Trent Baalke says 49ers have a locker room made up of good people


Three 49ers have been arrested this offseason, but 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke does not appreciate any suggestion that he has assembled a locker room full of bad guys.

“Those are damn good guys that work awfully hard at being good people and good football players,” Baalke said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “So respect that as well. Respect the masses because the masses are doing it right. And we’ll get the other things fixed.”

Baalke did acknowledge, however, that he would prefer not to have stories surrounding his team like the arrest of Aldon Smith for making a bomb threat at the airport, the hit-and-run and possession of brass knuckles charges against Chris Culliver, the public intoxication arrest of Daniel Kilgore and the naming of Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton in an investigation of a woman who was brought to a Miami hospital.

“There is concern,” Baalke said. “We hold ourselves to a high standard. The community deserves that. We represent the community. We don’t take that lightly. It’s important to us. [Reporters] write a lot of things when guys do things out of character, which [reporters] should. I expect you to write on those. But I would also expect the same when our players our doing a lot of community service, are doing a lot of extra to be a standup part of this community. And our players work awfully hard at that. Awfully hard at that.”

Unfortunately for the 49ers, the dozens of players who work hard at being standup parts of the community can be overshadowed by a few who don’t.

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  1. Any team could say these exact same words, even the Seahawks who won the Super Bowl and are still looking to get better on and off the field. And yet this still team decides to let a man with limited vision guide the whole ship. Whatever, not my problem.

  2. I agree that they are not “bad guys”. Because being doesn’t mean you’ve been arrested. Being a criminal means you’ve been arrested, charged and given at least a fine.

    So should we stop calling them “bad guys” and just call them by the proper vanacular…. Criminal?

  3. You know… Mike Singletary clearly is not wired to be an NFL HC but I do have to say I dont recall a lot of this type of garbage happening on his watch.

  4. Well, if he says that’s the way it is, then I will take the man at his word. I want to know, however, how the head coach does his job if they won’t let him in the locker room?

  5. A team of 53 has 4 incidents,so 49 guys did ok and we’re a team of criminals..I bet if u get any 53 people in the world together at least four will be messed up,not just have incidents

  6. This is becoming laughable. Does anybody believe this is the case? I know there a few stand up players that have a great reputation in Justin Smith, Willis, Bowman and now even Vernon Davis but doesn’t stop us from seeing all the turds loading their roster. Culliver, Brooks, Cox, Al. Smith and Kaepernick.

    49ers are the the new criminal face of the NFL. The 80’s and early 90’s respect is long gone.

  7. Kap hasn’t been accused of a crime, and Kilgore’s charge was both dismissed and bogus to begin with.

    In a day and age where we castigate athletes for DUIs, Kilgore did the SMART thing and walked home after a night of drinking. He was given a citation for being drunk on a public sidewalk by an overzealous cop, and the judge rightfully dismissed the case.

    Culliver and Smith have made mistakes, and will face the consequences for those mistakes. That doesn’t mean the other 88 guys in the lockerroom aren’t stand-up guys.

  8. Yes we all know you have a locker room full of good people. We’re able to read about them every other day. In the “good” part of the news section.

  9. Well, they did add Chris Cook. Oh wait, he beat his girlfriend so bad her eardrum was busted . . . . .

  10. “I know there a few stand up players that have a great reputation in Justin Smith, Willis, Bowman and now even Vernon Davis but doesn’t stop us from seeing all the turds loading their roster.
    Culliver, Brooks, Cox, Al. Smith and Kaepernick.”

    Ahmad Brooks hasn’t gotten in trouble. And Cox has stayed out of trouble during his time with the Niners. Isn’t that what you Seahawk fans say when people bring up Marshawn Lynch getting a DUI? You’re really reaching by mentioning those two…

  11. bassplucker says:
    Apr 26, 2014 5:53 PM
    You know… Mike Singletary clearly is not wired to be an NFL HC but I do have to say I dont recall a lot of this type of garbage happening on his watch.

    And there wasn’t ANY winning. You have zero friends who ever messed up or got arrested!? Wow you people must all be nerds!

  12. “Marshawn wasn’t a hawk for any of his issues which basically means they never happened. Lockette doesn’t count and neither do all the suspensions we have had for various drugs. We are all angels” Seahawk logic

  13. bornahawker says:
    Apr 26, 2014 6:32 PM
    49ers are the same as any nfl team. You have idiots on all 32. Just happy that Dangeruss is not like the idiot QB in SF. Go Hawk

    You are right Kap was stupid to put himself in the situation eventhough he did nothing wrong. Good thing he isn’t married or he probably woulda taken the classy route of filing for divorce before signing a big contract. It’s only right to let her down real easy.

  14. Kaepernick is innocent. Everyone knows he prefers to spend his evenings gazing into a full-length mirror.

  15. Boasting about one’s character is usually a charade that works when there is absence of evidence to the contrary.

    And then stuff happens.

    And then the boasts become empty.

    To be fair, this isn’t just about the Niners. Happens to politicians all the time.

    The trick is not to boast in the first place. Glass houses and all that.

