Toby Gerhart: I’m ready for my shot now


Toby Gerhart had a close view of a workhorse tailback in Minnesota the last four seasons as he played a reserve role behind Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, but never got to fill the role himself.

Now the running back has signed with the Jaguars and is in line for heavy use. Coach Gus Bradley said that he thinks 18 carries a game is “feasible” for Gerhart and Gerhart thinks he’s in perfect position to capitalize on that workload after such sparing use with the Vikings.

“I had the skill set to be a starter from the onset, but I was playing behind one of the best in the game,” Gerhart said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I’ve gotten comfortable with the speed of the game, but don’t have the wear and tear on my body of someone carrying it 250 times a year. I think I’m in a unique situation. Even though it’s my fifth year in the league, I can come in and be a dominant guy. I’m ready for my shot now.”

Gerhart had 353 touches with the Vikings and was productive enough as both a runner and receiver to make it easy to understand why the Jags would think he’s capable of doing even more in an expanded role. Barring a big addition in the draft, Gerhart should get every chance at proving himself right about being a dominant back. If he’s right, the Jaguars offense will have one less thing to worry about in 2014.

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  1. Toby Gerhart will be a very solid starting RB in the NFL.

    He was personally groomed by the historic Minnesota Vikings and taught by the best RB of all time.

    He outperformed “rookie of the year” Eddie Lacy while having 8 less carries in a single game.

  2. It was a sad day to hear of Gerhart leaving the Vikings. I’m a huge fan, and hope he tears it up for the Jaguars. I don’t care who you are, it’s impossible to look impressive coming off the bench behind Adrian Peterson. But Gerhart is good, and he’s going to prove it this year. I might even have to watch me a few Jaguar games this year.

  3. The jaguars wasted their money. They could’ve had a proven guy in James Starks for less money.

  4. Vikings fan here. Always loved the fact that Toby was on our team. A hard worker and punisher on the field. He always had the ability to start, but you never heard one complaint about not playing…ever.

    Glad to see he is getting a shot.

  5. He’s OK. Very serviceable. But better than Lacy? You’re in the minority. And your inability to keep yourself from tossing out a negative comment about the Packers, no matter when and no matter what story, leaves out one important fact: The Packers Own The Vikings. Thank you very much.

  6. Gerhart, aka “El Diablo Blanco” is in for a huge year. Hopefully the Jags are smart enough to utilize him better than the Vikes did. He is fast, powerful, and a very good pass catcher…after all he did play center field at Stanford too. He even threw the ball well on some trick plays in college. People forget he ran for nearly 1900 yards and 28 scores his senior year and was the Heisman runner up in the closest voting in history.

  7. This guy is the wave of the future for NFL RBs IMO. Well rounded skills, good size and power but also enough speed to get out of the way. Workhorse skills without a diva attitude. The RB position going forward is going to be all about value… cold as it may sound, the smart GMs are no longer going to invest a 1St rd draft pick and long term guaranteed money into a position with a 3 yr average shelf life. They will cycle in a mid tier fuy every 2 to 4 yrs and invest the real resources elsewhere.

  8. Toby Gerhart will shock many. Everytime he touched the ball, he made something happen. He is just like Eddie Lacy and Marshawn Lynch, he is very tough to bring down. If they play him enough he could eclipse 1000 yards for sure or more.

  9. Smart player, good guy, with deceptive moves and speed. If he stays healthy, he’ll be a good addition to the Jags.

  10. Was always disappointed he didnt feature in the passing game on third down more.

    I have his shirt and will still wear it now he is a Jag, he left our team with nothing but a good word to say, even though we could/should have used him more.

  11. He’s a better than average RB and he will prove what the world already knows, that your performance with the Vikings is not indicative of your talent level.

