Jermichael Finley having an X-ray of neck on Monday


When we last checked in with free agent tight end Jermichael Finley, he was waiting to have an X-ray and other tests done on his surgically repaired neck to see if he has progressed enough to get medically cleared for the 2014 season.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, that X-ray will be done in Arizona on Monday with MRI and CAT scans to follow if all looks good on the X-ray. Pelissero reports that Finley is “on track,” but that it remains “unclear” when he’ll be given the green light by doctors to resume his career.

As soon as Finley gets that clearance, he should find interest in his services. The Seahawks already met with Finley and the Dolphins, Jets and others have been reported as possible suitors once he’s deemed healthy enough to get back on the field. The list may change a bit during the draft, but there will be teams looking for tight end help all the way into the summer.

Finley’s talent would help those teams, but only if his body and doctors cooperate to make him available.

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  1. It’s disappointing that Jermichael never lived up to his potential.

    However, he still has one more Super Bowl ring than the entire Minnesota Vikings organization… there’s that.


  2. His whole career, people have talked about his “potential” and not his “production.” Still he’s a better receiver as a TE then anyone on the Vikings since Randy Moss.

  3. This guy is back on earth after behaving like he could walk on water for several years. That’s called a Reality Check. I wish him luck. Too bad he didn’t get focused sooner and have something to show for his brief career. And I don’t mean a ring….I know he has one, but he didn’t contribute anything towards it. He was simply a member of the team. He must’ve wanted more, but he was too immature. Now it may be too late.

  4. I’ve noticed that once someone has spent time in Turdbay,they never want to come back.brett farve is the perfect example.stay with the laughable classless cheeseheads or come to a franchise on a the rise like the vikings.there is a reason we own the most div championships.SKOL

  5. Negative comments notwithstanding, two things are for sure:

    1. He’ll always have a Super Bowl ring.
    2. He’s a better father than Adrian Peterson.

  6. Dude is gonna sign with seattle on a prove it deal. He is gonna get a ring and be a major contributor on a BACK TO BACK SUPER BOWL SQUAD!!! Just because a couple of jealous women decided to attempt to assassinate his character doesn’t mean anything to any of us 12’s!!! I assure you there are plenty of dude doing plenty worse!!! Truth be told Russell Wilson’s divorce should prove to everyone how you don’t really know someone until you know them!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!

  7. You would’ve thought the guy played for the Vikings with all the comments above. Hope his neck is healed enough to play in 2014 wherever he ends up.

  8. TE position is becoming more and more difficult to stay healthy. he has had issues in the past where we had a kid asking him not to play anymore. this guy scares me, and considering the talk was 4-5 million he was seeking initially in FA, I am surprised anyone would consider paying that. I fear he is an injury waiting to happen at this point

    I do hope that is not the case, he really has a lot of talent and like many TE’s if he could stay healthy he might have a strong season.

  9. I realize he’s willing, however, I am wondering why ANY team would take so big a risk as to sign a player who has had a fusion in his neck. I have had a fusion in my lower back. I can’t imagine playing a contact sport, regardless of medical clearance. I am medically cleared and I imagine the experts are telling him what they have told me, which is after the surgery he will actually be STRONGER at the fused level of his spine. That might be true, I don’t know, however, I ache every morning when I awake, and at other times throughout the day. The doctors and coaches won’t have to live with the pain over the remaining fifty years of Finley’s life, HE will though. I feel fortunate to be able to teach every day, much less attempt to do the things he will be expected to accomplish routinely. I hope he thinks over this choice VERY carefully, as he is the one who is taking ALL the risks as well as the resultant consequences now AND down the line.

  10. We’ve learned over time that the best TE’s are the ones with excellent blocking skills who can also catch every ball thrown their way. It’s a tough position.

  11. He suffered the same exact injury that Nick Collins had in 2011, so I’d really be stunned if he ever ends up getting signed by another team. Finley had a lot of talent, but he never had a good attitude or managed to be a good teammate. If no one was willing to take a risk on a Pro Bowler like Nick Collins, I can’t imagine anyone taking a risk on a guy who’s basically just still a prospect (at year 7 in his career, no less).

  12. Viking players not only don’t want to go back, they think about suing the organization once they’re out.

  13. Dolphins will pick up another TE either in the Draft or sign Keller or Finley (both subject to medical clearance).
    If Jermichael is fully healthy he may be a handy seam threat to complement Charles Clay and Dion Sims. Note that Miami Head Coach, Joe Philbin was his Offensive Coordinator in the Green Bay Super Bowl victory.

  14. His attitude last year was the best of his career and he was starting to live up to his potential with GB. Unfortunate accident injury indeed. Probably very questionable if he should play again after an injury
    like that.

  15. The Packers have accomplished a heckuva lot more in the post-season with two fewer division championships than the Vikings. Do you really want to brag about the Vikings in that respect? Doesn’t that simply make them the greatest losers?

  16. Odd that no one seems to think Finley will re-sign with the Packers. The Packers haven’t cut him, he’s a UFA. That means he could return to the Packers, or go to any other team. Mike McCarthy has indicated that, if healthy, he would like to see him back.
    Amazing the disgust the Vikings fans have for the Packers. You would think that losing four Super Bowls would be enough for them. Maybe the fact the Packers have won 13 championships, including 4 Super Bowls, might have something to do with it. Maybe it’s because All-Pros and great players from the Packers go to Minnesota and are never heard from again. How many coaches have they had since McCarthy was hired?

  17. For Packers fans, Finley will be warrior gutting through the danger if resigns with the Packers.

    A useless has been who has nothing left to offer if he signs anywhere else.

    Welcome to Green Bay…we love our players until they are no longer of use to us…

  18. He gets 10 million tax free if doctors say he’s done. IMO it’s more important to be able to play with his kids and lead a normal life then take a huge risk for little guaranteed money and that if he gets hurt he could be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Sometimes you need to think of your future more then your present.

  19. “Welcome to Green Bay…we love our players until they are no longer of use to us…”

    No, it is an organization that values a young mans life more than his football talent. Yeah, a team like Minnesota, desperate for a title, may sign him and risk his life. But the Packers won’t sign off on a young man putting his very existence at risk. What would you folks up in Minneapolis know about winning football, anyway?

  20. Don’t worry about the Viks, the only thing more lonely then the Bears Superbowl case, with just one, is the one the Vikings have had, it is great for collecting DUST.
    Love how they hate, but last I checked they have been in 4 super bowls, and could not win one, the Packers have been in 5 and brought home 4 trophies. Sucks to be a viking fan come January.

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