Peyton Manning reached out to Jim Irsay, says it’s “very personal”


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Colts owner Jim Irsay have a complicated relationship. Irsay has said many times that he’s thankful for everything Manning did during his tenure with the Colts, but Irsay also cut Manning — and took some veiled swipes at Manning last season, both before and after the Colts beat the Broncos in the regular season.

Now Irsay is getting treatment after he was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and felony possession of a controlled substance, and Manning says he reached out to Irsay. But Manning declined to get into what was said.

That’s a private topic,” Manning told the Associated Press. “It’s very private and very personal.”

Manning’s Broncos will face Irsay’s Colts in the first Sunday night game of the season. It remains to be seen whether Irsay will be back with his team when the season starts.

50 responses to “Peyton Manning reached out to Jim Irsay, says it’s “very personal”

  1. Peyton’s playoff history is half the reason why Irsay has a substance abuse problem.

  2. The conversation probably went like this-
    “So Jim, the cops found only 3 different drugs in your car? You are lucky because my operatives planted 5 different ones before I called the cops”

  3. If this were John Mara or Robert Kraft, the crybabies on this site would be KILLING the commish for playing favorites…. The league doesn’t have to wait to discipline Irsay…. What’s the issue? and where are all the crybabies with their complaints?

  4. I don’t know what course besides a fine and suspen…how can you suspend a guy from owning? You can’t make someone sell their business because they ran into personal trouble. Let the law handle this,fairly or unfairly and then the owners will have to determine what to do. Forfeiting of draft picks? I don’t know,what he did didn’t affect the NFL except for some self-proclaimed reputation. I guess the worse they can do besides draft picks,would be to suspend him from football operations for a year. Or does he receive the same substance abuse criteria as the players do? More than likely,as soon as the season starts,no one will care any more.

  5. I’m waiting for manning’s punishment for meeting with his OC when he was told not to. The golden boy can do no wrong even when he does. He gets a pass when other other players don’t.

  6. I hate all the jokes cracked on Irsay. Drug abuse aint no joke. I just had to rush to the hospital a couple of weeks ago because my brother shot something in his arm and thought he was dying. Do think a billionaire should find a way to handle his problems? Yeah I do but that doesnt change the fact that the man has a serious problem. Kudos to peyton for being a stand up guy and reaching out to a man that has issues even that man has bashed him in the media and on social sites.

  7. Who wouldn’t want Peyton Manning on their team? Whether he wins another title or not, watching him perform is just incredible. He says all the right things, he does all the right things. There won’t be another like him for a very long time. We should all enjoy him while we still can. And I am not a Broncos fan or a Colts fan.

  8. There’s more to life than football though I Love the game. Peyton realizes this. Irsay needs help and I’d bet that Peyton offered help and support. Pure class move by Peyton.

  9. chiefs fan here, and there’s no denying that peyton is one of the classiest guys in the game. still gonna cheer for him to get pancaked on sundays, though.

  10. Another image-crafting maneuver by Satan Manning. If he didn’t want to go into the details of the private conversation, what possible purpose could referencing it have served in the first place? Other than gaining admiration from gullible folk, via a seemingly altruistic and noble gesture of caring for someone who’d clearly been adversarial to him of late

  11. so how did the press even find out about this? pay a ton manning’s entourage made sure the media found out so they can keep praising manning as such an upstanding citizen, how else can you explain this if it was a “private matter”, of course fivehead needs all of the accolades and praise for his enormous ego. did he charge irsay 100K for the right to speak to him?

  12. my god when are you peyton worshipers going to get over the fact he CHOSE not to play for the colts anymore. he could have taken a pay cut but didn’t and if Irsay had not cut him they would have won 3-4 games at most with him since they had no money to spend to get other players because he took up most if not all the cap room they had. I don’t even like the colts but am sick of hearing how Irsay was the bad guy in that. you here at pft would have ridiculed him had he not cut him and the colts sucked with manning and nobody else.