  16. There are some bad apples but a lot of good guys on that roster. Just like the Hawks have. I honestly have to question if our guys stay out of trouble off field or have just gotten lucky. Things happen to players on every team. I would love the niners to cut Smith. He would be an absolute stud in our defense, but he does have issues. Would they keep him if he was 4th string? Probably not, but I think that goes for most teams. The one thing I do want to say though is this. I love the feeling of having that championship but the wagon of frauds that hopped on claiming to be fans makes us real 12’s look bad. Some of you are absolutely obsessed with the niners. I have lurked on this site for years and never saw a fraction of you supposed fans before. Stop making us look bad and enjoy the run. PS I think Kap is completely innocent but he is still a tool.

  17. It’s not like they killed anybody. Sure their “friends” wind up in the hospital and some random shots get fired with ilegal assault weapons and the occasional cyclist might get run over and witnesses occasionally get threatened with brass knuckles and maybe some guys get hit over the head with a beer bottle now and then, but that’s just “guy stuff”. No big deal, we all do it.

  18. This is like the year the Pats beat San Diego in the playoffs and Ladanian Tomlinson cried about the Pats being classless because a young player did the Merriman dance after the game.

    Meanwhile the Chargers had something like 8 or 9 players arrested that year for everything from duo and spousal abuse to shipping the components of the street drug purple drank to Texas while the Pats had zero players arrested that year.

    Yeah, real good people.

  19. hawkstradamus says: Apr 26, 2014 7:27 PM

    It’s not like they killed anybody. Sure their “friends” wind up in the hospital and some random shots get fired with ilegal assault weapons and the occasional cyclist might get run over and witnesses occasionally get threatened with brass knuckles and maybe some guys get hit over the head with a beer bottle now and then, but that’s just “guy stuff”. No big deal, we all do it.
    As much as I know you want to paint a Rambo-like picture of Aldon on a balcony with bandolier’s over each shoulder and an assault rifle in each hand, the “random shots” were fired with with a pistol and Chris Culliver wasn’t charged with threatening a witness. Also, what Ahmad Brooks did to Lamar Divens was wrong, but at least take into account that Divens was trying to extort one million dollars from Brooks due to a prior misunderstanding. Either way the DA determined that Brooks’ actions were partially justified in self-defense . . . hence no charges.

  20. I love it!!! 49ers fans you have to love these bitter fans that post on here. You know you team is good when instead of supporting their own squad they hope and probably pray for the downfall of ours. It’s funny to me. Have theses fans would be perfect writers their style fits in with the hypocritical articles we have to see daily when a player proves he’s human. They call Harbaugh an idiot and a baby. Baby? Maybe but but only an idiot would call him an idiot. An idiot that’s doing things no other coach has ever done in his first 3 years in the league since the merger. Didn’t the experts say it would take him 3 years to turn the team around if ever? Then they said 2011 was a fluke. Then they said 2012 we got lucky and Kap wouldn’t get us back to the playoffs. A year later back in the NFC title game with a chance to win again. Now it’s Colin is a one read QB he’s an idiot and our franchise is about to implode (only in your wet dreams). It’s been the same story for the last 3 years and then you look for an excuse and become bitter when proven wrong. I guess if you keep saying it long enough your bound to be right sooner or later so you can pat yourself on the back or write a blog saying I told you I told you. LOL. Even the Hawks fans and Richard Sherman are more concerned with our players even though they finally got their first ring. Shouldn’t they be enjoying their long awaited title? I can’t wait until September when the games start for real with a young nucleus and last year’s picks like the Tank and Marcus Lattimore playmakers who didn’t even get on the field last year making plays and 11 more picks this year it’s only a matter of time until they are hoisting a 6th trophy. Then the bloggers and writers can talk about how they can’t repeat. Point is I care about what happens on the field and in the film room and if any other fan tells you they care about more than that it’s a lie or their team sucks and they need somebody else to talk about.

  21. C’mon now…. It’s a family. Every family has a black sheep or two. You don’t just open the door and throw them out.
    Except, now that the Super Bowl window has closed, I expect to see plenty of door opening and throwing out next year.
    Another broken family. Sad.

  22. So is there going to be a Stuart Smalley Daily Affirmation from the ‘9ers entire front office? Doggone it, who’s next?

  23. Really niner fans? You have a bunch of arrests and charges and you try and turn it back on Russell for getting a divorce? Your logic holds about as much water as a bible thumpers logic. So if a guy gets a divorce he’s on the same level as a gay bashing hit and run loser. Or an alcoholic gun toting repeat offender. Listen, I don’t hold the niners responsible for any of the actions of their players. I do think the Aldon Smith thing is ridiculous. He should be sat down but as we saw last year when he played days after his arrest. That’s not going to happen. The Russell Wilson divorce argument is laughable. Trust me, marriage isn’t the holy union you might think it is.

  24. If Baalke feels that sincerely about the integrity of the organization, then cut the guys who are acting up (which may actually be the best wakeup call for guys like Smith).

