Browns G.M. heaps praise on Sammy Watkins


Cleveland Browns General Manager told reporters Monday he knows who he wants with the fourth pick in the NFL Draft.

No, he did not tell them who it was.

Farmer did what a lot of guys in his position will do over the next 10 days, namely gush about every prospect at the top of the board, hoping someone hears it and confuses it for genuine interest in a particular guy.

But Farmer’s most glowing praise was apparently for Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

“It would be big, big, ginormous [to get him],” Farmer said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s a good football player. He has really good hands, can run all the routes and can be productive. Saddle him on the opposite side of Josh Gordon — wow!”

He also said Watkins “will be good in this league. Dynamic. He plays the game violently, aggressively.”

All of those things are likely true. It’s possible that none of them will matter as it pertains to the Browns, as Watkins could be gone before they pick.

Farmer also said he’s talked to around 10 of his counterparts around the league in the last 24 hours about possible trades, and all of them in the last week.

But in case any of them didn’t get the message, here’s a recap:

Ray Farmer really likes Sammy Watkins. And a lot of other guys.

23 responses to “Browns G.M. heaps praise on Sammy Watkins

  1. This is the pick that makes the most sense for them. Watkins, Gordon and Cameron would be very potent. Get your QB at #26, and could probably get Carlos Hyde in the 2nd round. That’s a perfect start to their draft.

  2. He would also be that insurance policy in case Gordon makes another mistake and gets a 1 year suspension.

    The new Browns have never had a true #1 receiver, aside for a fluke year with Edwards, with Watkins you have 2 – #1 receivers and a premier Tight End, that combo will make any QB look good, It would also take the attention of the safeties and make Tate look even better.

    So Watkins looks like #4, he will make us better, and if Gordon has a problem, we will not take that infamous step backwards.

  3. this makes me nervous
    hope he’s there at #4 🙂
    but i got feeling the rams will screw up eveeybody’s draft board after # 2 and we will have too change who we pick at #4 and 26 ugh
    cant wait too get too radio city next week
    GO BROWNS!!!!

  4. Watkins and Gordon with Hoyer chucking the ball spells bad news for the rest of the AFCN.

  5. The Browns have 2 first-round picks and a grand total of 10 this year. Trading down would make no sense whatsoever. If anything, they can afford to trade up if they had wanted to.

    Then again, it’s the Browns, so logic does not apply here.

  6. Browns may be better off taking a wide out at 26. There will be a really good one on the board then.

    I think Clowney, Mack and Watkins go 1-2-3 so Browns should either trade down or go with Robinson. Take a QB in the second or third round round, someone like Mettenberger or Murray or Garappolo.

  7. I smell a smokescreen, Farmer knows that Defense wins a championship. There are A LOT of very good wr’s in this draft.

  8. Trading down in a deep draft still makes sense despite the fact they have ten picks. Possibly acquire an extra second this year or another first for next year. With this being such a deep draft, according to pretty much everybody who’s paid to talk about it, I don’t see how anybody can say trading down doesn’t make sense.

  9. Also: I’m not a fan of Manziel but I have to admit if the Browns take him, Latimore the WR from Indiana and Mason or Hyde at RB with their first three picks there would be a lot of excitement in Cleveland

  10. I think Farmer just went all in on his Texas holdem hand. He’s telling trading partners that if you don’t deal with me, Watkins will be gone to us at #4. Since Farmer knows teams like the Raiders, Detroit and Tampa Bay covet him, he just may trade down if one of those or other teams are willing to give him their second round pick to move up to the Browns spot at #4. There are other sterling WR’s to choose from after Sammy.

  11. By the way that Hoyer favors scrambling and dumping the ball off to tight ends more so than throwing downfield to receivers I’d love to see the Browns go after Eric Ebron with the 4th pick. Take O-line with the later 1st round pick and wait till next year to get a QB, Winston, Mariota etc.

  12. Watkins should be the pick but now that Farmer is raving about him, I believe it’s a smokescreen. He will take the best offer for the #4 pick. I just hope Manziel is gone whenever the Browns pick.

  13. The thing I like about Ray Farmer is the very thing that pisses off most sportswriters. No one knows what he is going to do…except Ray Farmer.

    Farmer is the BEST thing that has happened to the Cleveland Browns front office in a very long time.


  14. Wow, you drank the koolaid and asked for more. It’s all about smoke screens this time of year. Hoping to force someone to trade up. There’s no way they’d pick him if he’s available at 4. That’s a luxury pick and Cleveland has too many holes in the floorboard to be buying rims.

  15. For the first time in a long time, I feel pretty confident going into the draft ,that the browns have a guy calling the shots that has a clue, and will get it right! Watch out the browns are building a dynasty right before our eyes.

  16. What if Ray Farmer is smoke screening the smokescreen, by raving about the guy he really wants so people will assume that’s not who he is interested in?

    *Inception music*

  17. I believe the Browns trade down a little and take WR Evans. A bigger, thicker body to cover the middle.

    I’d love to see Browns pick up QB Murray, and then add QB Savage (Pitt) in a later round.

  18. They need to get Sammy Watkins. Hes a beast. Hes Julio Jones caliber. We already passed on getting Julio, and that bit them in the backside. Dont make the same mistake twice.

    I would have no problem with them flip flopping picks with the Rams or Jags and throw in a 4th round pick to get Watkins. While there is good depth at WR in this years draft, Watkins is the best WR in this draft by a big margin.

    The positive sign is that Farmer is raving about him, now go get him.

  19. While we could definitely get a starting caliber WR later in the first round, or with our high 2nd round pick… no one is going to be Watkins-caliber. I’d be happy with a Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Marquise Lee, Brandin Cooks, Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson, etc… and I’m sure they’ll be good players. Just not as good as Watkins will be.

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