Texans could be down to four possible players

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In twelve days, the Texans will have to do something with the first pick.  To help fill those twelve days, let’s summarize their options.

First, they can use the pick and keep the player selected.  If that happens, the prevailing thought (as articulated by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle) is that the Texans will take defensive end Jadeveon Clowney or quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Second, they can trade the pick before the draft, moving down to a lower position in the top 10.  If Clowney ends up being the first pick, the Texans would take Manziel if he’s still on the board.  If Manziel is gone, McClain believes the choice would be linebacker Khalil Mack or quarterback Blake Bortles.

Of course, if they drop farther than No. 4, there’s a chance all four would be gone.  The Texans would need to hope that a tackle or two get drafted early, like Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews.  A 2013-style run, with Robinson, Matthews, and Taylor Lewan all gone in the top five, would be the best outcome for the Texans.

Third, the Texans could take Clowney and then trade him to a team that takes the player the Texans directs them to take, with a trade being done promptly thereafter.  The risk in that case would be the other team not getting a player the Texans want, and then the Texans would have to keep Clowney.

Most of the speculation for trade talk has centered on the Falcons, who hold the sixth overall pick and who have made no secret of their flirtation with Clowney.  On Friday, they got the closest thing to a workout from Clowney, with a biomechanical assessment on a force plate.

The real question is whether the Texans would take Clowney if they can’t trade the pick.  A decision to use the pick and take Manziel would then create a potential trade down by the Rams, who could be inclined to ship the pick to the Falcons for Clowney.

Fourth, the Texans could pass the pick.  Obviously, that will never happen.  Not long ago, however, when rookie contracts at the top of the draft were spiraling out of control, there was actually speculation that a team’s best move would be to voluntarily move down.

44 responses to “Texans could be down to four possible players

  1. The draft would have already taken place if it wasn’t for Fidel Goodell imposing 26 playoff teams, games in London, no kickoffs, no extra points, and no goal post dunking. Jerry Galnville said-“NFL-Not For (much) Longer…”

  2. The Falcons should also carry out the force plate test with Khalil Mack & Anthony Barr & Dee Ford for a full spectrum analysis of pass rushing studliness amongst the blue chip warriors. Pack up the Falcon Van for a week long road trip Mike Smith.

  3. So they’ll pick someone or trade the pick or trade the guy they pick? Got it, thanks.

    Why would the Texans draft Clowney only to trade him immediately after instead of just trading picks before hand or drafting the guy they initially want?

    I guess it’s six/half dozen, but seems more complicated because the person they actually want might be drafted by another team.

  4. As the selection swoops to sooner the winds shall swirl and some squad shall smell success and subsequently surrender serious sanctions for the sanctity of selecting a supreme superstar.

  5. Remember last year when PFT blasted ESPN for spoiling draft picks.


    Posted who KC was taking.

    Already heading that way. They’ll be telling us who the Texans will draft.

    Do you guys get some huge bonus for being the “first”?

    Seriously. So damn ridiculous. STOP blasting ESPN (even though I agree with what you say about them) if you do what they do. And you do.

  6. If the Texans trade out of #1 and move to #7, they will not get Manzeil, Bortles, Watkins, Mack, Robinson or Williamson.

    If they pass on Bridgewater or Carr at #7 then in the second round its McCarron otherwise they’ll lose a chance at him, Garappalo or Savage.

    By the third, perhaps Murray or San Jose State’s David Fales.

    Worst case scenario, one trade could leave the Texans without drafting one QB.

  7. Goodell wants there to be a huge groundswell of hysteria going into this delayed draft. I say we should all avoid such hysteria and talk about things such as: 4-3 vs 3-4? or Why isn’t Tebow in the NFL?

  8. Ed……. That’s because defense is boring. Defense wins games.. You win with defense first…does it really matter who you take if he is considered a starter for 8 plus years??? 1/3 of all players are undrafted so you better make it happen in the first two rounds

  9. Really who cares right now…may pick…could pick? Many teams have options to trade up or down. On the plus side…the delayed draft does give some insight on what prospective choices do in their off times 🙂

  10. So, maybe Da Browns really are in love with Manziel.
    So, maybe Texans trade #1 for 4 & 26 ( and maybe a pick in 2015). Take Mack or one of the OTs at #4 and then use 26 for that big nose tackle from Wisconsin. They need a big guy in the middle at least as much as a pass rusher, lost everyone except Watt off their D Line to FA.
    Take a QB at 33.
    Easy to make this stuff up.

  11. Taking any QB in the first part of the first round is a mistake. There is not 1 QB who looks to be a franchise QB in this draft. Houston can wait till pick 33 and get a good QB at that spot. Only two real choices here take Clowney or trade out for a bunch of picks and take the BPA on the board at the spot you traded too.

  12. One.
    Either trade or pick.
    Derrick Thomas did the equivalent of Clowney and he went first.
    Clowney will go first.
    Ryan wil take Clowney.
    Trump would take Clowney.

  13. These nfl dooms day people are hilarious. The nfl isn’t going anywhere. Try watching the nba or mlb and tell me the nfl sucks. I’ll admit Goodell is a tool but it’s still the best sport in America by miles and always will be no matter how much they change the game.

  14. Don’t u think they would of traded already no1 wants number 1 pick
    The teams in top 5 are bad why would they give up more draft picks that they need

  15. Take Watkins, AJ is getting old and will need a replacement soon, why not give him some big help in the meantime. Then trade back into the first round and take one of the QBs that has fallen.

  16. The big twist to this draft is when we find out the Texans never really wanted Clowney….They only put it out there because he the best piece of trade bait out there…If they can’t get some ridiculous offer they will take who they intended to take all along…..Johnny Manziel
    Weather or not Manziel pans out, remains to be seen.

  17. Still trying to wrap my head around a 12-4 team from two years ago now having the #1 pick. How does that even happen?

  18. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

  19. If they don’t have it down to 4 players after all this time and effort they should be fired……

  20. I don’t believe the Texans would use the number one pick on Manziel simply because Manziel is not a Franchise QB. That’s when you pick a QB in the top five positions. As far as any of the QB’s this year in the draft, I have not heard anyone make that statement. As a GM, if you select a QB in the top 5 positions and let him sit or he winds up not being a Franchise QB when he plays, your career just got a lot shorter. No one takes a gamble like that unless there is a strong expert consensus that “so and so” is a Franchise QB.

  21. Manziel is the same size as Vick without the speed(he’s fast enough but not THAT fast). Anyone thinking if taking him in the first 2 rounds needs their head examined.

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