Browns to give Vince Young a look-see


He’s back.  Possibly.  Maybe.

Quarterback Vince Young, the third overall pick in the 2006 draft who has been out of the NFL since 2011, will participate in the Browns’ voluntary minicamp on a tryout basis this week, according to Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston.

Young, who will take a physical on Monday, spent portions of the offseason in 2012 and 2013 with the Bills and Packers, respectively.

The Browns’ interest isn’t surprising.  For starters, their best options currently are Brian Hoyer, who’s recovering from a torn ACL, and Alex Tanney, who’s best known for his abilities as a trick-shot artist.

Besides, owner Jimmy Haslam, a Tennessean, witnessed Young become a Pro Bowler in both 2006 and 2009 with the Titans.  It makes sense for Haslam to at least raise with his football people the question of whether Young at least deserves a chance to compete with the top options currently under contract in Cleveland.

Young spent 2011 with the Eagles, with his biggest contribution being the inadvertent coining of the term “dream team.”  In Cleveland, the overriding objective is to end a nightmare that has lasted for nearly 20 years.

101 responses to “Browns to give Vince Young a look-see

  1. Vince Young’s record(as a starter) is sitting somewhere very close to .500
    That is so much better than the new edition Browns can say.
    Honestly, these guys are gonna be garbage and they know it. Give VY a shot, u may end up giving your downtrodden fans their ticket moneys worth

  2. Here we go. Vince Young may get a tryout this week, unless, you know, he doesn’t. And the Browns might be interested in his services, unless, you know, they’re not.

  3. Just an arm for spring training. Nothing more! At least they didn’t bring in a washed up, has been in his mid to late 30’s for an extra arm. Young will at least be able to hit Gordon going down the sidelines.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  4. You guys can hate on VY all you want but you cant tell me there are 64 QBs with roster spots better than he is.

  5. I dont understand how you can assume that because Haslam is from Tenn he automatically watched Vince play.

  6. It can’t hurt to take a look. When Hoyer is healthy he’s pretty damn good, but who knows for sure how far back he is from the ACL. I think Vince’s win percentage as a starter is around 60-65%, so he’s proven that he can win in this league.The question is how much does he have left and thats why you work him out and see for yourself. It’s a shame what happened to his career, cuz he had all the physical tools to be a quality long term starter, but he got derailed by being an immature head case. I really do hope it works out for him with Cleveland.

  7. Before everyone rips Vince……just give the man a chance to make the team. He does have a winning record. His career may have been different…..if Jeff Fisher molded the offense the way teams NOW do for the mobile qb now…instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

  8. Dear Browns,
    There is a reason why a player is out of the league for 2 years even though they still want to play– they are not any good. Find a veteran who can give some stability and show the young quarterbacks how to play the position.

  9. pretty sure he’s better than at least 6 current starters and maybe 20 back-ups and any third stringer loafing around. why not give him a look. heck,San Fran traded for Blaine Gabbert,Dallas signed Weeden and Ryan Fitzpatrick is in Houston,so I’ll bet VY is a bit more talented than those guys. Hoyer is coming off of a knee injury,Tanney could probably pitch for the Indians…no pain in having Vince Young throwing during vols.

  10. Or it could just be that they have a minicamp this week and the only QBs on the roster are Brian Hoyer’s torn ACL and Alex “Trash Can” Tanney. They’re a little short on NFL arms for even running seven on sevens in shorts and shirts. Vince Young just represents an arm for the week and MAYBE you see something to bring him back on a zero guarantee contract for training camp.

    This is nothing different than a baseball team signing up a bunch of washed up pitchers on a minor league deal for spring traning.

  11. Do you guys who are lauding Vince’s winning percentage remember the D’s that Tennessee had when he was starting? The Titans won a whole lot of those games 13-12 or something.

  12. The Browns don’t need VY, they’ve got their franchise QB in Brian HoyHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha oh man no matter how many times I try I can never get through that..

  13. A desperation move but one they forced themselves into. They cut all their healthy QBs and now do not even have anyone to run OTA reps. When both of the QBs they cut immediately got signed, that should have told them something about their “plan”.

  14. I’m sorry, since when is the owner responsible for on-field personnel? I mean, it works so well for other franchises when the owner has more involvement than necessary and doesn’t trust the individuals he’s/she’s hired to run the team…like, the Raiders…the Cowboys…all super successful franchises due to ownership micro-management.

    ANY success this team experiences this season will be due solely to the moves made by the GM–DESPITE the meddling of the owner and the incompetence/inexperience of the current coaching staff.

  15. If they Browns brought in young, he would be third on the depth chart, and most likely be inactive each week. They are smart for looking at all options. Ray Farmer is going to excel as a GM!

