Anthony Spencer: Hopefully I’ll be back by training camp


The Cowboys have re-signed defensive end Anthony Spencer, which answers one question about Spencer’s future.

Still to be answered is the one about when he’ll be ready to get back on the field after having microfracture surgery on his left knee last year. Spencer said Monday that he won’t be participating in organized team activities this spring and that he will “hopefully” be ready to go when the Cowboys start training camp in late July.

“It’s getting there,” Spencer said, via “I’ve probably got another month or so. When I had the surgery, they said it was a six- to eight-month recovery. I’m in the five- to seven-month range now. I just need to continue to get it stronger and stronger.”

Spencer should be a starter come September, but his injury history means that the Cowboys can’t make too many assumptions about his availability. That’s one of several reasons why the team should be looking for help at defensive end in the draft next month.

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  1. Spencer along with the new additions all the sudden Dallas ain’t looking so bad on Defense. On June 1st, Dallas will get some of the Miles Hammy Austin’s money. WE ALL know Dallas’ offense can put up points. A good draft is enough to go far. Dallas went 5-1 against the division last season with the worst injured defense. Oh and Romo didn’t play that final game. Dallas WILL taken the division. Thumb me down haters. You hate us but can’t stop talking about us!

  2. Stephen Jones… “Oh there’s gonna be defensive ends in this years draft, we still have to figure that out … Pop, you got a smudge on your glasses, let me get that “…

  3. If I step away from the gym for ten minutes I lose 10 lbs. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get back into football shape after recovering from surgery for 8 months.

  4. Great move Jerry! You signed the worst of the 3 key D players and inspired one of them to sign with a division rival.

  5. Lol man as a skins fan. I love you Jerry and I hope you live to be 110. I also hope you kid is a chip off the old block. so far it looks to be that way.

  6. @ dallascowboysdishingthereal

    “It will be a big mistake but typical Jerry, to put all their trust in Spencer at DE. Not only may that knee not stay healthy, he has never played DE in the NFL as he was a 3-4 OLB. Better draft a DE.”

    Are you serious. No, really – are you serious?

    First of all, Spencer has played DE AND OLB for the Cowboys, Einstein. I don’t care what he is or was on the depth charts, he has been moved around and has played both positions depending on the formation the Cowboys have run. He has had his hand in the dirt a large number of times – this translates into him playing at DE, in case you didn’t understand. One other thing……Wait for it….. here it comes…..Spencer played DE in college.

    Dude, you are inept if you think Dallas now abandons drafting a DE in this draft. It is a high priority REGARDLESS of this recent signing. They weren’t going to break to bank to keep Hatcher and an oft-injured Ware the past couple of seasons on the team. Both were overpaid to play elsewhere, and both will be 32 in July.

    Spencer (who just turned 30) was brought back at a minimum for depth. He knows the system very well, and nobody else was going to sign him for what Dallas paid him, which is next to nothing if he comes back and plays at a serviceable level. The starting RDE for this season is Spencer’s job to lose, and he may just lose it depending on who they draft. DeMarcus Lawrence, Anthony Barr, Kony Ealy, Scott Chrichton, Marcus Smith, Kareem Martin, Will Clarke, Jackson Jeffcoat – all are possibilities at DE, and the Cowboys will be drafting heavily on D-line this draft. You don’t have to worry about it – they more than have it covered,

  7. nice risk free signing again by Steve, but its still a frikkin infirmary on that side of the ball. right now as starters, I have Carr, Scandrick, Durant, Church, Heath (yuk), Hayden, and Selvie not rehabbing something. If this works out, Jerry should cut Britt a big bonus check.

  8. Any team can win the title but Dallas won’t. They couldn’t win in a down year in the NFC east and with the Skins and Giants ready to rebound the Boys are destined for 8-8.

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