    He won’t, and I don’t necessarily think he should, but don’t come out asking for respect when you have 4 players currently involved with authorities over serious allegations (excluding Kilgore, who should never have been arrested in the first place).

  25. Gay bashing- check
    DUI – Check
    Assault-yup little of that….check
    Random fans stabbing each other in parking lot-check
    No murder
    Guess that means you can judge Wilson for getting a divorce lol.
    You guys wouldn’t be getting this from Seahawk fans if a certain FEW not all 49er fans were sitting in their high horse.
    Judging sherman for being a loudmouth. Guess what. No one arguing, but Crabtree def does a lot of talking. He just doesn’t do anything relevant to get airtime lol.
    And no I don’t count Colin kaepernick I think he acts like a tool on the football field but he is no rapist

  26. All teams have these issues from time to time, the difference is their goober head coach made statements that they are perfect, or “beyond reproach” while criticizing the players on other teams.

  27. Nobody actually cares that Wilson is getting a divorce. It was said because you guys talk like he is a god and the most classy player in history to ever to step on the field.. He is getting divorced to avoid her getting a big check and everyone can see it. Obviously he isn’t an angel. That is all, but Lynch has had plenty of run ins before he was a hawk and while he was young. Just because he wasn’t a hawk doesn’t make that go away. Doesn’t mean Aldon can’t grow up either. He may or may not but so far the outlook is bleak. You need to get over your obsession and enjoy your title. Its quite sad that you guys let the 49ers consume you so much.

  28. ever since Harbaugh became Head coach that whole organization has become more phony than a 3 dollar bill…from top to bottom starting with coach and the GM theres slowly losing the trust in each other…they just wont admit it but you can easily see it …and its not like Harbaugh has won anything…if League championship game apperances meant anything then the Raiders would be the greatest dynasty ever .. so I dont want to hear it.”

  29. Holy cow! This clown needs to listen to a tape of himself. He sounds more and more stupid every time he spews more cap out of his piehole. Doesn’t he know that sometimes it’s best to say nothing?

  30. Willis, Bowman, Gore, Boldin, J. Smith,and Staley, are all not only great players but great human beings as well. Don’t judge a team because a couple of guys messed up.

  31. What does it matter if they do or not? They’ve been one off the three best teams in the nfl the past few years. I’d rather my team have a few guys get in trouble and win than have a bunch of choir boys and lose.

  32. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

  33. Trent Baalke says 49ers have a locker room made up of good people.
    Translation: There are bad people in the locker room.

  34. The Niners are about to shoot themselves in the foot.
    They’re about to give Kaepernick a contract that guarantees they’ll have to release him in a couple of years.
    It’ll be a contract that no team in the league will trade for.
    Watch. You’ll see.

  35. Lots of self righteous hate going down here. Let’s face it every team has a few knuckleheads that do stuff. Guaranteed every team has 10% bad character guys, maybe more. The NFL is not a bunch of choir boys, they are trained at a young age to be mean tough gladiators. Add that to youth, ego and inexperience and you get poor decisions. The Seahawks get a bunch of grief for being cheaters/PED users but that is rampant as well. The only reason this make headlines is because both teams are good thus villanized by the other 31 team’s fans.

  36. It doesn’t matter unless you win a ring! That’s what crap teams fans (Raiders) say to perennial winning teams fans to make themselves feel better trying to hide their obvious jealousy. Seahawks fans think Colin acts like a tool on the field so I wonder what that makes Richard Sherman? Speaking of the soon to be 16-20 million plus a year CB (by the way Hawks fans you may want to worry about your cap instead of ours ie. Wilson, Harvin, Lynch, Thomas and Sherman) he has a weird obsession with Michael Crabtree. He’s either crushing on Crabs hard (hmm) or he is really jealous
    of him. Last offseason Crabtree tried to walk away from a situation with Sherm and Richie kept getting in his face wanting to fight (At least that is what I thought at the time but now I’m wondering if he just wanted some action no man should ever get that close to another man unless your intimately involved) at a charity event (You call our players classless…..really? I guess it’s ok because it’s Sherman and he’s just being “real”. Lol) Dick Sherman has been interviewed numerous times this offseason and all he wants to talk about is Crab even without being asked about him. Not to mention a few weeks ago little Dick Sherman was hocking T-Shirts with Crabtree’s picture on them. I heard he sleeps in one he calls it his Crab nighty. Wow what a weirdo. He doesn’t even want to talk about his ring. Much like the Seahawks fans you would think they would be celebrating their only ring in franchise history maybe Seattle pro sports history (Sorry did the Sonics win a ring?) but they are more interested in 49ers news. It’s like they are in high school and got dumped by the King on Prom Night and still won the Queen’s crown but they still aren’t happy with their success because no matter what they feel inferior. That’s what Sherman antics reek of somebody who’s just insecure. People who have to tell you how good they are usually are.

  37. Seahawks fan here:

    What do you expect that a GM would say? We have a bunch of lawless low-lifes in the locker room?

    There have been a few incidents involving 49er players. Some very serious and some trivial, and some still evolving.

    The 49ers are no better and no worse than any other team in their player selection, or the management principles they follow.

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