Chad Henne thinks rookie quarterbacks should sit for a season


Chad Henne knows that the Jaguars are almost certainly going to be drafting a quarterback next month and he knows how he’d handle that quarterback’s development.

Henne recalled his own experiences as a second-round pick who joined a Miami team that already had Chad Pennington on the roster and said that he benefitted from watching how Pennington handled the starting offense during training camp. Henne feels that all rookie quarterbacks could see similar benefits from starting on the bench.

“You go from the Senior Bowl to the Combine and then you really never take a couple months off,” Henne said, via the Florida Times Union. “You need a break to get your mind at ease and get accustomed to being an NFL player.”

Henne has a pretty big dog in this hunt, obviously, as a redshirt season for a rookie would leave Henne to start for Jacksonville, but the Jaguars have expressed interest in going that route already. How likely that scenario is will have much to do with when the Jags take a quarterback, but Henne also knows that the best laid plans can go up in smoke pretty quickly. He wound up as the starter in Miami three weeks into the year after Pennington was lost for the season.

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  1. Should we be surprised?

    If the Jaguars take a QB at 3 (which is unlikely), the guy is going to start over Henne.

  2. Henne does have a dog in this fight but he is right that a year of waiting and learning would benefit most rookie qbs. A lot of these guys are thrown into the fire playing with an awful team and just take a beating for a year and then their confidence is wrecked .

  3. If QB’s should sit for their rookie season then they should get drafted no higher than round 2. It’ll make for a more interesting drama mama at the top of Draft Day 2 with more maneuvering & intense speculation.

  4. As a Miami fan, I would not wish him on any team. But I can say as bad as he is, he was a better choice to keep then Gabbert.

  5. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

  6. Henne has a point. QB’s that sit and start have a higher long term success rate then guys who just get thrown into the fire.

    Also, how many of these coaches around the league are really qualified to groom a QB? Seriously?

    If you think about it, maybe there are ten guys who you can actually say they know what their doing in developing a QB.

    So if there are only ten, then the other 22 teams have unqualified guys who are suppose to develope a QB? Something to think about.

  7. While he may be biased based on his current situation that doesn’t make his statement wrong. Most first year QBs would benefit for sitting for either all of or part of their rookie years. It is especially rough when a rookie lands on a team with a team with an early pick that has nothing in place around them already.

  8. Why in the world would any rookie QB listen to this guy! RGIII, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck made the playoffs as rookies.Wilson won the Super Bowl his second year. Even Geno Smith is better than this guy. He needs to take advice not give it. Maybe some rookies can give him some advice.

  9. Anyone who would look at Vince Young is totally desperate at QB. When the Titans won with him they had a great D great run game and a good coach to mask Vince’s imperfections. When it came down to Vince to carry more of the load he showed he didn’t have the mentality to do it. That is why he is not in the NFL

  10. If the Jags draft Johnny Manziel, no way does Henne start. Mr. Football may be a bit immature but he’s got the “it” factor gushing out if every pore of his lanky body, and could lead a horde of men against a horde of dragons.

  11. Jags draft Manziel Henne goes to the unemployment line where he belongs. Jags need Johnny Football his swagger .

  12. Yes, holding a clipboard as a rookie helped make Chad Henne the success he is today. That’s why the Dolphins dumped him and the Jags are looking for a QB.

  13. Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton. All first year starters.

  14. had henne is better then ponder, gabbert, Yates, keenum, locker, Bradford??, shoot I’ll go as far as saying if he had AJ Green and that cinci D he might be better then Dalton. There’s players like luck, big Ben, rgIII, kaepernick who have physical tools to help em succeed even with poor teams. Luck is till top 10 in turnover for QBs and that’s because him scrambling for his life all the time has caused him to learn bad habits. Those habits are usually hard to break too. I think all qbs benefit from sitting a year regardless of who he is.

  15. Henne is easily in the bottom 3 of starting QB’s. Down there with Bradford and Ponder. There isn’t a chance even in icy cold, pig flying hell that a QB controversy doesn’t arise. And if the rookie can’t beat out Chad, you know you’ve got a BUST.

  16. Only rookie QBs who are drafted by really good teams should start immediately. This isn’t brain surgery. The better the team, the better the rookie QB. Pretty simple.
    The Steelers went to three Super Bowls with a QB who threw 17 TD passes in each of those seasons (2005, 2008 and 2010). Think about that: SEVENTEEN TD passes.
    SuperBen was drafted in 2004 by an organization that had stability at coaching and was just one season removed from the playoffs (in 2001 and 2002). He also threw 8 interceptions in his first three home postseason games.
    The only “poor” teams Roethlisberger has been associated with are the teams of 2012 and ’13, and the Steelers are 10-13 in Roethlisberger’s past 23 starts.

  17. I remember the idiots on ESPN just lambasting the Bears for not drafting this guy in the 2nd round. You know who they drafted instead? Matt Forte. So there.

  18. What was special about class of 2004? Only one who started early was Worthlessbugger, due to injuries to two quarterbacks ahead of him. Then he spent the last 13 games handing the ball off for the Steelers. Manning never started the first half of his rookie season, never won a game until the final day of the season. Same day he turned 24. Rivers sat behind Brees for two years, and it may have been longer if Drew hadn’t decided to leave.

  19. For all the haters and critics of Russell Wilson, and for Chad Henne, I invite you to look at the Seahawks-Bears game from the 2012 season. I believe it to be the finest moment of his career thus far. In it you will see a rookie quarterback making great passes, running for desperately needed yards, executing flawless handoffs (mostly to Lynch), and keeping drive after drive, alive and kicking.

    But I’m not blowing the horn for Russ, or the Hawks. My intention is to demonstrate that Mr. Henne’s opinion is not, a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. For him, it may be the right thing to do to ride the pine for a year. For others like Wilson, Luck, and RGIII, it wasn’t.

    Some kids just learn to ride without the training wheels earlier than others.

  20. Roethisberger, Wilson, Griffin, hardly threw the ball as rookies. They had the benefit of landing on strong teams with strong running games, and only passed when it was safe and easy to do so. Same thing happened with Kyle Orton as a rookie on the Bears a few years back, he took them to the playoffs by not taking any risks. Or Vince Young in Tennessee.

  21. Henne’s opinion will face a lot of dissent, especially in the wake of Russell Wilson’s recent success, but he is absolutely right. It is not a question of talent – David Carr and Mark Sanchez, to name just a couple, had plenty of talent. It is a question of learning a very complex job, and learning not just what to do, but how it all really works. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Drew Brees, and Kurt Warner are among many who did not start as rookies, and became franchise QBs. The list of disappointing first-round QBs is staggering, and most were starters for at least part of their rookies season: Couch, Akili Smith, McNown, Carr, Harrington, Ramsey, Alex Smith, Vince Young, Leinart, Freeman, Ponder, Gabbert…Even recent quarterbacks who started as rookies and have had success: Flacco, Dalton, Ryan, Newton, have fallen short of being truly elite. There will always be exceptions: Peyton, Rothlisberger, Wilson, but it is fair to wonder how much better some of the names mentioned here would have been with a year learning on the bench.

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