Eli Manning enjoying the urgency of learning a new offense


Giants quarterback Eli Manning is recovering from ankle surgery, so his on-field work is going to be limited this offseason.

There’s still plenty for Manning to do, however. New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is installing a new offense, leaving Manning with plenty of homework to do in addition to rehabbing his ankle. Manning said that so much is new that it feels like his freshman year in college or rookie year in the NFL as he familiarizes himself with recently signed players and the scheme.

“[The changes] bring a sense of urgency to this time of year, to the offseason,” Manning said, via Jordan Raanan of NJ.com. “For me, [it’s] getting healthy, meeting teammates and learning a new playbook. We have a lot of work to do. But [I’m] enjoying the competition of it all, the urgency we’re having right now.”

Urgency should be the order of the day for the Giants offense after owner John Mara called the unit broken after the end of the dismal 2013 season. It’s especially urgent for Manning, who will be running an offense very different from the one he guided to two Super Bowls a year after his worst professional season, so he might as well enjoy it while he can.

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  1. I hope he learns the new offense more completely than he appeared to know the offense last year. I have been a fan of The Giants since Connerly was calling the signals, and I can’t recall ANY Giant QB appearing as befuddled as Eli seemed last year. He frequently looked like Elmer Fudd when he aims, then pulls the trigger of his shotgun just as Buggs sticks his fingers in the barrel causing the gun to explode in Elmer’s face.

  2. New offense, same 30 picks. This kids career has been atrocious besides 2 very lucky playoff runs. Even during those regular seasons he was terrible and the Giants were 9-7 and 10-6. Only QB with 2 Superbowl rings, that there’s a good argument for him NOT to be in the Hall of Fame.

  3. I sure hope Eli learns the offense better than he did before his rookie year when he put op a 0.0 vs Baltimore…

  4. Adding a new offense that will add 3 more pics a year to his stats. I bet he hits 30 nits this year. He’s done. Hey he can feel good he is in the same company as David Carr. He also has 2 Super Bowl rings

  5. You pick crazy haters don’t seem to understand what kind of player Eli is….a tough passer, who takes risks and fights for wins. When the OLine caves in…he doesn’t crumble. He fights. He tries to win while getting punished. Not perfect, but one helluva QB who you should never count out. A football player.

    I’m pretty sure that Eli Manning will once again fight hard enough to go very far into the playoffs. That’s my kind of QB. Don’t get caught up by the dumb look on his face and his Aww Shucks manner. The guy is tough as nails and he wins big games.

  6. Eli is the man. Best playoff runs I’ve ever seen a QB have.
    Eli does need an OLine to be successful, but what QB doesn’t 🙂

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. Two lucky season/? People forget how incredible he was doing the 08 season till plax pulled the trigger on that season…

  8. Before anyone blames anything on Eli, do some research on the ‘run and shoot’ offense he ran.

    If you have receivers that can’t read the right option, it just does not work.

    It’s about time we get to see Eli in a normal offense that allows receivers to run and not think…

  9. Ya Eli looked so shaky when he broke the NFL record for comeback wins in the 4th quarter… But he had a “great defense” that held those leads for him, right?

    He looked terribly shaken when the 49ers POUNDED his face in during the NFC Championship game.

    What about when Brady drove down the field in the 4th quarter, in the 07 and 11 Superbowl, on Eli’s “great defense”? He looked like Elmer Fudd there too, didn’t he?

    NO. Go cry some more about my mediocre QB, who will finish his career with more rings than yours will… Then tell your children he wasn’t that good, while NFL network replays his legacy over and over and over again…

  10. New offense, w/a coach that’s never run an offense in his life & an aging QB, coming off a leg injury & his worst season of his career — w/no O-line, no #1 WR, no TE & a stable full of 2nd & 3rd tier RBs — it all spells doom for Big Blue. It certainly will be fun to watch though…..good luck w/that. Oh & not to mention your owner who knows absolutely nothing about football & is only quoted in papers bc his daddy was part of the early NFL…this guy is an embarrassment to the league & needs to get out of Rogers butt!!!

  11. Giants are lucky to have Eli at QB. Eli Era has produced two SBs so far. Not too shabby. He has proven he can win the big game which seems to bother some. He’s good for the Giants. Go Blue.

  12. These Eli Manning haters are oddly flattering. And all of them would be awfully nervous if their team had to face him in the playoffs. Before the Giants beat San Francisco in the NFC Championship game, every Patriots fan was glued to that game PRAYING they would face Alex Smith. A Patriots fan was cursing and said, “I want no part of Eli Manning in this SB.” We all know why he was so right. I have a feeling Eli is going to get the protection he needs and start ripping it up.

  13. As a Giants fan, most games under Eli you think you can pull off the W. He can beat anyone. Already has and will again. Kiss Eli’s rings.

  14. John Mara grew up his entire life with the Giants and some idiots insinuate that is a bad thing and hes a bad owner. Whose your owner?? Maras are royalty. Deal with it. Go Blue.

  15. You people who trash Eli need to buy themselves a stopwatch and watch every snap Eli took on the season. He has zero time to rid the ball. Guys consistently running wrong routes. Defenses know their plan since there is no running game.

    Given Eli a new RB. Give him a good O-Line and he’ll get another ring.

  16. i would watch eli’s snaps from 2013, but you Giants fans did not bother to upload them on youtube.

  17. Ernie Accorsi preached that you don’t judge a QB on stats you simply judge a QB on his ability to drive his team down the field for a championship on their teams final possession of the season. Eli is two for two in that scenario. In the 2011 championship game he went into San Francisco and got pummelled all day long and kept getting up and making plays – nobody could deny his toughness after that game. Last year, the team was broken from OLine to both starting RBs to the defensive backfield and we finished 7-3 (granted we played some crappy teams) – who showed poise and won those games? I think fantasy football has created this addiction to stats and all these suckers out there think they know something about the game because Matt Stafford helps them wins fake trophy. I’ll take Eli, an improving team, pray for health and reload for another championship run…which is coming… Old school Giants fans can see it coming.

  18. Mara is not his daddy folks….John is a little spoiled punk that has had nothing but negative effects on the league. After Katrina he “allowed” the saints 2 play a “home” game at Giants Stadium, yet after Sandy, when NJ was in dire need of all the police, fire & EMT help they could get, he turned his back on the Rooney’s invite to play that game in Pitt, bc he would rather keep his home game (money & home field advantage), than help ppl in need. That Sunday, when the steelers needed to fly in NJ day of bc all the hotels in the area were taken by ppl that lost their homes, told you all you need to know about Little Johnny Mara…real class act folks…open your eyes

  19. Let’s just hope the new offense doesn’t consist of a run on 2nd and 10 after damn near EVERY incomplete pass on first and 10. An improved O – Line won’t hurt either.

  20. Brady has never let his team have such a crappy season or let himself play so poorly. Unlike his brother, receivers, a good d and a little luck made Eli. It couldn’t keep up forever

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