Suh trade could make sense for the Lions


With Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh opting to withhold services as part of an effort to get a new contract in lieu of showing up and preparing for a contract-year push that could get him paid plenty come 2015, the Lions are getting a taste of life without Suh.

With a cap number of $22.412 million in 2014, the last year of his contract, perhaps the smart move could be to start living without Suh permanently.

The Lions have made no secret about their interest in players who won’t be on the board at the top of the draft.  So maybe Suh could be used to help the Lions move up from No. 10 to something higher.

It’s easy to say.  As usual, it would be harder to do.

First, the Lions would have to find a team that wants Suh, who is due to be paid $12.55 million in 2014.  And that team would have to be willing to extend Suh’s contract, or his stay would be a short one.

Second, the Lions would still absorb a large cap charge for trading Suh before June 1.  While the $12.55 million in base salary would be avoided, $9.737 million in dead money due to apply to Detroit’s cap in 2015 under Suh’s name would be pushed into 2014.  That creates a total cap charge of $19.5995 million.

The good news?  That’s lower than the number the Lions would carry if Suh doesn’t sign a new contract.  And a trade would clear $9.7375 million in 2015 dead money off the books by pushing it into 2014.

But while the Lions would be able to handle the cap consequences (since they’re already carrying $22.412 million under Suh’s name), the challenge would come from finding another team that would absorb a salary that already reflects much more than the open market would bear for a high-end defensive tackle — and then attempt to satisfy his expectations for a new deal that would make it more than a one-year stay.

With the Jaguars willing to overpay center Alex Mack, whose offer sheet was matched by the Browns, maybe the Jaguars would be willing to take the 10th pick, Suh, and something more to give Detroit the ability to move up to No. 3.  The Jaguars have the cash and the cap space to make something work.  If the Jaguars would be interested, it ultimately would depend on whether Suh would be willing to embrace the opportunity to play in Jacksonville.

Ditto for the Raiders, a team that Suh has at times seemed destined to eventually join.  They’re in win-now mode, they have the cap space (but maybe not the cash) to make it happen, and they could give Detroit the fifth overall pick, if one of the players the Lions covet (like Sammy Watkins) remains on the board after the Browns use the fourth overall pick.

Suh being part of a trade package to allow the Lions to climb the ladder remains a long shot.  But with the draft still 11 days away, it makes sense to at least consider the ramifications of any possible move that teams now have extra time to analyze and re-analyze and overanalyze and analyze this.

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  1. It most certainly does make sense for the Lions to trade Suh. It would go a long way in showing the rest of the NFL that they are no longer an unclassy organization.

  2. Not only would you have to find a team with cap space, you need to find a team that is willing to put up with a jerk. Suh is not a team player, Suh is out for Suh, screw the team is his attitude.

  3. I doubt this even comes close to happening. Caldwell is building a team environment and already has one headache in Blackmon to deal with. While Suh is a good player does he really do enough to command that kind of money? No. My Jags don’t need a high priced DL but with a need at center Mack was worth the try to get him. The Jags have addressed the DL in FA and there is a good chance Clowney or Mack is there at #3. My choice is Sammy anyway. But why pay for a high priced guy that has no reason for this holdout? He is being paid highly and he doesn’t want to workout – no thanks.

  4. Suh is a strong player, but I would not like him on my team. He is not the type of person that I want representing my organization. I have seen him play for years, he is a dirtball on the field.

  5. Don’t do it Jags. Suh is a locker room cancer that can’t be cured. I wouldn’t take Suh if they gifted him to me.

  6. Hahahaha the Raiders are in “win-now” mode. I read that whole article on Suh and that was the finishing touch–priceless! Since 2003 the Raiders have 53 wins and 123 losses. “Win-Now”??? Ha!

  7. If you want to trade Suh and move up in the draft, you don’t have to trade him to one of the teams in the top ten. You can trade him to any other team, pick up some draft picks and then use those picks to move up. You could also try to pick up a corner or safety or whatever else in return and then take who you want in the draft. I think the Lions should seriously consider this, as good as Suh is.

