Considering the Steelers’ draft needs


The Steelers were the last to be eliminated from AFC playoff contention a season ago. In their place, the wild-card Chargers upset the Bengals in Round One, then gave the Broncos a competitive game in defeat in Round Two.

Steelers fans can be forgiven for wondering what might have happened if the home club made the postseason. After all, Pittsburgh soundly defeated Cincinnati in Week 15. If the Steelers would have gotten through the wild-card round . . . well, they would have been playing with house money, given their 2-6 start to the regular season. Who knows what could have happened?

Well, we know what actually happened: the Steelers were the AFC’s seventh-best team at season’s end, and though that distinction could soon earn an NFL team a playoff berth, it wasn’t quite enough in 2013. And thus, a season of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s prime ended without a trip to the postseason.

The 32-year-old Roethlisberger was sharp a season ago, throwing for 4,261 yards with twice as many touchdown passes as interceptions (28-14). He seems likely to remain one of the NFL’s better starting quarterbacks this season, too. However, his contract is up after the 2015 season, and he enters his 11th NFL campaign.

With this in mind, should the Steelers be looking to add on offense in Round One? Wide receiver is a position of need for Pittsburgh. There would even be a case to add a tight end early in this draft; Heath Miller, like Roethlisberger, is getting up in age.

However, the Steelers very much need more young talent on defense, with cornerback an obvious position that must be bolstered.

So how should the Steelers proceed with the No. 15 overall pick? Use the poll and comments to give us your take.

32 responses to “Considering the Steelers’ draft needs

  1. Wr. Need to be ready week 2 at ratbirds. We were given a bye week 1 playing Believeland. 6 yrs in a row with at least 11 losses. Wow. Cleveland is a disgrace

  2. could use help on defenseive line ..maybe Arron Donald on other side of Cam Heyward..A Qaulity Receiver in round 2..third round a big physical Corner..we dont need much in my opinion! ! I totally trust mr Colbert

  3. BPA, ignoring QB which is moot in this draft. That being said, Steelers need more splash plays, so a non-OL would be my preference.

  4. Last to be eliminated?
    I’d say after 0-4 and 2-6 starts, they were the first to be eliminated.
    Anyway, Pittsburgh is in dire need of a pass rusher and cornerback. Replacing an aging Polamalu at safety will be impossible. He is a one-of-a-kind.

  5. Cap Space, GM, (thanks for your third round pick…) Head Coach, (who remains off the field of play) Offensive Line, Anybody in the Secondary, and an Inside Linebacker. (Timmons is overrated) Glad you are overlooking the Browns in the opener. Hope Big Ben gets a Joe “Turkey” Jones for lunch…

  6. Since the Ravens existed the Ravens have the same amount of Super Bowl wins as Steelers. These 2 teams are so similar . That’s what makes their rivalry so intense

  7. I think they might double up on both wr and cb in this draft, it’s a deep one for both positions. The Steelers draft linebackers every year, after all they start four of those and need depth for them. I think they’ll trust Munchak with making the line better instead making picks there, not with so many other needs. They need a running back too, after Bell and Blount they have little right now. If a deal comes up where they can trade down, I’d bet they do it. The more picks, the better.

  8. Just asking whether the Steelers should go offense or defense with the first pick is oversimplifying the matter.

    For instance, I am all for us grabbing a corner with the first round pick, but if (God willing) a guy like Mike Evans were to somehow slide to #15, I’m abandoning that corner preference right quick.

    That said, I voted “defense” as I feel that’s the bigger of our two needs.

  9. No the ravens are not an expansion team. they are the old Cleveland browns, they moved to a different state, and keep the same owner and players. they just changed there name. same goes for Houston oilers and the titans. FACT!!!!

  10. A player on either side will help , choose your poison , can use all the help available !

  11. This is IMO how the draft needs to go

    Rd 1 DL
    Rd 2. WR
    Rd 3 CB
    Rd 4 DL
    Rd 5 CB
    Rd 5 comp pk OLB
    Rd 6 TE
    Rd 6 comp pk. BPA
    Rd 7 BPA

  12. If unable to trade back (which would be my 1st preference), they should draft one of the top two CBs available (presuming WR Evans is gone)…probably Denard. Our WR situation (even after losing two of our top three from last year) isn’t in too bad a shape after free agency signings & Wheaton hopefully stepping up. I just hope we don’t waste a WR spot on very disappointing Darius Heyward-Bay (in lieu of giving a 2nd yr player like Justin Brown a legit shot) but we will be drafting a WR early. We need CB, LB, WR, DL depth the most. CB or LB in R1, a WR lile Vanderbilt’s Jordan Matthews or Indiana’s Cody Latimer in R2, BPA from CB, DL, LB R3 fwd. We will also probably draft a RB at some point late (unless an unlikely one falls to us midway through). Defense, defense, defense…

  13. I agree we should not turn our head on the OL but we don’t need to pick one up too early. Remember our OL was only second to Denver the last eight games as far as sacks givin up, that is def. improvement.

  14. Cincinatti would love to have Bubby Brister – he has a playoff win to his name.

  15. I think we are primed to take a CB round one. Lance Moore projects as our # 2 WR and Wheaton #3. Or vice versa. If we do look at WR we should be able to choose from Beckham, Lee, Benjamin or Cooks. As far as CB go, we should be able to choose from Kyle Fuller, Dennard and Roby in round 1. If Gilbert falls, then that is ideal, but I think he goes before us. OT or D-line would also be possibilities, especially if Lewan drops. Aaron Donald would be interesting but I’m not sure he is a great system fit. But he is a beast.

  16. It will be Defense if the Steelers stay at #15: Gilbert Dennard or Fuller most likely. Barr is a longshot.

    The only offensive player being considered at #15 is Taylor Lewan. (Mike Evans will be long gone, and I don’t see Ebron going at #15)

    There are tons of WR in this draft…I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers go Defense in Rd#2 (Tuitt or Nix) and wait for a WR in Rd#3.

  17. The true mark of an organization who has no idea how to draft, develop their own talent. —– One who signs many free agents.

    Steelers are either old or not talented in almost every position.

    Even their new stud RB doesn’t have all the tread on his tires from being overworked at michigan state.

  18. Steelers-haters continue to muse and mystify me.

    I guess it feels beter trying to tear down a rocksteady team with weak-aimed potshots that are so pointless they’re mostly funny.

    Haters, keep on hatin’!

  19. WR help is what we need, but picking TE Ebron would fill two needs it would give Ben the big Rec. and would help the O line as well.
    If he’s there grab him. If not goWR or CB there are a lot of them to choose from this year. I would say Dline but I still think they will bring Keisel back in time for camp. We all know that whoever we draft on the Dline won’t start this year. So don’t waste the high pick on a guy that is gonna end up sitting.

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