2012 no contest plea could keep Chad Johnson out of Canada

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Receiver Chad Johnson finally has found a suitor.  Now, he simply needs governmental clearance to consummate the deal.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the Montreal Alouettes continues to wait for word on whether Johnson will be given the appropriate permit to work in Canada.  The team could get final word within the next 7-10 days.

If Johnson can’t get a permit, Johnson can’t play in Canada.  And if he can’t play in Canada, he can’t play anywhere.

Unless he wants to play in the Arena Football League.

Johnson last played in a pro football game that counts more than two years ago, as a member of the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.  He was cut by the Dolphins during 2012 training camp after being arrested for assaulting his wife.  He pleaded no contest to the charges.

And that could be what ultimately keeps Johnson out of Canada.  People with criminal records routinely are blocked from securing permission to work in Canada.  Johnson could circumvent the banishment by proving that he has been rehabilitated, among other potential exceptions.

38 responses to “2012 no contest plea could keep Chad Johnson out of Canada

  1. NFL, take a page from Canada…stop letting every idiot (particularly the ones with criminal records, especially when convicted of a serious offense WHILE EMPLOYED by the league) with football talent into your league, and things look a whole lot better, VERY quickly.

  2. Let’s revisit this in a few weeks. Maybe I’m cynical, but I have a hard time believing money won’t win out on this one. Ocho is gonna put more butts in the seats and more eyes on the CFL. I’d be surprised if he’s not suiting up this season.

    Anybody wanna bet on how this will turn out?

  3. I think he ought to be able to play ; I don’t see any scenario in which not allowing him to play benefits anyone.

  4. Coming from a Browns fan everyone can say what they want but the guy had talent and was a baller.

  5. You all do know that you don’t even have to touch a person to have that charge brought against you right?
    Have a woman call the police and see who gets arrested. In America that’s one bias that still holds true.
    As a professional I’ve seen my share of these incidents go unfounded, but for the sake of “safety” one of you is going and that my friend 9 out of 10 times will be the male.
    Cautionary tale here…your house or not, leave before it even gets that far.
    A person can’t argue when their alone.

  6. “…people with criminal records are routinely blocked from securing work in Canada…” Maybe he can run for Mayor of Toronto.

  7. As a Patriots fan we’ve had plenty of average to bad receivers during the Brady era. Chad Johnson has got to rank right up there with the latter. Future HOF ? What HOFer either couldn’t learn “the playbook” or catch more than 15 passes and 1 touch down with Brady throwing you soft balls. Yeah he’s gonna light it up in Canada.

  8. Canada, today is your lucky day.

    For every professional American athlete you buy named Johnson, we throw in a free Justin Bieber to go with him….

  9. So how does this work in the NBA/MLB when a US player with a criminal record gets traded/signed by Toronto?

  10. Chad wearing that HOF jacket that day was just part of his routine..he didnt mean anything bad by it it wasnt even real so give me a break…he seems like a sincere person and nice guy …all these people bashing him cause of his mistake are acting like they never made a mistake in there life.im sure he learned his lesson and just trying to move on ..Im not even a bengals fan obviously but come on except for that one mistake he just enjoyed making fans laugh and little show boating and was one pretty solid receiver for cincy ..now if you want to talk about Kapernick thats a difrant story

  11. I never did think he was that funny.

    Most jocks aren’t funny because they always make jokes that make themselves look good, which is the opposite of funny, but people laugh because well, they’re trying.

  12. He needs to pick his women better. He got caught up in living the reality life and married that chaotic homewrecker from that chaotic reality show, who happens to be very violent on it and his life was never the same.

    It’s amazing. For all his antics he had never been in trouble. All it took was one moment, one women, and it call went crashing down.

    Evelyn Lozada then quickly moved on to another rich athlete. Hopefully this has taught everybody a valuable lesson.

  13. Canada won’t let you enter their country if you have a drunk driving, even if it happened years ago.

  14. For some of the post saying we let Beiber stay , Well there is a reason we happily do that. Beiber is in that HIGH TAX BRACKET category that Uncle Sam can’t resist.Lets just say the amount in taxes Beiber pay us it would be more than enough to sustain a small country.

  15. Good gravy – he’s been out of football for two years, and the last time he was on a team, he sucked. Even if Canada gives him the “ok,” I’m willing to bet Montreal cuts him in a matter of weeks.

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