  8. How about a trade within the division — Suh for Adrian Peterson and swap first round picks?

  9. Assuming the Lions’ brain trust has brains that could be trusted, this scenario should’ve been explored exhaustively when it became apparent that Suh wasn’t going to hire an agent in time to do the extension in advance of the free agency period. While Suh can’t be faulted for not wanting to further his career long term in Detroit, if he’d prefer to place elsewhere, he certainly deserves some blame if he is playing games about his intentions. On the other hand, the organization can be faulted for not understanding that Suh has shown little interest in embracing a leadership role or helping the team with long term planning. Again, his prerogative, but the team need not coddle. If it’s apparent that interests are divergent then the Lions should move on from this over priced luxury. A swap to move up would be ideal, but, at this point, a second rounder plus another pick would be a sensible return if a willing partner surfaces.

  10. It makes sense to TRY to trade anybody you feel can’t live up to their contract. AKA. DeSean Jackson . That’s a smart football decision

  11. Trading Suh, one of the best defensive players in Lions history, just to move up and draft a rookie (that’s not even a consensus #1 overall) is absolutely ridiculous. The Lions aren’t losing games because they don’t have Sammy Watkins. They are losing games because they need more players like Suh on D.

  12. Interesting proposition description. Seems like a lot of circumstances need to fall into line. Mayhew and Lewand need to do something to save themselves. Such, while having a HUGE potential, has a self-destruct button anytime he gets close to success. Leos would do well to rid themselves of the knucklehead!

    Unfortunately, Suh’s reputation precedes him.

  13. Raiders make most sense.

    Jags will only get FAs that have a ring and are just looking to get paid. Not many of those around.

  14. Suh plus the number 10 pick? No way. If the Lions can keep the 10th pick, and add another high one, then that makes sense. Then you can take Donald to replace him.

  15. So, help me understand this….he is under contract for this year and is planning to hold out? I think that if ANY employee that is under contract, especially for 12 million, refuses to perform his duties, the company (team) should be able to cut ties and not owe him one dime!!!! Then they should get a compensatory pick from any team stupid enough to pick the bum up. Any CBA in a sports league is good to a certain point, but there should be a way for a team to get rid of this type of person without it costing them millions…..

  16. With Suh, a GM and owner have to consider a few things before you jump into that sweepstake…

    Are his onfield antics going to be a problem like it was for the Lions.
    His practice antics weren’t that much better.
    Will he be a cancer in the clubhouse?
    Can he be the guy who gives the team that extra edge to compete in the playoffs or cause the team to implode?
    Contracts can usually be done to make everybody happy, so why the eagerness of Detroit to part ways with the dominant force of their defense? {We know why, but the question has to be asked}

    At the end of the day, you have to ask: Is the juice worth the squeeze?
    With Suh?

  17. It takes two to tango. The Lions will likely have difficulty finding another team willing to take on that contract for that player.

  18. I’m not sure the market for Suh would be as strong as the Lions think. He is a great player but there are a number of GMs and coaches who I’m sure are not interested in the baggage that comes with the talent. Plus to pay him a bunch of money this season and then know you would be on the hook for a much bigger contract after that…

    As a Bears fan I would love to see him move out of the division but I don’t see that happening.

  19. They need to trade Suh. As much of a talent that he is, they need to get rid of the contract with Calvin and Stafford making what they make. The Raiders is a perfect fit for him. Swapping firsts and possible a second next year should get it done, as long as Suh signs with Them long term.

  20. I can’t see Reggie trading for an expensive DT who is destined to be a headache wherever he plays.
    You’re reaching….

  21. Sorry but Suh alone should warrant one of those teams picks by himself never would it be a good idea because we’d be giving up too much alone just to move up 6 or 7 spots that would be a same old lions move. A straight up trade would actually benefit the team getting Suh more because Suh is a for sure thing none of the guys at the top are Mack could be the next Curry Clowney could be the next Gholston and Sammy Watkins could be a bust as a tweeter receiver who’s to say he can be great in this league. Notice the word great that’s exactly what Suh is in this league and trading anything less than straight up would be foolish. If u can’t get buyers before the draft shop up to the trade deadline try and get a pick or sign him and lock him up the Lions are notorious for bending over and if we are ever going to be a good team year in and year out we gotta start drafting every year like last year and stop letting guys Flex in us and treat us like crap. OK SUH you don’t wanna show up as a captain to voluntary work outs you don’t wanna hire an agent and get things done to get better players around u ok I’m tired of his high schooler persona this guy is not a leader and is very immature GROW UP SUH your supposed to be a PROFFESSIONAL athlete act like one and quit playing these games.

