Bob McNair: Texans won’t repeat mistakes we made with David Carr

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In 2002, the Texans used the first draft pick in franchise history on David Carr, who was beaten up while playing on a bad team and never developed into the kind of player Houston wanted him to be. Now the Texans own the first overall pick again, and owner Bob McNair says his team has learned from its mistakes.

McNair says the Texans now realize that a rookie quarterback shouldn’t play until he’s ready, and a veteran quarterback as a placeholder can be a wise investment.

“I think the main thing I look back on is that we should have had a veteran quarterback in there,” McNair said. “We should have let him start the season and let David learn what it takes to be an NFL quarterback.”

That suggests that if the Texans draft a quarterback next week, they’ll be drafting him with the idea that he’ll sit on the bench and learn while Ryan Fitzpatrick or Case Keenum or T.J. Yates opens the season as the starter. McNair also wants to make sure the Texans can provide a young quarterback better protection than the expansion team’s offensive line gave Carr.

“We weren’t able to give Carr the kind of protection we thought he should have,” McNair said. “I don’t put a lot of blame on him.”

If the Texans do draft a quarterback, they have to hope they’re not making excuses for his failures a dozen years down the road.

69 responses to “Bob McNair: Texans won’t repeat mistakes we made with David Carr

  1. What wrecked David Carr wasn’t him playing right away. What wrecked David Carr was him being shell shocked due to his offensive line (or lack thereof).

  2. Um, hello…

    I agree he shouldn’t play until he’s ready, but don’t just knock David Carr.

    He didn’t even stand a chance behind that horrible offensive line you had in place.

  3. Wow. An honest owner willing to admit his mistakes. That is refreshing. Jerrah, you taking notes? Danny boy, don’t bother, you’ll never learn.

  4. Judging the first pick of a new franchise isn’t really fair…Carr was working with nothing. I know many consider him a bust, but I mean the dude had a solid career, unlike almost every other “bust”. McNair seems to have the right idea, now we’ll see if the decisions match the thoughts

  5. So if you follow that logic, the Texans pick will be Jake Matthews or Greg Robinson. Could happen I guess, but only if they trade down a few ticks.

  6. It depends how ready the guy you draft really is. To say he shouldn’t start was proven wrong by the 2012 class draft picks. Does anyone really feel Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and RGIII were not ready? All of them took their teams to the playoffs their first year and were the main reason their teams got there. Russell went on to win the Super Bowl next year and Andrew got better. Healthy RGIII will be a top QB.

  7. Not all rookie QBs are built equal. If they draft a QB who is pro-ready, he should play. If it’s a guy who needs to hold the clipboard for a year, fine. You can’t decide in advance a single rule that applies to everyone. Pete Carroll would have been foolish to start Matt Flynn.

  8. Carr maybe could’ve had a decent career if he had an Olinr at Houston..

    One has to think that after that many hits and sacks, a Qbs pocket confidence has to be damaged, possibly for good.

    I think the younger Carr is overrated. He had so much talent around him. I played HS football with 2 of his starting WRs (Harper & Burse)- they were both the best athletes on the field when we played them, and in fact, his WR Isaiah Burse received California HS football player of the decade in 2010.

  9. Carr didn’t have the instincts to play QB, in the pro level he is running out bounds BEHIND the line of scrimmage often….
    Wow McNair is admitting a Carr mistake, I thought he and that renowned actor and NFL beat writer John McClain thought it went great “Pick up that option!” MCNair has made a ton of mistakes from Boselli to Carr to Rick Smith not being a FORS you understand

  10. Funny how owners and GMs who put terrible Olines out there to protect the QB never seem to get that it doesn’t matter who the QB is, could be Brady or Manning, they won’t play well if the Oline sucks.

    The game starts with the offensive and defensive lines. Houston needs to fix that before the worry about a QB.

  11. That’s one thing the Jaguars got right. First pick of their entire franchise wasn’t a QB but a Pro Bowl caliber LT.

  12. With this class of Rookie QB’s I think you take a wait and see approach. Luck, Willson and RG3 showed some stuff in college that left me with a gut feeling that some of that would translate to the NFL immediately. Manziel is the only with that, but how much?