  16. Better than Dalton or Flacco. He’d instantly become the 2nd best QB in the division.

  17. Question for the naysayers – like the very first poster – What have they got to lose? This is the Browns we are talking about here. It’s not like they are going to entice the next Joe Montana to walk through the door. Deal with your limitations Browns fans.

  18. Doesn’t hurt. Yeah, the man’s had a rough time in the NFL… largely of his own making.

    Hey, my Bears brought in JaWalrus in the last offseason for a look-see. Nothing happened. He didn’t make the team… didn’t even make training camp… what did that tryout hurt? What did the Bears lose in doing that? A bit of some front office guys’ time, tops.

    Bring him in. Look at him. Work him out. Have him throw a couple balls. What does that hurt?

    If the Browns were offering VY millions sight unseen, I’d be catcalling too. But the front office is just looking. Looking is cheap.

  19. for all you haters
    Vince Young has good win-loss record as starter “i think he’s won 30+ games and only loss less then 20 games”
    u cant say he those no have an NFL arm
    you cant say he’s not mobile & cant RUN
    “which he can and he’s very fast”
    just need too coaching which he never had from jeff fisher or andy reid!!!
    please cleveland give him a through workout and see what he has left he’s better then Hoyer “he’s now a statue via that bad acl injury even when he gets 100%”
    Go Browns Fix this guy up and give him the right coaching

  20. Good news for VY and the league. He has lots left in the tank given the other QB options on some rosters, especially the Browns’ roster. His winning percentage is legit given the dearth of talent the Titans have every year since the Super Bowl run. He was the best QB on the Bills’ roster in training camp. He was the best backup option in Green Bay last year. Even in Philly he threw for 400+ yards against the Patriots and led the team to a win against the eventual Super Bowl champs.

    While it can’t be denied that off-field issues have been a factor in the past, consider that he was drafted the wrong team in the wrong situation with questionable management and coaching; some very close family friends and financial advisors betrayed him and stole money from him; his mentor and father figure was murdered; the press coverage of VY is always excessive – often moreso than starters, which can be a negative in some cases. But how is that his fault?

    I’m not saying he’s bound for the HOF but he has the talent play in this league. I wish him the best of luck.

  21. Vince Young is a 58% career passer who has never thrown for more than 2600 yards in a season. He’s also never thrown for more than 12 touchdowns in a season and has more career interceptions thrown (51) than touchdowns (46). He just isn’t that good of a QB.

  22. Folks, I know that VY’s W-L record is appealing, but it just is not representative of his personal contribution.

    I am Titans fan. I saw it. Yes, I saw the electric plays that VY is capable of. But I saw a lot of less successful plays too.

    The defense was very strong in his early years. Heck Pacman was an impact player in more games than VY. VY gets way too much credit for those wins. QBs always do, but I’m telling you…the Titans won WITH VY, not because of VY.

    Also, VY was most effective when he was a threat to run. When he got it through his head that he wanted to be known as a passer, he stopped running. So they started playing more coverage against him and he was horrible.

    All on top of being a me-guy instead of a we-guy. QBs from Texas are all like that. They must be treated as saints down in Austin.

    And the Pro-Bowl version of VY. Never elected. Got in during 2006 when everybody got injured or backed out. His childhood mentor/idol – Steve McNair – was the last guy to drop out, and he did it specifically so that VY could get in.

    So, good luck to VY and to the Browns. But not on my team, not ever. In the words of Jim Mora, Sr., this guy is a coach-killer.

  23. The Browns deserve a break. Hopefully Hoyer comes back and is better . Young may be able to contribute as a backup.

  24. I’m glad they are finally bringing some youth to this team! Hey…he’s younger than the guy they drafted 2 years ago who started the season as QB for the Browns last year! The Wonderlic is highly overrated. He doesn’t need to know what 1 + 1 is to throw a pointy ball full of air to a receiver.

  25. Actually…it’s a good move. Why not bring in a former Heisman trophy winner from Texas to help mentor another Heisman trophy winner from Texas? Ray Farmer isn’t much of a poker player!

  26. The Good:

    VY’s arm–superior
    VY’s legs–superior
    VY in the clutch–unflappable

    The Bad:

    VY’s worth ethic–undisciplined
    VY’s mental grasp of the game–extremely spotty at best
    VY’s leadership ability–selfish and an emotional rollercoaster … not respected by teammates
    VY’s teachability: “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.”

    – Titans Fan

  27. As a 49er fan, I’ve wondered for the longest time why Harbaugh has never brought him in to hold a clip board.

    If anyone’s shown they can turn around a former bust, it’s Harbaugh (A. Smith).
    Young isn’t the prettiest apple on the tree, but he’s got some potential in him if he’s coached up right and the work ethic is there

  28. Well I was in Tennessee from the relocation until last year and I saw the effects of absentee ownership and ineffective management/coaching up close. Very few franchises have had such consistent mismanagement and personnel mistakes over that time period. The Titans have been terrible for a long time, and will be terrible again this year. Not VY’s fault. To say that he is a coach-killer is just flat out ridiculous.