  22. I can’t see the Lions trading Suh just to move up a few spots in this year’s draft. A more likely scenario would be the Lions trading Suh for a pick this year and a conditional pick in 2015 if he re-signs with the team that drafted him. Alternatively, the Lions could allow Suh to engage in contract negotiations with the trade target, then trade him for the greater compensation such a securitized deal would bring.

  23. The Lions have a significant amount of their CAP tied up in 3 players….Suh, Stafford and Johnson. While I know it is painful, a trade of Suh makes sense and would allow the Lions the flexibility to make significant improvements in other areas.

    Not necessarily a Lions fan, but would definitely like to see a team that has been down so long finally make a run.

  24. I really miss the old days where players were considered because of their skill instead of their cap number. Face it, giving away Suh to move up 5 or 7 slots in a draft is a losing proposition in terms of on the field impact.

  25. Hope many 3rd compensatory picks would the lions get for suh if he had a “average” year for himself? 2,3,4? (I’m not sure how many they are allowed for one player). Question being, is trading suh and our 1st worth giving up multiple compensatory picks? To move up 3 or 4 first round pick.

  26. Nobody in the NFL will pay the kind of money Suh wants and take on the baggage he brings. It’s a lot like the Desean Jackson situation and he had to be released. Jackson was lucky he found an imbecile like Snyder to pay him but he is still making 4M less with the Skins. Suh will also find a team to pay him but won’t get the money he thinks he is worth.

  27. Suh was another great draft pick for the Lions.

    Wishing for win-now is better than a continuation of lose-now.

  28. Here’s my opinion of Suh. While he’s a very good player, I don’t think he comes close to being as good as some people make him out to be. The way some people talk, you’d think he’s the second coming of Reggie White.
    Throw in he can be a dirty player who doesn’t think about how that hurts his team, and you can fully understand why the new regime in Detroit would want to move him.
    The Lions are finally doing things right, and if they manage to trade Suh and get out from under his salary number, and package what they get to trade up and get Sammy Watkins, I think it would be a great move for them.
    As a Packer fan, I think the Lions are a very talented team and with a new HC, it looks to me as if they finally know what they’re doing.
    If he can get Stafford to play at a higher level, they could be a force in the NFC this year.

  29. I suspect Florio has seriously underestimated Suh’s market value. I doubt there is a consensus, but someone out there will give more appropriate value than a 5-9 spot swing.

    In a vacuum I would think Suh worth a 1st + additional consideration. He is a pro bowl player that his peers voted they least liked to play against.

  30. No way the Lions trade Suh, all of you Suh haters would love him if he played for your team. He is dominate & every defense that play against him double & triple teams him, which frees someone else up to make the play. Suh still gets free & quarterbacks run for their lives. Go Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

  31. Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, the Lions should pay $19 million for Suh to play for someone else just to move up a few spots in the draft? AND throw in something else?

    What are you smoking Mike?

    Tampa Bay will be a similar boat with McCoy whose cap hit is $12 million this year and will cost roughly the same as Suh long term. Should Tampa trade McCoy to move up in the draft?

    Suh has never attended voluntary workouts and has always showed up to the mandatory ones in top shape. You don’t trade your best players.

    The Lions top 7 contracts are in line with the NFL average. Why focus on just the top 3? That’s a bit arbitrary isn’t it?

  32. I know he is a great player but keeping in mind the financial side…
    why give up more than a second round pick. How many times have
    we seen teams who are leveraged on a player get even less. I’m not saying he is not worth a first.

  33. I don’t know about all the financial stuff, but if it would be possible, Bucs go get this guy!! We wanted to draft him coming out of college anyway. To have him AND Gerald McCoy AND Michael Johnson on the same line? Everybody else could just hang back in coverage, we would be in everyone else’s backfield all game! It may not be possible cap-wise, but it would be amazing to have Suh and McCoy side by side.

