Antonio Brown doesn’t appreciate Ryan Clark’s comments about the Steelers

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Safety Ryan Clark left the Steelers for the Redskins this offseason, after it became clear that the Steelers no longer had a spot on the roster for Clark.  Based on the sentiments of players like 2011 and 2013 team MVP Antonio Brown, other Steelers may prefer it that way.

On Sunday, Brown took issue with Clark’s comments from February regarding marijuana use by Steelers players.

“When you see things like that, it shows you how guys feel when they’re not part of the team anymore,” Brown told Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  “It’s a form of bitterness or taking a shot at the team because you’re not there anymore.”

Generally, Brown sees a connection between guys saying things they shouldn’t be saying and a broader sense of togetherness.

“When you see people taking shots who were on the same team and wearing the same jerseys, that’s a sign of not having that team camaraderie,” Brown said.  “That’s something we need to get back, something we haven’t had for the past two years.”

Specifically, Brown understands why Clark has been talking.

“He’s getting into his career as a reporter and trying to get those things in the works,” Brown said.  “I don’t think he meant any harm taking those shots to players as individuals, I just think he was trying to make pointers and make himself sound smart on ESPN.”

Clark does indeed sound smart on ESPN, but his teammates may not feel comfortable with the things he says.  Last year, for example, the Steelers gained nothing when Clark claimed on ESPN during the offseason that Tom Brady ducks when blitzed and that Danny Amendola is fragile.

And the next time Brady got a crack at Clark and company, the Patriots racked up 55 points and Brady’s passer rating was 151.8.  And Amendola caught four passes for 122 yards and a touchdown.

Clark also said last year that the key to defending quarterback Robert Griffin III is to be physical with him.  The other teams that will be playing Clark’s new team this year will surely appreciate that advice, even if Clark’s current teammates (one of them specifically) won’t.

66 responses to “Antonio Brown doesn’t appreciate Ryan Clark’s comments about the Steelers

  1. Used the dolphins a few years ago to get more money out of the steelers and then bad-mouthed them. Class act.

  2. Antonio Brown sounds like a guy with a lot of deep and original thoughts himself. And the Steelers sound like a team that could benefit from an improvement in the Coaching department, as well as the General Management that selects players that don’t build the camaraderie well. Brown should talk to ownership and try to sound smart with any suggestions he has to prevent a repeat of these complaints in the future.

    My suggestion is to simply replace the GM and HC with better people that do a better job and go from there.

  3. Man these dudes need to get out there feelings. Nobody has gotten in trouble and the Steelers and the Redskins have other things to worry about… Damn can the season start already!

  4. Clark is a big reason why there was no unity in the team the past couple of years. You can’t have a guy on a team and suppose to be putting the well being and closeness of it as one of the main focus, and then report on his teammates betraying their trust. It just won’t work out. He’ll do the same in Washington. He’ll be trying to report on RGIII in the middle of the season while they’re suppose to be focused on the team

  5. Mr. Clark has had a history of making inflammatory comments that have no factual basis ; a few years ago he claimed that “no one” wants to play for the Dolphins after they refused to back up the Brink’s truck for him in free agency . . . Miami responded by traveling to Heinz Field in mid December to beat the Steelers in the snow.

  6. Ryan Clark was a very good safety, will probably get cut before preseason ends, and is a HUGE TOOL. It was hard to appreciate him as a player when he was constantly saying stupid things.

  7. Good thing he has a career in broadcasting waiting in the wings, because by all accounts he’s on his last legs as a player. Perfect for the skins, now that you mention it.

  8. Antonio, apparently has a tough time dealing with reality. The team will implode, after another mediocre, non playoff season in 2014. Player personnel and fans of the steelers need to realize their team is on rapid decline, and the only way they will avoid being the worst team in the afc north the next 5 years or more, is by rebuilding, starting with a younger more mobile QB. It is kinda sad to see a once great franchise wither into irrelevance right before our eyes.

  9. Since being Tim tebowed out of the playoffs a few years ago the Steelers have been lucky to be average. They are spiraling downward fast. Lucky they play a weak schedule or they would not win eight games

  10. when they lose at least 11 games 6 years in a row like that mickey mouse operation on lake erie, then maybe we can talk about irrelevance.

    are the Browns joining the OAC this year??? with Hiram gone for a few years, the Browns could fill in for them quite well..

    i would take Mt Union vs the Browns

  11. Mentioning the news that players on his team hit the bong was clearly imprudent. He certainly could have made the remarks differently, talking about NFL players in general rather than singling out Steeler players. Hard to believe this would be received well within his former locker room and could bring more diligent monitoring by league testers. I wonder why he took this path when providing insight?

  12. Wow I think his analysis of RGIII really opened a lot of eyes! Hitting the QB, what a novel concept. The league thanks you, Ryan Clark, for your expert advice.

  13. anthony smith made similar comments the week of the patriots game. he saw less playing time and was then released. same thing with clark.