  13. This is Bob McNair the same guy who 1/3 of the way into the 2013 season after a few bad games(played and coached) he had Kubiak yank Schaub at QB (2 Pro bowls 1 pro bowl MVP(laughable as that might be) 12 wins in 2012) for a 2nd year practice squad player Case Keenum (jumped over T J Yates with regular season and playoff starts) with no NFL snaps. Then after the Dec game with Jags in a fit of anger at Kubiak for pulling Keenum and replacing him with Schaub in a effort to win a game, Fired Kubiak! The Texans owner, team publicity dept and fans are full of BS and hot air… So he flaps his gums to get in the media but he knows nothing and has learned nothing from Day 1

  14. Odd thing is that there still is no offensive line to speak of. Until we fix that gaping hole in our game, no QB will be successful.

  15. That 4 worded channel should’ve done a sports science on how long David Carr had in the pocket

  16. NONE of this year’s QBs grade out anywhere near Luck and RGIII. I don’t think ANY of them are worth of a top ten pick. Any team who needs a QB should be targeting one at the END of the first round or second round. Teams that pass on Clowney, Watkins, Robinson will be kicking themselves.

  17. But if he had the protection then maybe he would have been fine and you didn’t need the veteran player. It sounds to me like McNair has no clue what he’s talking about and he’s just throwing around generalizations which are impossible to dispute. Of course you don’t want any player to play until they are ready, and some players are ready on day 1 and some are not. What happened with Carr might not be the destiny of another player in a similar situation anyhow. McNair is confused and just doesn’t understand this stuff and hopefully the people he has hired to make these decisions are a little more astute to figure out what to do.

  18. Could easily see this team taking Clowney at #1 and then moving back up into the 20-25 range to get another QB named Carr.

  19. Charlie Casserly always says they ruined David Carr by having him play behind essentially 5 tight ends of an offensive line. Despite being beat badly, Carr did have some OK stats toward the end of his stint in Houston. Glad he ultimately settled in to a career backup and had some success

  20. How about you draft a kid, bring him into camp, and give him an honest shot to compete for the starting job?

    If he is ready, let him play. If not, you have your veteran backup start until he’s ready.

    Doesn’t make sense to anoint anyone until you get them both into camp and see what they can do. Think it can’t work? The current world champions provide an object lesson which indicates otherwise.

  21. McNair isn’t throwing Carr under the bus.

    He’s is admitting that the Texans handled him wrong and put him behind a terrible O-Line with no weapons, to sink or swim.

    in 2002 the Texans weren’t really an NFL team. They were a roster full of cast-offs. This Texans team at least has some established players on it.

  22. That’s one thing the Jaguars got right. First pick of their entire franchise wasn’t a QB but a Pro Bowl caliber LT
    ———————————————————- Tony Boselli.
    And in 2002 McNair picked a badly injured Boselli in the expansion draft,. He never recovered, never played a down for the Texans. Which was one of the big reasons Carr got body slammed every time he dropped back.

  23. Carr had a horrible OL that then GM Charlie Casserly, now somehow is a a Analysis who failed miserably to get him a better one. Terrible GM he was. Much like Jerry Jones.

  24. Carr had a horrible OL that then GM Charlie Casserly, now somehow is a Analysis who failed miserably to get him a better one. Terrible GM he was. Much like Jerry Jones.

  25. People McNair isn’t blaming carr.he is saying g it was their fault throwing him into the fire so quickly n not having a good veteran to learn fro. Nor a good offensive line.

  26. Good QBs don’t get “wrecked”. Vinny Testaverde played on some of the least talented teams in NFL history with the Bucs and he was able to resume his career with better organizations.

    In 2006, Carr’s last year with the Texans, he was sacked 43 times. The very next year the Texans gave up 22 sacks. That’s not a coincidence. Carr simply had terrible pocket presence.

  27. That’s why you pick Clowney or Khalil Mack, not a QB. Go get your QB in the 2nd round. Personally, I hope they pick Mack (looks like another Ray Lewis) then pick AJ McCarron or Zach Mettenberger in the 2nd round!

  28. The most accurate thing I ever saw on ESPN was those NFL Draft promos where David Carr was standing there under center with no offensive line in front of him and the voice over asking “what does your team need?”