  34. I would definitely try to trade him for a top 9 pick. With one of the top 10 picks I would be sure to grab the defensive tackle out of Pitt and hopefully Mike Evans. If Evans is gone, I would take the corner out of Oklahoma State. Time has passed for people to beg you to take millions of dollars for a game. He will NEVER get another contract that size under the new cba. Report to camp and earn the “C” on your chest.

  35. Yes he is a top 5 DT in the league. Anyone fan who comments otherwise is kidding themselves. There is also no evidence that he is a bad teammate or locker room cancer. That idea wasn’t even presented until Heath Evans put up a sensationalist article last year with zero documented proof. It was repeatedly refuted by teammates, coaches, etc.

    That said he is an ass-hat both on and off the field. I think most troubling are the repeated auto accidents/complaints. One day he just might kill someone.

    Straight trade he is probably worth a second round pick at best because of the contract situation. The only way the Lions could get a first round pick this year is if there were penalties for Suh not resigning with the new team like a future first round pick+.

  36. How can any team pay that kind of money for a part time player,by that I mean he’s bound to be suspended multiple time durning his career , he’s just a selfish dirty player. Not a good fit anywhere .

  37. Three problems with your ‘trade Suh’ for a top 1st round pick fantasy;

    1) He’s overrated. He’s a good player but he’s not a game changer.
    2) B/c he was taken 2nd overall in 2010 (which was before they changed the rookie wage scale) he’s making WAY too much money for a DT.
    3) Aside from his dumb personal fouls the guy has proven to be a jerk.

    This is hardly a good combination & the last time I checked teams are not looking for players who are overrated, overpaid, jerks.

  38. Remember when Suh was drafted ahead of Gerald McCoy? It looked like a good choice after their rookie season. It just goes to show that it takes time to evaluate a draft.

  39. No, it would not make sense to trade your best defensive player just because he’s trying to make sure he gets properly compensated. That’s ignorant.

  40. Nobody would pay $12m for Suh. Because he’s not worth it.

    My guess is Detroit does not extend his contract, and he goes on the market next year, and signs a one-year ‘prove it’ contract for less than half he makes now.

  41. This has Falcons written all over it. Blank wants more attitude? Suh and give Detroit their #6 overall plus later rounder. Watkins will be there at 6.

  42. Out of curiosity, since when is a player under contract expected to sign a NEW contract, merely to fulfill the desires of fans or owners?

    Please, explain to me how YOUR desire for ME to work ON MY TIME-OFF is more important than my desire to live my life, and prepare myself for the next season, as I see fit? Because, believe you me, there are several of my younger employees whom I would dearly love to keep me, their boss, “satisfied” through these cold nights. Why should you, their husbands, object to my expecting your wives and GFs to “go that extra mile”, “for the good of the team”? C’mon, be a “team player”.

    Suh doesn’t DO voluntary OTAs; never has, never will. As was true for, among many others, both Deion and Barry Sanders. Indeed, both men ALSO sometimes blew off MANDATORY workouts. I’m pretty sure that that neither HELPED Neon win his rings, nor HURT Barry’s chances of doing so. I’ll let the tape speak for itself, for all THREE players.

    Suh is NOT being paid QB money. His average, under his rookie deal, which was the result of the foolish wage scale to which the owners subjected themselves, under the old CBA, is “merely” $12.9 million per year. That’s a far cry from the roughly $19-21 million eaten up by several QB, some of whom are far from elite. (ELI, ROMEO) The $22 million cap number for Suh is an historical artifact, the unfortunate result of that old CBA, the wreckage with which Matt Millen left the Lions, and the DECISION of the Detroit F/O to twice RESTRUCTURE Suh’s contract, merely so that they could push the cap hit forward. (That’s the same scheme that eventually wrecked the old 49ers.)

    Suh is far from the “dirtiest” player in the league. There are more than a few who have committed more unnecessary roughness penalties than he. As is, at least two of his earlier penalties were so transparently unfair, that Goodell himself should’ve been made to sit out a year without pay.

    You fools are a bunch of damned lemmings, rushing headlong over the cliff, into the ocean, for no better reason than that the other rodents are doing it. Grow some brain cells, for crying out loud.