  14. I looked up to Ryan Clark and now i cant believe he is treating us the steelers best nfl team in history what an a hole hope u have a good time losing in Washington

  15. Steelers haven’t been relevant for years, that’s not about to change anytime soon.
    Don’t hate em, just being honest. Keep basking in your glory days, that never gets old…

  16. Steelers 8-8, yet their fans still talk like they’re 12-4. When does reality catch up with them?

  17. Clark has a place in Steelers Nation. Brown also. Steelers bashes are looking for dirt that is not there. As usual, the Steelers continue to prepare for a Super Bowl win next year. The BS from those looking to stir up trouble is recognized for what it is.

  18. The only problem I ever had with Clark was his fraternizing with Ravens players in their locker room after games. I realize these guys are buddies and have the same agents, but I’d prefer they buddied-up in private and away from the field of play.
    As for Clark’s comments: I heard them at the time he said them but found nothing wrong with what he said. Obviously, he would know more about his former teammates than anyone on this blog. Antonio Brown is an idiot, which becomes more apparent each time he opens his mouth.

  19. I didn’t appreciate Ryan Clark’s mouth either at times but I do appreciate his contribution to the SB chamiponship and glad he was part of this team. He was wrong to single out his teammates and I was disturbed when he blabbed this stupid comment. Good to see Antonio taking on more of a leadership role, we need good players like him make a positive example of what it takes to be successful to this new team that’s just starting to get hot! Here We Go Steelers!!!

  20. Clark was a solid player, but his play starting sliding 2 years ago, and he was painfully slow in 2013.

    I am amazed he got another contract.

    I always thought Clark was just honest and outspoken, but he’s developed into something more than that. He’s this player and ESPN talking the same time, and it’s NOT working!

    I lost a lot of respect for Ryan Clark. He needs to shut up!

  21. Gotta laugh. All of you who think the Steelers are in decline are idiots…. 6-2 after an 0-4 start with their rock at center falling to injury.. Valesco comes in and kicks AZZ! The secondary is weak, only because the D ends are terrible! If we dont pressure, we give up points… That will get fixed…
    Cotchery? Really? mediocre 3rd receiver… MARK MY WORDS, we vie for a division crown… LeGarrett… lock it down!

  22. Yeah his teammates didn’t like him so much they have only votes him team captain for years. Lol

    They will be hoping for 8-8 every year and it will be enough to keep gm and head coach employed.

  23. “….Last year, for example, the Steelers gained nothing when Clark claimed on ESPN during the offseason that Tom Brady ducks when blitzed and that Danny Amendola is fragile….And the next time Brady got a crack at Clark and company, the Patriots racked up 55 points and Brady’s passer rating was 151.8. And Amendola caught four passes for 122 yards and a touchdown.”

    That’s why I love me some Tom Brady. He did this when Anthiny SMith shot off his mouth in 2007 as well. Dude is .800 at Heinz Field and owns a pair of AFC Championships over the Steelers. Without Tom, Steeler fans would be insufferable.

    Wait…I know what you’re thinking….

  24. I’m a Pats fan so I admit I don’t follow the Steelers all that closely, but after reading the article and the resulting comments, it seems like the Steelers players have a history of talking trash to teams and then promptly getting their asses kicked by those teams. I remember the beat down the Patriots put on em after Clarks “ducking and fragile” comments, the beat down by the Dolphins was mentioned, and I’m sure there’s several other examples that I’m not aware of. I also remember the Pats/Steelers game after Anthony Smith (?) talked trash about Brady, and the Pats absolutely woodshedded them, and more specifically, Smith. He himself got torched for like three touchdowns, and though I can’t remember the exact score, I know the Steelers got a MAJOR ass kicking. I guess the moral of the story is, if you can’t back up your trash talk on the field, then just keep your mouth shut. In fact, just keep your mouth shut PERIOD!

  25. Its pretty sad to see all the Steamer hate. Mostly because everyone is jumping on the new ‘bad’ Steelers bandwagon. Funny story though, 8-8 still is not a losing season. In fact that is only one or two games from the playoffs. Irrelevant? Were you the same people saying Pittsburgh was too old a season ago? Because we are younger now. We upgraded the offensive line and secondary, the things the haters all pointed out the last couple of years. We picked up depth at RB which was an issue last year. The have upgraded across the board. The Bengals lost some big defensive players, the Ravens are falling off and missing Rice it looks like and the Browns are the Browns. Plus an easy schedule on top of that. See you in the playoffs.

  26. Brown sounds like a guy who is frustrated with his situation and that of his team. To take that frustration out on Clark for some innocuous remarks only reinforce the impression that the Steelers do have serious problems. They have had a few very unfortunate drafts, particularly wasting high picks on DeCastro and Adams, who have not played like first rounders and have lost considerable talent due to cap issues, which are of their own making. They continually restructured contracts to the point that they lost all flexibility in retaining free agents. The chickens are sure to come home to roost and that has happened in Pittsburgh.