  13. Peyton has no real reason to hate jim irsay, he gave him his walking papers free to go where he wanted. Could of been like Ted Thompson and Brett Favre sending him to Siberia or letting him play back up.

  14. Thy swept the Belicheat- Kraft cheating scandal under the rug. They destroyed the friggin tapes and slapped them on the wrist. And that actually impacted play on the field. Irsay has not impacted play on the field. It’s criminal if gets penalized more than the cheaters. And talk about an embarrassing owner – old man Kraft dancing drunk with a 25 yr old while his wife is barely cold.

  15. If it’s so private Peyton why say anything about it? Plus if it were Mara, Newsome, Kraft, Jones, or Rooney people would be crying for disciplinary action why not Irsay? The NFL is happy to crack down on players who smoke weed but wait and bide their time when owners are caught with more serious substances. Something isn’t right about that.

  16. Still no word on the investigation of the dead woman that was found in the home Irsay gave her a few weeks before the DUI though right?

  17. irsay is a hypocrite of the first magnitude. pos ought to be in jail like every other doper. i don’t wanna hear he needs help. he needs a spine.

  18. People think because someone is a billionaire they shouldn’t have drug problems. Well, why not? They have more money to buy more drugs, thus making the problem worse.

  19. Well Yes, what did you expect..
    That Peyton would call MDS or Trey Wingo on his cell phone to say ‘Hey, I just spoke with Jim, he’s in in a controversial situation – but just wanted to tell you it went well, and to give you the some of the details. Im sure it won’t cause anything, will it’.

  20. I am curious if Goodell actual represents the better interest of the NFL or the better interest of the owners. That would be determined how the NFL treats Irsay. I have cancer, I have driven with presecription drugs in my car in a ziplock bag instead of bringing various different bottles with me. But the drugs where prescribed to me. I have cancer. I will have drug prescriptions for the rest of my life. So originally I thought Irsay did what i did, but if those where someone elses prescription meds. The NFL would have to do something.

  21. To everyone questioning why Manning mentioned that he reached out to Irsay in the first place, well he didn’t mention it. He was back in Indy this past weekend for an annual event at The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, at where there was a 15 minute media event, and the sports media from Indy was there and one of them asked him if he had spoken to Irsay, and that was his response when they asked him to elaborate on what he said to Irsay…

  22. How on earth has the NFL not assessed punishment on this twitter blow-hard?

    I’m quite sure the players that get drilled for their missteps (and appropriately so) will appreciate that owners are beyond that reach.

    Anyone see a conflict of interest in the Commissioner reporting to and working for the owners? I can’t see how you wouldn’t…

  23. Yeah I will go see Irsay…but first, let me leak that out to the AP.

    Were it really personal, or really authentic, I don’t think anyone we would have to anything about it.

    Keep up that image. Good for business.

  24. The Mouth of espn mikey smith again creating drama where there is none. So hard for mikey to understand some things are private, when you are the type that never shuts up. And should!

  25. Yeah, the Patriots cheat by filming games at a slightly different angle than the 200 other cameras in the stadium, but Peyton can come off 4 neck surgeries that left him unable to throw a ball more than 10 feet according to his own brother (an NFL QB in his own right), yet a little “hard work” suddenly has him throwing for the most TDs ever at age 38. Seems legit.

  26. Before getting all weepy, what exactly did Peyton do?
    Leave flowers, sheri’s berries or what?

  27. As it should remain private.

    The media really goes overboard with delving into people’s personal lives.

    And he shouldn’t be punished…everyone makes mistakes. See if he learns, he’s trying to get well…if he does it again, then you can bring down the hammer…but at least let him try to get well first.

    I’m certified to be a drug counselor in the state of New York…I’ve been there and done that…it’s not easy, especially when you have all the lights pointed at you.

    I don’t like him, but I hope he gets well…I’d never wish that upon my worst enemy.

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