  43. Detroit is screwed either way, trade him, cut him, or let him play out this season. Whoever did that deal was in LaLa Land.

    That’s what happens when you put the teams future on the credit card.

    When you offer contracts you need to make the numbers make cap sense all the way to the end, not redo it every year to make it fit.

  44. They made the mess created by being historically bad, while under the old rookie wage scale, vastly worse, by deliberate choice.

    There was never any real chance that they were going to be a championship caliber team, not until they got more than scrubs and overpaid old-timer FAs to surround their “Big 3”. They SHOULD HAVE just eaten those salaries, as those contracts were originally written. As it is, they got no lasting value from the services of the temporary fixes which they hired.

    Live and learn, I guess. As a Lions fan, I hope, anyway. Teams need studs to win big. This team now has them. If their new coach can’t handle a guy not polishing the new teacher’s apples, then they got the wrong damn coach. Caldwell took this job, fully aware that Suh doesn’t do voluntary OTAs. If he expected the force of his “magnetic” personality to change that, then he was and is a ninny. Now, if he is, then THAT would make them the “Same Old Lions”.

  45. I would love to see him leave here. Really has a poor attitude, should have been here during voluntary workouts. Team captions belong at team OTA’s. No excuse for his absence.

  46. Megatron “vs.” Donkey Kong

    Calvin Johnson, in 7 years, has 4 Pro Bowls & 3 All-Pros.

    Ndamukong Suh, in only 4 years, has 3 Pro Bowls and 2 All-Pros.

    Everybody considers Calvin a lock for the HOF, one of the two or three best WRs all-time.

    Even though Calvin is universally well-liked and admired, whereas Suh is widely (and largely unfairly) reviled, it’s Suh who has been faster out of the gate.

    You don’t like him? Fine, but stop making up isht about him; give the man his props. He’s hurt NO ONE seriously, yet he’s the most feared man in the NFL, for his PLAY. The rest is mere cartoon-ish nonsense.

  47. I don’t know but, to me Suh & Clowney smack of Jerruh Jones & the Cowgirls.

    I think JJ works out a deal with the Texans and draft Clowney. Take a QB in the later rounds. Wait for Suh to become a FA next year. SB!

  48. Well if he IS under contract and does not report to training camp, suspend and fine him for each day he is out. Then when opening day comes along, he will have a fat fine and no paycheck. When the deadline to report or be suspended for the year comes, then he will get no salary, have a big fat fine to pay AND still owe the Lions another year on his contract. Let him rot. He is not worth the trouble to play into his hands.

  49. “chuckiesez says: Apr 27, 2014 8:53 AM

    So, help me understand this….he is under contract for this year and is planning to hold out? I think that if ANY employee that is under contract, especially for 12 million, refuses to perform his duties, the company (team) should be able to cut ties and not owe him one dime!!!! Then they should get a compensatory pick from any team stupid enough to pick the bum up. ”

    Okay, I’ll help, because you’ve got it all wrong.

    He’s NOT planning on holding out. The Lions want him to sign a NEW deal, for 2015 & beyond. Preferably, sometime before he reaches FA next year. Consequently, some reporters are (mostly deliberately) misconstruing his not reporting for VOLUNTARY workouts as a ploy to force Detroit’s hand in negotiations. Curious notion, given that Suh NEVER does voluntary workouts. It’s a tempest in a teapot, sound & fury signifying nothing. Just another cheap ploy for page views and drama, BY THE REPORTERS & ANALYSTS.

    “Any CBA in a sports league is good to a certain point, but there should be a way for a team to get rid of this type of person without it costing them millions…..”

    “This type of person” isn’t who you think he is, as I’ve just explained. But, should Detroit wish to get rid of Suh, all they need do is cut him. They’ll owe him not one more dime.

  50. As usual, a bunch of people hating on Suh. The minute he ends up on their team…”We’re going to the Super Bowl!!!!”

  51. Suh has not missed anything. The camps he has not been at are voluntary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Too bad all the owners wouldn’t agree to let him play in Canada, He might learn that playing in the NFL is a privilege, Oh, and subway, if you keep using him I’m going to Jimmy Johns.

