Mara echoes possibility of narrower goal posts

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Good kickers get paid as much as running backs.  Eventually, the very best kickers could make a lot more.

In a recent interview with the team’s official website, Giants co-owner John Mara reiterated the possibility that the goal posts will at some point become narrower.

“You see a lot of discussion about the extra point and what we’re going to do with that, and I think there’s a general feeling that we need to do something there,” Mara said.  “The kickers have gotten so good, there’s some discussion about whether we should make the goal posts, the uprights, narrower at some point in the future. We’re not ready to do that just yet but you could see that at some point in the future if the accuracy continues to improve.”

Currently, the NFL’s goal posts are 18 feet, six inches wide.  The Arena Football League uses a nine-foot split.

Concerns about the easy of converting kicks primarily has centered on the extra point, which will move back to the 15 during the 2014 preseason on an experimental basis.  Mara suggested that, instead of making the extra point harder, the league could decide to make the two-point attempt more enticing.

“That’s not out of the realm of possibility for some point in the future,” Mara said regarding the possibility of moving the PAT from the two to the one.  “I think that would be something worth looking at.”

Competition Committee chair Rich McKay said last month that the goal posts eventually could be made more narrow.

The ultimate question is whether the NFL wants to make the game safer by removing an irrelevant play or whether the NFL wants to make an irrelevant play more relevant.  At a time when the NFL may have to give the NFLPA a concession to secure an agreement to expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams, maybe the players will ask for the extra point to be scuttled.

And maybe the NFL would agree.

25 responses to “Mara echoes possibility of narrower goal posts

  1. Narrower goal posts??? What is this the arena league. Either make the player who scored the td kick the extra point, or leave it as is. Why the sudden urgency to fix what isn’t really broke?

  2. I posed this question the other day, but I’ll ask again, is anyone else sick & tired of John Mara constantly talking like he is the Commish? I am. Just bc he & Roger are BFF doesn’t mean he is allowed to speak on behalf of the league. Even his father, Wellington did the same stuff, if you do your hw you’ll see how many times he took credit for things he didn’t do — IE: when he created “today’s football” & took credit, even though it was created by the AFL…just go look…

  3. It is broke, and they should fix it. The kicking game is a bore. Field goals are too easy, extra points are a waste of time, and the kickoff is usually a touchback. Touchdowns are often followed by a five-minute sequence of a formality (extra point), a TV timeout, another formality (kickoff for touchback), then another TV timeout. The fact that they have narrower goalposts in the arena league doesn’t make it a bad idea.

  4. Narrow the goalposts and move the hashmarks out. Even narrowing to 15 or 16 feet would likely make a difference, and the kicks not being straight on will make it much more challenging.

  5. oldfatbaldguy I agree with all you say except that last part about narrower goalposts. That would only affect field goals. Every extra point would be through like they have been.
    It would be better to simply do what is being done in this preseason. Some extra points will be missed and a few 2-pointers attempted. It would interesting to see the longer try for a whole season.
    You are absolutely correct about all the time spent after a score and subsequent kickoff. It is painfully ridiculous.

  6. Doing this would utterly change the statistics for kickers, making all the percentages in the history of the NFL incomparable compared to all kicks going forward.

    They would have to, literally, have two separate listings for career kicking stats.

    Whomever holds the record for FG percentage would love it…as it would likely guarantee that record would stand forever.

  7. Narrow is stupid. The problem isn’t that kickers hit too many because of accuracy.

    The problem is they are able to hit from too far away.

    Raise the goalpost to 15 feet, don’t narrow it.

    Kickers were never supposed to be able to hit FG from near the 50.

    Raise it up and you’d see FG range cut down. Now you’d have teams thinking TD more that FG.

  8. I hope they do. Every time I start doing great things at work, they raise the bar. Same should go for these guys.

  9. The kicking game appeals greatly to the fans in Europe and Latin America. They cheer loudest for kickoffs and extra points when watching American Football.

  10. Widen the posts an extra 5 feet and raise the posts 5 feet. Then put a bar accross the top to make it a box to aim at. Move the point after back 5 yards or even 10 yards. Also use the same scoring no changes there.

  11. Mike,

    One reason kickers are so good now is the narrow hash marks. Every kick is straight. Taking kicks out as far as the numbers would also make things more exciting. Narrowing goal posts for straight kicks is lame. Make the kickers kick at a variety of angles.

    Problem solved.

  12. It’s the goal post manufacturer lobby rearing its ugly head once again. Leave us alone, evil doers !!!!

    First you went from the two pole base to the single, then from 23’4″ to 18’6″. Then the narrow posts with nets on either side for arena.

    If left unchecked, before you know it, we’ll have four straight poles with no crossbar and men with blazers and sharp white fedoras stepping out to briskly signal made FG’s and extra points. Oh, the humanity !!!

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