2011 first-round picks’ fifth-year options

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Here’s a look at the status of the fifth-year options for each of the first-round picks in the 2011 NFL draft:

1. Cam Newton, Panthers: Option picked up.

2. Von Miller, Broncos: Denver hasn’t made its decision yet. Miller is coming off a season that started with a six-game suspension and ended with a torn ACL, but the Broncos will likely decide that even with injury and off-field issues, Miller is simply too talented not to lock up for another year.

3. Marcell Dareus, Bills: Option picked up.

4. A.J. Green, Bengals: Option picked up.

5. Patrick Peterson, Cardinals: Option picked up.

6. Julio Jones, Falcons: There’s been no official word, but we can’t imagine that the option won’t be picked up.

7. Aldon Smith, 49ers: Based on his performance on the field, this would be an easy call. But off-field issues may make the 49ers decide they don’t see a future with Smith. It remains to be seen whether they’ll pick up his option or not.

8. Jake Locker, Titans: Even though Locker is their starter, the Titans probably won’t pick up his option. The reason is that fifth-year options are guaranteed for injury, and Locker has a track record of being injury-prone. The Titans don’t want to commit themselves to paying Locker in 2015 only to have him suffer a serious injury in 2014.

9. Tyron Smith, Cowboys: Although it hasn’t officially happened yet, the Cowboys have reportedly decided to pick up Smith’s option.

10. Blaine Gabbert, 49ers: It was surprising when the 49ers were willing to give up a sixth-round draft pick to acquire Gabbert from the Jaguars. It would be stunning if the 49ers were willing to pick up his fifth-year option, which is worth $13 million.

11. J.J. Watt, Texans: Option picked up.

12. Christian Ponder, Vikings: Minnesota appears ready to move on from Ponder and unlikely to pick up his option.

13. Nick Fairley, Lions: Detroit has already decided not to pick up Fairley’s option, on the theory that he’ll be more motivated knowing he’s playing for a new contract next year.

14. Robert Quinn, Rams: Option picked up.

15. Mike Pouncey, Dolphins: There’s nothing official yet, but Miami reportedly plans to pick up Pouncey’s option.

16. Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins: Expect the option to be picked up, although it hasn’t been announced yet.

17. Nate Solder, Patriots: Option picked up.

18. Corey Liuget, Chargers: Option picked up.

19. Prince Amukamara, Giants: Nothing official yet, but after a season in which Amukamara started all 16 games, it’s hard to believe his option won’t be picked up.

20. Adrian Clayborn, Buccaneers: The new regime has already decided not to use the option on Clayborn, whom they inherited from the previous regime.

21. Phil Taylor, Browns: Taylor is on the record as saying he hopes his option is picked up, but there’s no official word yet on whether it will be.

22. Anthony Castonzo, Colts: Option picked up.

23. Danny Watkins, formerly of the Eagles: Currently a free agent, Watkins has no contract and therefore no fifth-year option to pick up.

24. Cameron Jordan, Saints: Option picked up.

25. James Carpenter, Seahawks: Concerns about his injury history have the Seahawks leaning against picking up Carpenter’s option.

26. Jonathan Baldwin, 49ers: Acquired by the 49ers in a trade with the Chiefs, Baldwin hasn’t done enough in either Kansas City or San Francisco to merit picking up his option.

27. Jimmy Smith, Ravens: Option picked up.

28. Mark Ingram, Saints: There’s no word yet on whether the Saints plan to pick up the option or not.

29. Gabe Carimi, Falcons: Originally drafted by the Bears, then traded to the Bucs, then waived, Carimi is no longer on his rookie deal, which means his current team, the Falcons, has no option for him.

30. Muhammad Wilkerson, Jets: Option picked up.

31. Cameron Heyward, Steelers: Option picked up.

32. Derek Sherrod, Packers: Through three NFL seasons Sherrod still hasn’t started a single game, so it’s awfully unlikely that the Packers would pick up his option.

39 responses to “2011 first-round picks’ fifth-year options

  1. Good picking, Andy Reid! I was in full *smh* mode assuming Watkins would by far be the biggest bust on the list, but Sherrod hasn’t started a game in 3 years so that’s pretty tough to top. Seems like this draft has yielded some pretty solid contributors to almost every other team…

  2. 32. Derek Sherrod, Packers: Through three NFL seasons Sherrod still hasn’t started a single game, so it’s awfully unlikely that the Packers would pick up his option.

  3. Pretty standard for non-pickup– Top half of the round: Character issues, QB reaches.

    Bottom half — Some picks hit, some miss.

