Seahawks hire Jeff Ireland as draft consultant


Former Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland has landed in another NFL front office, at least temporarily.

Ireland is working for the Seahawks as a draft consultant, Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports.

Whether Ireland stays in Seattle beyond the draft remains to be seen: He and the Seahawks will discuss the possibility of a full-time job after the draft ends on May 10.

Ireland didn’t exactly cover himself in glory during the six drafts for which he was G.M. of the Dolphins, but the well-regarded Seahawks General Manager John Schneider apparently thinks Ireland has something to contribute. And Ireland surely jumped at the chance to leave behind his disappointing tenure in Miami and work for the Super Bowl champions in Seattle.

52 responses to “Seahawks hire Jeff Ireland as draft consultant

  1. Brilliant strategy by the Seahawks. Put him in a separate room, let him study, come in and ask him what he would do– then do the exact opposite.

  2. This clearly shows how desperate this classless franchise is.

    Resorting to taking one of the worst GM’s of all time as a draft consultant?

    The one who took Tannehill 8th overall?

    Notice how the Vikings draft and develop their own talent with an actual successful GM – Rick Spielman.

  3. Could be worse, you could have Ted Thompson in the room licking his chops over some Arts Major from some small D-11111 school in Pawtucket South Dakota….

  4. Pre-draft consultant… Hey Jeff what do you think of this player? You love him? OK take him off our board….

  5. I think the timing might be good because this is after the period of asking questions to prospects has been completed.

    The bad news he could teach them how to get players that get them F’s for NFL Draft grades (Dion Jordan and Dallas Thomas).


  7. Well just have to see how this plays out. he may be the equivalent of a training camp body; someone to fill a space in the line.

    But the Seahawks are good for the next five years or so; they will be in the running for the division if not the Superb Owl every year.

    Unlike, say, our farm club up north, otherwise known as the Vikings. They will suck along at fourth place in their division for the next decade.

    They got nothin’. If they manage to go 8-8 it will be a miracle. I mean, pop the champagne and celebrate a wildly successful season.

  8. I think it’s simply to get into the 49ers and crybaby J.Martins head. They now have that big meanie former GM working for them.

  9. So this is the guy who drafted Jonathan Martin and signed Richie Incognito in FA…I mean, are the Seahawks so overconfident in their ability to get back to Super Bowl that they’d pull this just to piss off the 49ers? (and I guarantee is Dolphins fans are laughing all the way to the you-know-what with this dumb move!) Sleepless in Seattle indeed! (and maybe clueless as well)

  10. Please. Ireland is just another voice in the room. Schneider and Carrol have drafted as well as anyone since they’ve been in Seattle and that will continue.

  11. Dolphins fan here- While I wasn’t a big fan or Ireland, I don’t think he was as bad as he was made out to be when it came to drafting. He’s drafted some great players for Miami but also had some misses too. As long as the Seahawks don’t let him make any personal moves (like swapping out your linebacker core or trading away Brandon Marshall for two 3 round picks) they should be ok.

  12. Pat White, second round. Let that sink in for a sec, Seattle.

    He should have been fired with the other Parcells goon, Sparano after the 2012 season.

  13. Jeff Ireland’s 1st day on the job.

    Ireland: “Hey Sonny, we’re looking to move up. We want Bo Callahan. We’re willing to give you our next 3 first rounders.”

    Ray Farmer: “Uh, hey Jeff. Look, like I told you the first 2 times you called, both of those guys are fictional characters. If you’re looking to move up to #26, I’ll have to speak to John.”

    Ireland: “We’ll throw in our punt returner.”

    Good luck, Seatlle.

  14. You really think for one second that Seattle doesn’t know what they’re doing by making a move like this?! Ahh yes…because they make one questionable hire that automatically means they’re DOOMED. It’s almost comical how obsessed with the Seahawks you people really are.

  15. Proven track record of complete and total incompetence. Along with Matt Millen, one of the worst GMs in recent memory. Why Seattle would rock the boat by bringing this tool on board is definitely a head scratcher.

  16. Curious. Whatever Schneider and Carroll have been doing with regards to personnel has been working, to say the least. Pulling another voice into the conversation sure feels like fixing something that ain’t broke. Especially a guy like Ireland whose credentials could kindly be called dubious.

  17. I’ve noticed that Viking fans have a vile and seething hatred of the Seahawks and their fans now that they’ve won a championship. I used to think Viking hatred was just a Packer/border/inferiority thing, but it appears their real aversion is to winning.

    They hate others who won’t embrace the suck with them.

  18. JEEZ, and The Hawks were making all the right moves, and all of a sudden, they went CAREENING off the cliff! WHAT are they THINKING?!

  19. Get ready for mediocre players Seattle… and a consistent 7-9 season.

    And don’t let him ask draftees what their mothers do for a living.

  20. Another possibility is that they aren’t comfortable with anyone they have in house to replace McCloughan so they’re essentially giving Ireland a paid audition for that gig.

  21. It’s about knowing how to assign roles in this game. If he’s only acting as a consultant then maybe he can contribute something useful. The problem comes when you elevate the wrong people to positions of power rather than finding a suitable job for each person so that the team can get the best input it can for the best decision maker the team can find for that type of role.

  22. All the haters talking like he will be running the show. He was hired as a CONSULTANT, won’t be making any decisions. The fact that people jump on every non-story about the Seahawks exposes the fear. I smell jealousy and it is glorious. By the way, Vikings have never and will never win a Super Bowl, probably won’t ever even make the playoffs.

  23. LMAO!!! Jeff Ireland’s biggest flaw while he was at employed at Dolphins was evaluating college talent. He and Tuna left their magic in Dallas.

  24. I don’t know about him stepping into Scot McCloughan shoes but Seattle has the best GM in football John Schneider. I learned after his 1st year with the Hawks not to question his moves. Go Hawks

  25. rajbais says: The bad news he could teach them how to get players that get them F’s for NFL Draft grades (Dion Jordan and Dallas Thomas).

    The Seahawks already get F grades for their drafts. They don’t care.

  26. This is a great move for Jeff. He is heading in the right direction now. Jeff is now much closer to his ultimate destination of the Canadian Football League.

  27. Ireland is the PERFECT hire.

    That is… If you’re interested in mediocre drafts, signing mediocre players to massive contracts, refusing to pay real talent, and letting your best players walk out the door. Not to mention a few priceless media gaffs and just generally creepy demeanor.

    I trust Seattle knows what they’re getting, but really Ireland is nothing but bad news. Buyer beware.

  28. At least 8 players that Ireland drafted or signed in 6 seasons made the Pro Bowl. How many current GM’s can top this in the same timeframe.

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