911 caller claims Roby “almost hit a bunch of kids” while driving

Getty Images

The facts and circumstances surrounding the recent arrest of former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby continue to be confusing and vague.

Cited for operating a vehicle while under influence, Roby made clear that he generated a 0.008 percent blood-alcohol concentration, 10 percent of the legal limit.  But the 911 call paints a different picture.

Per 10tv.com in Columbus (via NFL.com), the person who reported erratic driving by Roby claimed that he endangered pedestrians.

“Hi, I’m just leaving BBR on Vine and some black Dodge Charger just almost hit a bunch of kids on the sidewalk,” the caller said.  “And now, the driver is passed out drunk on the side of BBR in black Charger with Georgia plates.”

While Roby passed the breath test, he failed a field sobriety test conducted after he was found behind the wheel of the vehicle.

The charges are expected to be dropped.  Still, the 911 call provides another wrinkle that Roby needs to deal with as the draft approaches.