  29. What the heck. The Giants brought in Josh Freeman and Rusty Smith just to name a couple.

  30. Coach-killer.
    Fisher wanted Cutler
    His OC Norm Chow wanted Leinert.
    Adams made them take Young.
    Young did not work out.
    Coach eventually left for a place where he could be the decision maker on football issues.

    “Coach-Killer”. Same as Mike Vick. Tempting, never good enough to win.

  31. He’s better than anything they’ve got or had since McCoy’s concussion. Unfortunately, it’s the same old Browns thinking one player makes a difference. If they had a TEAM with some players at every position he would win some games for them. But they’ll draft some unfortunate QB and Vince will not make it to a Pre-season game and the unfortunate QB will ruin his career there.

  32. It’s worth noting that Dowell Loggains was Vince Young’s QB coach with the Titans and Loggains is now the Browns’ QB coach …


  33. I really wanted him to succeed in Buffalo.

    But, he just does not have it anymore.

  34. The only coach killer in TN is the ownership & management. For example, just last season. And VY was terrible once he settled into being a drop-back passer? A 98.6 QB rating in 2010 before he went on IR is terrible? I don’t think so. A 30-17 record with the Titans with no discernible talent besides CJ is terrible? I don’t think so. Nothing like revisionist history.

    It’s not VY’s fault that ownership made Fisher draft him. And if VY is such a coach-killer, why is his former OC (Loggains, now Cleveland’s QB coach) interested in him?

    Not a coach-killer. Not even close.

  35. Love all the “Only the Browns would be dumb enough to sign this guy” type comments, when every single, last one of these people leaving these dumb comments knows that VY would be no more than training camp fodder or 3rd/2nd string at best. It’s doubtful he’d even be 2nd string as the Browns will undoubtedly draft a QB with the 26th pick who will be groomed for a starting job in the not too distant future.

    Long story short, there’s about a 1% chance VY will ever throw a ball for the Browns in a regular season game… So why bother with the “OMG, they’re so stupid” comments? Vince Young has about as much relevance to what the Browns will do this year as the guy who washes the teams uniforms.

    Oh yeah. Schadenfreude. Lots of that around here.

  36. He can’t keep his brain engaged long enough to play QB. If it isn’t tuck and run every other down he is lost..

  37. I heard VY is still standing in his backyard, flapping his wings because his agent told him he had to fly to Cleveland. Maybe he won’t be able to find Browns Stadium because the sign was changed.

    You know it would take all of pre-season for him to figure out how to open the playbook. Someone mentioned the “X’s” and “O’s” of the game and he thought they were talking about tic-tac-toe.

    Heard a story about his high school coach buying him a PS-1 to play Madden, in hopes of learning something about the game. Vince is still trying to get the box open….damn plastic shrink wrap!

    What does this say about his degree and his school? Any wonder why Texans are against education?

  38. JEEZ, this guy has had NOTHING but BAD news in his life for quite some amount of time. He’s overdue for some good news. I hope things work out well for VY.

  39. Hey, what’s wrong with giving a guy a shot? I know, he just plain blew it in the past, but… He was so good in college…….What the heck do the Browns have to loose?

  40. Vince had a 30-17 record as a starter and had a 98.6 passer rating in his last 10 starts before Tennessee bailed on him… At this point he may be a lost cause, but NFL teams outthink themselves sometimes.

  41. if Brandon Weedon can get a shot at a backup job Vince can have a starting job, perennial playoff QB as well as Pro Bowler. I mean look at the success of the Titans since he left, hasn’t been any. why draft a possible suspect QB this year when next years draft has more sure things at QB

  42. um… You guys know he can’t learn a playbook, right?

    Run around and chuck it someplace is the one he knows. The other ones confuse him……

  43. Every time I see or hear anything about VY all I can do is remember “DREAM TEAM” lol. Thanks for the memories Vince, now exit the NFL….. PLEASE!

  44. Boy, there are a couple of mighty tough people in the audience. I mention he could some good news and say that I hope things work out well for VY and two of you thumbs down it. I wonder why someone could be so small that he or she couldn’t wish a guy well, or just pass on by, but to actually Stop, just to wish ill on another…yep, mighty tough folks.

  45. The Cleveland Browns have signed VINCE YOUNG”…..
    CLEVELAND, you may have just found some “Texas Tea” (Black Gold) in Vince Young…If you are willing to utilize his strengths, there is no telling how far the Browns can go…. Vince is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he know how to WIN games

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