RGIII having fun again while bonding with teammates

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While Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was recovering from his knee injury last year, he missed out on a lot of things.

Among them was a chance to work with his teammates during the offseason. Griffin had to concentrate on rehab, which he says left him missing being able to “be around them and compete with them, get better, throwing, conditioning and in the meetings.” There are no such limitations on his time this offseason, something that the quarterback is appreciating as the team moves through offseason workouts.

“That’s probably the biggest difference,” Griffin said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “Being able to run and strengthen the knee as opposed to trying to get it back to where it was. That’s the fun part, being able to run the half-gassers, the 300-yard shuttles. All that stuff with my teammates. That’s what makes it fun again.”

Whether it has been talking about his health or the absence of former coach Mike Shanahan, there’s been a constant stream of positivity from Griffin about life with the Redskins this offseason. That certainly seems like a better recipe for success on the field than the gloom that set in last season.

31 responses to “RGIII having fun again while bonding with teammates

  1. Well you got to enjoy the ride. But you also have to remember to put in that work and you have to decide how bad you really want it. And as a fan I want it all! That Lombardy. Or nothing at all….

  2. Dude has the drive, desire, and professionalism to REALLY bounce back this year. And with his offensive weapons, my goodness…. #dcRISING

  3. As long as he’s focused & continues to mature and stays healthy…..remember Eli after 2 seasons? Cam after 2 seasons? YOU at his age? It takes time. Hopefully he’ll continue to develop and do great things. Hail

  4. All I see and hear is about ME with this guy. MY new logo, MY fun with the Team, MY ride in a Race Car. While the other QBs are talking about their teammates, season expectations or workouts. It is no wonder the mass majority of NFL fans are hoping for another implosion : Hate to the Redskins (HTTR). Remember, HE brought this upon you.

  5. Redskins are going to come back? Really?? Can’t run the read option anymore because their QB can’t take the punishment. And don’t have an offensive line that consistently move the ball on the ground.

    Sorry, but that division belongs to the Eagles or the Giants by default.

  6. Would you please stamp each of these stories with the new logo? We can’t get enough of RGme talking about RGme.

  7. I can’t wait until the Redskins draft party.. RG will be doing jumping jacks demonstrating his knee is fully repaired, as St Louis makes the 2nd overall pick. Ironically the same pick that the Skins could use to replace him…

    Also there will be an unveiling of the 20×40 foot new RG logo, that will proudly stand in the lobby of the Redskins front office.

  8. As a fan I can’t wait for the Skins season to start. A lot is riding on this season though. If RG3 isn’t back in form there will be a whole lot of speculation as to his future. I do think it’s important to enjoy life but man I wish there were less selfies from him and teammates (dJax) and more focus on offseason workouts and chemistry. If these guys produce for enough years in the league they will be retired by their mid thirties and have a lifetime to enjoy. More work now leads to more play later in life. Maybe that’s old school thinking but c’mon this crap is getting tiresome. We need some more Lombardi’s in DC and less selfies!

  9. After an afternoon of bonding with his teammates he tweeted pictures of himself with players from other teams.

  10. RG3-13 will appreciate the competition from Johnny Football to be acclaimed as America’s Greatest QB by the media. Both crave the limelight and will surely lift their performances to greater heights knowing that you just can’t get enough hype and ego is not a dirty word.
    If Tim Tebow could only improve his throwing accuracy, he could have made the media event a 3 way contest but he can’t make a team.

  11. gonna be an awesome season-(next 15 years) get on the bandwagon now, i got one seat left who wants it? hail baby hail.

  12. Love all the haters coming out just to bash Griffin. Do you all this his rookie season was a fluke? Was this him setting records and winning NFC east I think it was HTTR

  13. As long as all you guys keep crying and knocking on rg3, its a good think. Everyone knows people cry about a good player, and rarwly say anything about a bad player. Its called jealously. And i have insight on the knee, i have had 6 operations, 3 on each knee, i had the exact same surgery as rg3 in my left knee. Went from 4.33 40 to a 4.33 40. No diff. After my 6th operations my 40 was 4.5. Drunk driver hit me, first surgery was from baseball. After the surgeries my knee was more sound. But the doctors said i have a 6% more chance of getting hurt again over a non injured knee. Took me 2 years to get back to normal. My burst and agility wasnt there the firat year. Speaking on experience, rg3 should be back to speed this year.

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