gripe? You’re sick of it after a day or two days, STOP WATCHING.

  11. The Great Gabbert:

    Downside is players association. UDFA often make more money than 7th round picks because of open competition to sign them. So the players association doesn’t want it. I don’t blame them.

  12. It should be two long, miserable days on the first weekend of April (1-3 on Saturday/ 4-7 on Sunday) like it used to be. Dragging it out doesn’t make it any more dramatic or exciting. It is a dull and boring process but I love it and the more I can get all at once the better. If anyone says they like the draft better the way it is now never liked it in the first place, spreading it out only makes it more palatable to those don’t really care. Typical Goodell alienating the real fans in order to get a little nibble from the casual fan. He sucks.

  13. At least 2 rounds in the first day. And everything should been seen as far as when the pick is actually turned in.

    Hold teams accountable to actually hand the pick to the commissioner in plain sight.

  14. The draft was best when it was done on a Saturday/Sunday over one weekend. I would get together with some buddies, all of us draftniks, and we would make a weekend out of it. It was a blast. N0w, being on weekday nights and spread out over three days, the draft experience has been ruined for us. Another example of how chasing the almighty dollar has totally FUBARed something that used to be really good.

  15. I say the NFL should stretch it out over 2 or 3 months. The last pick should be made the day before training camp starts. 4 or 5 picks per day for a couple months and the draft would be complete.

    Seriously though. The draft should be shorter than it is. No way a team needs all that time to make picks when they know exactly who they will take with the picks in the 1st 2 rounds. A couple minutes per pick and the draft is done in one day.

  16. Nothin’ like the 2-day weekend draft. Most people have the days off and you could actually watch nothing but football for 48 hours……..oh how we long for those drafts……Roger took all the fun out of it.

  17. One benefit of having a longer draft is all the former college players who will be able to tell their grandchildren “I was drafted by the NFL, back in 2016. Look, see here, ‘Arnold Koubadoshiah, drafted in the 19th round, #546 overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars’. That was what they used to call the London Leopards. They spelled my name wrong but it’s me…”.

  18. How about we get this party started and proceed with a pick per day and give every team a whole day to consider trading up for the current pick. It could be a 24 hour program and the updates for breaking rumor alerts can happen just before hockey and basketball playoff games. HOT STUFF coming up frequently in the next couple hours so keep turning back to the NFL Network so you don’t miss a thing!

  19. How about one (1) day,,,why drag this thing out? The draft begins at 12/noon and is over by 6-7/pm. Whats so strenuous about that? Or how about the draft lasting on month, thirty two teams taking turns on a daily basis,,,30 days,,,32 two teams. And thats not nearly as stupid as Rodger Goodell, and most of his silly BS.

  20. 2 days more than enough, please don’t prove Mark Cuban right. And none of the GMs like the May date, wake up.

  21. Sad as it is, the only way to get the draft moved back to weekends as a two day event is to stop watching it on Thursday… if we all turn it off and listen on the radio instead… NFL doesn’t give a damn about what it’s customers want, it’s all about the cash now. Must be nice to have a business that doesn’t have to care at all what the people who actually pay the freight think, and yet they still come back begging to give their hard-earned cash. Unreal.

  22. Doesn’t really matter what we want. Goodell looks at the bottom line only and says the ratings are up, so it must be ok. Keep stretching it out until the numbers drop for him to find his sweet spot.

    Regardless of the watered down product, as long as the $$$ flow inward, we’ll continue to see crap like this. I mean, really, who thinks a draft in May is a good idea? Who thinks four days of draft coverage is good?

    Numbers are nice now, but when they drop off, they’ll drop off hard. And it might be too much for the league to recover from.

    P.S. An all night live segment covering the schedule release is just more proof, it’s all about trying to squeeze a little more ratings.

  23. Three days gives Minnesota a better chance at getting their first round card to the podium eventually.

  24. I would cut the draft to six rounds. Seventh rounders are not much better than some of the undrafted free agents. Let capitalism reign over free market bidding for the undrafted talent.
    Signing 6 good players to draft day contracts is expensive enough.

  25. If the purpose of having the draft last 3-days is to try keep viewers watching it longer, I think that it is pretty evident from comments posted that it should be reduced back to 2-days max. If the owners, GMs, and coaches have business reasons for drawing it out to 3-days, then they should do what they feel will enable them to build the strongest team possible.

  26. I always likened the NFL draft to that week you spent in summer up at the cabin. For most of the rest of the year you forgot about it until about a month before and it all of a sudden is the most anticipated event in your life ever.
    But, there was always that one summer that couldn’t spend the whole week at the cabin because your dad had to work a few extra days so now you don’t get to leave until Tuesday and to top it off, he tells you the day before that they invited the Erickson’s down the street who have that dorky son you always try to avoid but he somehow always manages to stick to your hip and won’t stop talking about Dungeon’s and Dragon’s and his latest Magic game. So now you’re up at the cabin having to deal with him, on a short week, and you’re not able to be down swimming at the lake with your buddies because or hitting on Morgan, the hot girl who works at the snack bar who you swore was going to kiss you at the end of your trip every year.
    Instead, you go to bed every night listening to the dorky Erickson kid breathe through his brace’s mouthpiece wishing you could just get your old summer at the lake experience back, but your dad has ruined it. He tried to accommodate everyone and now no one is having fun.

    Thanks for ruining the draft and my childhood Roger Goodell!!!

  27. dolphincritic says: I would cut the draft to six rounds. Seventh rounders are not much better than some of the undrafted free agents. Let capitalism reign over free market bidding for the undrafted talent.
    Signing 6 good players to draft day contracts is expensive enough.

    Seriously? Signing a 7th round pick is practically the cheapest personnel move a team can make.

  28. I think the first round could easily be 32 days long. One pick a day then 6 more days for each of the next 6 rounds.

    Might as well milk it for all it’s worth!!!

  29. It’s all about money. More days of the draft = more viewers. More viewers = more commercials.

    Nobody wants to play in London, however the same rules apply. I hate what the nfl has become.

    Hurt Tom Brady, Hurt Carson Palmer, less money for the nfl. Less money one season, more rules the next season.

  30. I sure do miss having red beers and a cookout during the old days on saturday and sunday(yea mainly on saturday)..aww those days were fun.

  31. First of all Goodell is a dbag and a moron. Only someone can screw up a great thing like he is doing.

    Move it back to April, and make it either Saturday and Sunday only, or worst case Friday night for the 1st round, Rounds 2-4 on Saturday and 5-7 on Sunday.

    Networks needs to talk more about the players being drafted in rounds 2-5. Its appalling that these morons in the media, dont talk about these players. All you need to study is Seattle’s roster to know if you know what you are doing u can get great players through the 5th round, i.e. Richard Sherman.

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