  53. Voluntary camps are voluntary. So is going with your longterm girlfriend to visit her grandmother in the hospital or your wife joining you to celebrate your day’s birthday. It’s not mandatory but choosing to stay away sends a message to the rest of the family.

  54. Outside of a quarterback, how can you justify this much of a cap hit for one player? Even if he lead the league in sacks from his tackle spot, it wouldnt be worth it. Trade him, take the pick(s) and the added monetary flexibility from dumping his salary.

  55. Aren’t the Raiders “always” in a win-now mode?

    (Cause they certainly don’t win)

  56. People are saying that Suh is overrated but how many other players in the league playing his position do you know that is being doubled or triple teamed to stop him. Whenever he’s gone one on one he’s either sacked the quarterback or made him rush his passes. All of the other things you say about him just may be true.

  57. Just cut him only the lions are stupid enough to pay him so much money when he has all of the character issues he gets a ton of unsportsmanlike foul penalties and heck those 15 yard penalties in a close game are a drive killer and game killer

  58. Now the problem with Suh going to the Lions is there was no Veteran leadership there to check him and put him in his place. When he got to Detroit he was the man. “IF” and thats a big “IF” Raiders were to make the trade and Suh was to agree to a long term deal and stretch out his salary then I think with the veterans we brought in like Justin Tuck, Lamar Woodley, Antonio Smith, James Jones, Charles Woodson he would probably learn what it means to be a team player and all that. I would love to have him with the Raiders! Imagine a DLine with Tuck, Woodley, Antonio Smith and Suh getting after the Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Alex smith twice, then going after Kaepernick, R Wilson, Bradford, C Palmer, Geno Smith, EJ MAnuel, Brady, and whoever is gonna be the QB for the browns, texans and miami. thats one hell of a pass rush!

  59. I personally cant see alot of teams beating on Suh door. Hes act is selfish. Hes in a contract year play it out. Take your $12.5 million and your $20 million cap number. Then next year go ahead let them slap the franchise tage on you and take your 20% raise. And the year after take another 20% raise. No team in the NFL is going to pay Suh more money than hes getting in Detriot.

    As for Detriot it makes sense to trade him if he doesnt want to play for them. But come the mandatory workouts his ass better be there or hes only fin himself.’

    According to NFL rules if hes a lone next year and they tag him thats $15 million, and the year after its $18 million plus. Unless hes actually number is 22 then its just ridiculous.

  60. As a Lions fan, they need to trade this clown. He’s a team captain and acting like a child brat. Get rid of this cancer.

  61. Reunion with Schwartz in Buffalo? Could you imagine him paired with Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, and Marcell Dareus?

  62. LOL wut?
    “opting to withhold services as part of an effort to get a new contract”
    This is a guy who has never attended voluntary workouts in the past. His absence has nothing to do with his contract status.

    Suh already has a contract that will pay him $22 million this season. The team wants to extend him to reduce his cap number while locking him in long term. Suh holds all the cards–he can simply stand pat and STILL get paid $22 mil.

  63. I almost want to see him get traded.

    The reason?

    It will be so fun to watch the guys that have called him scum for years end up creaming their pants when he gets traded to their team.

  64. There is no way the Lions will trade Ndamukong Suh unless they already have another DT outside of Nick Fairley that can step in and start. With the Lions already saying that Nick Fairley won’t have his 5th year picked up then you are looking at possiblylosing both starting DT within the next year if Suh is traded.

    Calm down guys! I know the dead period that we are in is making everyone antsy but Matthew Stafford didn’t finalize his deal until June or July last year.

  65. It’s funny how dumb people really are. Suh is not holding out…..He’s not at “voluntary” workouts. Nor has he ever attended voluntary workouts. He still shows up to camp in better shape then any other player. He works with a personal trainer and has said he will be at mandatory OTAs. To the people calling him lazy…..That’s just to easy to attack you so I’ll leave it at that.

  66. the Lions are the only dirty team that has never won a super bowl…so what are the lions fans laughing at ?? yea the Raiders played dirty in 70s and 80s but won 3 super bowls the 49ers cheated the salary cap in the 80s as owner Debartolo had to give up the team but they won super bowls ..Look at Seattle last season no one liked there style but they won the super the Lions have Suh but with or without him the Lions cant even win a playoff thats funny and

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