  27. Isn’t this the dude that can’t play when they play in Denver. Hello Tebow beat you guys because you can’t play in high altitude OUCH OUCH OUCH

  28. Clark will be bad mouthing his new teammates in Washington then his ESPN partners and find himself out on the curve biting his nails and crying for having no job and no friends.

  29. AB, you are the most talented receiver we’ve had in a long time, but Clark gets a pass for: 1. letting Troy do his thing all those years, and 2. the Welker and McGahee hits.

  30. Pittsburgh sucked, and are getting worse, mainly because the head coach isn’t very good.

  31. What a bunch of jealous hater trolls here. The Steelers miss the playoffs for a couple of years at 8-8, and all the fans of other teams treat it as if we’re at the bottom of the league. So let me get this straight, the Steelers going 8-8 is basically equivalent to your team going 2-14, right? For me, it’s just one more reason to proud of my team.
    It’s even more laughable to see Browns and Bengals fans talking trash. smh

  32. I hate the Steelers with the passion of a thousand white hot suns, but I have a ton of respect for them. They are not a garbage team like many of you clowns suggest here. Nor do they talk smack and get beat down either. Solid smashmouth team that trash talks and backs it up most of the time. Like any team they lose some and win some. But they have the production and talent to demand the respect of fans regardless if you like them or not. If you can’t admit that much you are just a troll.

    Now if they can just get rid of that piece of trash rapist at QB…

    Having guys like him, Vick, Hernandez, even our own Ray Rice…etc…just takes good teams and makes them harder to appreciate and support. Get the scumbags out of the sport. Lets see some tough and clean players play the way this game was intended to be played. Everyone wins that way.

  33. Clark does not make it out of training camp with Washington Native Americans or whatever new name they will soon be called.
    He’s done. Tamp is below E.

    They are saving a seat for him at ESPN.

  34. The author of this story, Alan Robinson, appeared on a TV panel discussion Sunday night, and this topic was broached. Robinson said that he didn’t believe Brown was being all that critical of Clark. He also said that the most surprising news he took away from the Brown interview was Brown’s willingness to admit that the Steelers of the past couple years have lacked leadership and closeness.
    It’s pretty difficult to have leadership when all the leaders have either retired or been shown the door.

  35. The Steelers won Two Superbowls since the Pats last won one! They did it without cameras or false injury reports and simply won with class! Patriots will always have asterisks by their championships from the tuck rule to spygate!

  36. LOL Steelers are not the best team in history, the Steelers didn’t make the playoffs from 1933 to 1970 even the Cardinals and Lions made the postseason in that time. I’m amazed that Steelers fans always seem to forget that.

  37. Just like with James Harrison the steeler fan base will kiss a guys ass to his face then when he leaves town stick a knife in his back. Stay classy Pittsburg, 6-10 all the way boys and girls.

  38. Most all former employees let go by their employer naturally feel something unpleasant. It’s human nature. But, I didn’t even read anything bad in what he said. Was there a lie in there, Antonio?

  39. Clark like many players in the NFL sees only the bad in others but can’t see their own deficiency when they are let go.

  40. I blame the issues with the players (mouths and behavior) over the last several years on soft coaching and ownership.
    When Dan Rooney left for Ireland, much of the class seemed to have left with him, leaving the team open to toxic players. The behavior of many of the players over the last few years would never have been tolerated pre-Tomlin. There was a code of conduct expected of a Pittsburgh Steeler, on and off the field, that helped build strong leadership and camaraderie (think Polamalu and Ward), instead of the me first attitude many on the team have now.
    Though Dan may be back (with his age I don’t know how involved he is) much of the toxic garbage can’t be cleaned up until new coaching and players come in.
    I love my black and gold, but I also know the Art Rooney (The Chief) influence and legacy is no longer present.

  41. Which is more disturbing:
    a.) A former Steeler saying some of his former teammates smoked weed.
    Or …
    b.) A current Steeler saying publicly that his team has no leadership?

    Meanwhile, I lay awake at nights commiserating over the Steelers not making the playoffs from 1933 until 1972. That’s just pure, unadulterated awful. Guess this is the reason sleep-aids were invented.

  42. Pittsburgh Steelers says:
    Apr 27, 2014 9:06 PM
    We will likely go undefeated or at least 14-2 and win yet another Super Bowl. We sail in your tears.
    Your team had trouble squeaking by Matt Flynn last year and was blown out by Brady in a season where Brady had no one to throw to or block for him.

  43. I’m shocked to hear that NFL players are smoking pot.

    Anyhow, I don’t care if the Steelers have a “closeness”. I do care if they have a leader and they are short in that category.

  44. Clark hasn’t even been serviceable for 2 years now. What he can do is run his mouth, Bayless-like, with the best of them. I’m happy he’ll no longer be getting burned in a Steelers uniform.

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