  12. Can’t believe this guy was the highest paid running back out of the free agent class.

  13. The jags will utilize him DIFFERENTLY than the Vikings did because the jags don’t have a RB. How do you think the Vikings could have better utilized him ? Maybe sit one of the few backs in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards, the same back that holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a game, sit the best running back in the game today to get Toby more carries .
    The bottom line is when Adrian is ahead of you in the pecking order there are not many carries left for you and Toby understood that and accepted that like a true pro. Nobody blames him for leaving and getting his shot. He will do fine for the jags. Fumbles were his only issue other than that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him rush for 1,000 yards if he gets the majority of the carries.

  14. He will be just like Peyton Hillis, people will be asking “where are they now” after he flames out

  15. Man….if Toby can hit a few outta the park he’ll have a cult following like J. Lin did when he was with the Knicks!!!! Everybody’s wins!!! Good luck bro!

  16. He better then lacy and forte as a pure running back and his hands are not to shabby either you got a good one Jaguars don’t let these packer and bears troll tell you otherwise

  17. You do need to remember he signed with the Jaguars, not the Cowboy’s of the mid 90’s.
    He’ll be better value than MJD, and will have stats that won’t make the Jags regret signing him.
    But few will find the need to say “Wow” come January when they look back at his 2014 season.
    Even fewer will notice him as the season churns along.

  18. Like he said, he doesn’t have the wear on his tread like some backs. He will do well the first few years, if he avoids injury. Eventually, Gerhart will be too big and slow to hit those holes and move the line because he doesn’t run low enough.

  19. Good runningback but why did the Vikings even draft this guy? Toby got robbed years of playing time. I understand it might be better for him now to have the experiance of “playing” in the league w/o being punished like a feature back. Plus he got a hefty payday for some1 relatively unproven in the pros. Hypothetically he could have sucked (or got injured) as a starter and only lived out his rookie contract.. Never getting multimillion deal. Should be interesting guy to watch this year(I think he’s the real deal). Glad to see him finally getting the playing time he deserved coming out of college.

  20. He was a beast at Stanford. If he was drafted by anyone else he would already have a few pro bowls and would be hitting 1000 yards annually

  21. Gerhart is a good back. In the opportunities he got backing up Peterson, he proved to be a physical runner. I am confident he will be a solid starter for Jacksonville…

  22. I actually wish my Bears would have made a play for him. They desperately need a legit power back after Michael Bush stole money while not fulfilling that role the last couple of yrs.

  23. This guy was a lot of fun to watch in college. Lets hope he can put on a similar show now that he has a shot as the lead dog. This reminds me of the LT and Michael Turner situation. I hope it works out for the Jags they really need it.

  24. Toby will give all he had just like he has thus far
    in his career. Not flashy but effective and hard for one guy to tackle.

  25. This goes out to the vikings fans that think that gerhart had a better season than eddie lacy what are u smoking lacy rushed for 1244 yds on the year what did gerhart do and yes last year green bays defense wasnt good but we had a ton of injuries on both sides of the ball but we still made the playoffs what did the vikes do i guarantee yall that this year our run defense will be better and our entire defense and team will be better while yall vikings fans are at least 10 years away from making the playoffs hell yall need a franchise quarterback so before yall put my team down look at your team and roster yall lost your best player on defense in jared allen and eddie lacy had 8 rushing yards less than adrian peterson for the entire year yall are watching the decline of adrian peterson he will be out of the league in 3 more years

  26. Jags have no center with questions at right guard and tackle. Not to mention a QB and WR corp that doesn’t scare any defense out of 8 men in the box. I think Toby will have new found respect for MJD by week 4

  27. Let me put it this way, I would’ve taken him ALL DAY over Chris Johnson. Just ask any Jags fan who saw his team play the Titans twice each year.

    – Titans Fan

  28. The unspoken reason that some doubt him and make negative comments is a sad state of affairs for the league.

    The fact that certain people are never/almost never allowed to play certain positions is pathetic and shameful.

    The worst part is that it all starts with the NCAA and how they distribute scholarship based on criteria *other than* position skill and talent.

    It is my sincere hope that Toby has a highly successful career as a starting RB. He is absolutelythe right man for that job.

    I hope the Jags shore him up with a high-talent OG and OT and find a WR.

    It’ll be interesting to watch their season develop.

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