  29. I have never seen a quarterback hold on to the ball longer than David Carr. He just wouldn’t throw the ball away when there wasn’t anything there. If you put Peyton Manning behind the line that Carr had, he would have had fewer than half as many sacks because the ball would have come out quickly. Complete the pass or throw it away, but don’t just hold it until you get sacked. I watched every game he played as a Texan & he was an accurate, tough, likable quarterback. He just had no pocket presence.

  30. I thought everyone knew that the Texans screwed up with car by not having an offensive line – it had little or nothing to do with playing too soon.

  31. The same thing happened to Couch in Cleveland, and has continued for the last 15 yrs.

    I don’t care if Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, or Dan Marino is your QB. If they spend the day running for their life or eating turf, what do you expect them to do??? That O-line is critical!!!

  32. So… you needed to learn that throwing a QB into the lineup with no O-line, and no starting-calibre WR or TE, would be bad? Good job, Bob.

    Sounds like he’s ready to blaze a new trail with all new mistakes.

  33. Don’t understand all the wailing and hair tearing over the David Carr situation. He started for the Texans for five years, had some decent seasons on a very bad team. They paid him nearly $50 million for his services over that time. It wasn’t like he was some one in a decade phenom coming out of college. He only had one good season, playing in a second rate college conference, as a 22 year old senior. Carr delivered exactly what you would expect from him. He’s still playing in the NFL, twelve years later, so what’s the beef?

  34. Bosseli was drafted in the expansion draft with the agreement that if the Texans took him, the Jags would leave Gary Walker unprotected.

    Boselli was never going to play.

  35. Season ticket holder for the Texans for the first 7 years. Saw every home game during that time. I watched Carr go from a young quarterback with a live arm to a shell-shocked shadow of himself.

  36. As a Texans fan, I’m looking forward to drafting a higher profile Sam Montgomery in Jadeveon Clowney, because a guy with great athletics and attitude issues worked so well last time. I also look forward to like with Mario Williams, he inevitably leaves for another team because he’s just out to get paid, and promptly sinks into obscurity.

    I also look forward to drafting whatever second round scrub QBs are left (McCarron or Mettenberger) who will more than likely turn out to be about as good as 2013 Matt Schaub.

    You know, looking forward to it in that sort of “entertaining trainwreck” sort of way. I wonder how many teams will wind up getting burnt by that whole “Defense wins championships!” myth everyone’s spewing right now. Spoilers: the -least- talented QB to helm a championship team in the last decade plus? Joe Flacco. The others? Manning, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rothlisberger, and now Russell Wilson.

  37. In today’s NFL a rookie QB can thrive, but he needs a lot if help. Big Ben had a lot if success early on, great defense and a solid running game helped him. Luck, Manning 2.0, great regular season QB but Struggles in the playoffs. Wilson, great running game and defense helped him win.

    Carr had no line, no weapons, and no defense. He was doomed to fail before he even started.

  38. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

  39. Kubiak was a disaster last season as a play caller and decision-maker. Schaub and Kubiak together lost several games on their own at the start of the year (including the Seattle game which was equally on Kubiak for that ridiculous play call) and then for Kubiak to put Schaub back in after losing it earlier in the year was inexplicable. Surprised Kubiak lasted as long as he did there.

  40. Texans won’t repeat mistakes we made with David Carr

    Good…that means we can look forward to a brand new crop of mistakes.

  41. When the Texans had their first draft as an expansion team, they should have drafted a Left Tackle at the top of the 1st round, gotten a decent RB in the 2nd round, and signed a decent veteran QB to ‘hold the fort’ until year 2 or 3, when a ‘franchise’ QB would be drafted.

    Then just stock up the offensive line and offensive skill positions continually until the ‘franchise’ QB is brought in. Keep the vet QB to help the new QB learn how to play in the NFL for a year or so. It was a BIG mistake to draft a QB with their first pick ever, and have no team around him and no line protection. Carr never had a chance to succeed. Recall that the late QB Steve McNair sat on the bench for a year when he first joined the league – he turned out well with his career. We all know how long Aaron Rodgers warmed the bench (a couple years too long, as it turned out).

  42. Carr was terrible at reading def and recognizing blitzes. He was a strong arm QB who played in a weak confrence, not to mention not very mobile with a small frame. I agree he should of sat bc he was not a starter at the begining. His brother Derek needs to sit a few years to bc he will not be a good QB unless he sits a few yrs. Simple, Draft a QB who played and thrived in a tough conference for his entire collegiate career.

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