  4. Anyone else notice that arguably the three iffiest picks were all QBs (Gabbert, Locker, Ponder) were by teams looking for the “QB of the future” as opposed to the “talent for today”. Teams pressing for a QB in this draft should take note.

  5. “Christian Ponder was a bad draft pick, but at least he’s better than Derek Sherrod.”
    I disagree. It would have been much better for the Vikings if Ponder had never started a game like Sherrod.

  6. Keep in mind that Serrod will probably resigned by the Packers anyways after declining the option. Unlike good old Christian who will be sitting on his couch then.

  7. I will be surprised if Miami does pick up Pouncey option since he has yet to take psych eval and might be suspended by Goodell. If he was a crappy player like John Jerry, no way they pick up his option, but he’s a good player.

  8. glennsyank13 says:
    Apr 28, 2014 8:13 PM

    Keep in mind that Serrod will probably resigned by the Packers anyways after declining the option. Unlike good old Christian who will be sitting on his couch then.

    That should tell you something about the talent on each team.

  9. Looking at the Danny Watkins pick, there isn’t really much talent in the few picks after him that would’ve suited the Eagles. Looks like they should’ve traded up or out of the first completely. I only would’ve rather had Jordan Cameron or Mark Ingram. Other than that, slim pickings.

  10. As a Leos fan, how come we can’t seem to finish a project? It looked like the Dline was going to be awesome. Not only has it disappointed, in just one year it could be devoid of all promise.

  11. The ONLY reason Christian Ponder is better than Derek Sherrod is because Sherrod has been rehabbing a leg bone that was broken in two spots on a freak play.

    The way Ponder has played, I can only imagine Sherrod would likely be a better NFL QB than Ponder if Sherrod not gotten injured.

  12. Any other team and Phil Taylor is a Pro Bowler.

    Cleveland has 2 beasts in the middle with Taylor and Rubin.

    A no brainer to pick up his option and get the next contract done.

  13. Lots of talent at the top of this one, and some future hall of famers in Peterson and Watt. The Titans, Jags and Vikings wish they could have a mulligan.

    And Paul M’s comment is awesome. Nice pull buddy.

  14. Not so great of a 1st round for OL, was it? Watkins, Carimi and Sherrod were all unmitigated busts and Carpenter is real close to it.

  15. A full 20 picks after the Vikings reach on a QB who has basically played himself out of the league… the Packers draft a player knocked out by a serious injury and it’s Ted Thompson who can’t draft. Maybe they should have lost another ten games or so instead of winning the Super Bowl that year.

  16. Sherrod still isn’t a BUST. He hasn’t played because of injury. Now the odds of him coming back after more than two years away and becoming a good player aren’t that high, but they are infinitesimally higher than the chances of guys who have been CUT being good for the team that drafted them.

    They are also better than Ponder’s chances, because the Vikings have given up on him, and the only way he starts again is if Cassel and the QB the Vikes pick in this draft BOTH get hurt

  17. Sherrod was in position to start, as he had replaced an ineffective starter late in 2011. However, he had a horrific leg injury in that game and missed the end of 2011, all of 2012, and half of 2013 because of it.

    Still though can’t see the Packers keeping him on next year, as they are going into this year with 3 Tackles that have been starters in the past for GB.

  18. Of the thirty two 1st round draft picks from 2011, twenty 5th year options are picked up.
    Of the 12 who aren’t or aren’t expected to be all 4 NFC North teams are represented. That’s quality drafting by the Black and Blue division.

  19. The Dolphins finally hit on an O lineman and his off the field and mental issues may end up costing him his job. Sounds about right for the Dolphins, even when we hit we miss =/

  20. Three first round QB’s, none of them worth starting – take heed this year, GM’s. Other than those three, this first round class was pretty good.

  21. pouncey is fine, they will pick up the option for him considering he is top 3 in the nfl at the center position. miami is past all the drama and moving on, pouncey has learned that he cant mess up again.

  22. Chad Clifton was still an effective starter for most of 2011, so Sherrod was being groomed as the heir apparent – Clifton got injured, Sherrod entered the lineup, then Bulaga got injured, so Newhouse entered the line up.

    Tamba Hali bull rushed Newhouse – fell forward, snapped Sherrod’s Leg from a side angle.

    The guy spent 2012 healing his leg, 2013 regaining his wind/strength.

    Kind of tough to label a guy a “unmitigated bust” when his leg was snapped in half his rookie year.

    Suppose no one remembers Mike Flanagan, same thing happened to him – took him 3 years to return, he had a pro bowl career afterwards.

  23. Vikings blow a top ten pick and their fans “laugh” about the Packers’ pick at #32 who has had a career clouded by an injury. Hard to believe that there are fans anywhere who deserve 50+ years of futility more than that group.

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