Chip Kelly on Johnny Manziel: “I love the kid”


Eagles coach Chip Kelly probably won’t draft former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. But Kelly sure is enamored with Johnny Football.

Kelly said today that when he was recruiting Manziel to Oregon, he believed Manziel was the perfect player to run his offense. And Kelly was very upset when Manziel, who initially committed to play for Kelly, changed his mind and chose the Aggies instead.

“When I coached at Oregon he was tailor made for it,” Kelly said, via “He broke my heart. I love the kid. I think he’s a hell of a football player.”

Kelly wouldn’t answer specifically whether the Eagles are interested in drafting Manziel.

“We have an interest in anybody that’s draft eligible this year,” Kelly said.

The mobile Manziel would seem to be perfect for the offense Kelly ran at Oregon, but in Philadelphia Kelly seems content with one of the slowest trios of quarterbacks in the league in Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. Kelly might love the idea of Manziel’s athleticism adding a spark to the Eagles’ offense, but Kelly surely loves the way Foles threw the ball last year even more.

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  1. Likely trying to add that final push that gets Jerry to draft him in the first. I am a Johnny Football fan, but I view any positive comments from higher ups on an actual team (sorry kiper) to be a trap.

  2. The Cowboys own the hearts of Texans except for a little slither of real estate in the SE part of the state — basically anywhere within 70 miles of Galveston Bay. That slither belongs to the Texans. And its been that way since the Texans’ inception. Now the Cowboys are making noise about snagging Manziel since Romo is 34 years old. If the Cowboys trade up and get him they would really cement their hold on the State of Texas fan base.

    Don’t be surprised if the Texans draft Manziel number 1, despite Clowney’s amazing athleticism. There are other considerations in play here. For one, the QB position is more important than the defensive end position. Two, and this is an important factor IMO, the Texans need to do something to capture more of the state fan base. The Cowboys long standing dominance on the business side of things has to infuriate the Texans owner, Bob McNair. If the Texans were to draft Manziel, it would go a long way towards bring parity among the fans in our great state between the two teams. Not to mention McNair would make a fortune off Manziel — far more than any other player he could draft. They draft Manziel and the demand for tickets goes up big time (and with that, ticket prices), as well as the demand for Texans merchandise. Hell, if they grab Manziel I could see every household in the state having a Texan jersey with the number 2 and “Manziel” imprinted upon it.

    If I’m McNair, I would be saying, “look, I have been taking the safe pick for a while now, and where has it gotten us? Its time to roll the dice because no one in the draft has as high a potential upside as Johnny Football. Yes, he could bust, but he could also become wildly successful as a NFL quarterback.”

  3. The whole Johnny Football saga is exactly why I love this sport and love the draft.

    I personally think he’s a great shot in the arm for a team. Favre 2.0. Only shorter.

    If Watkins isn’t there the Browns need to draft him.

  4. Johnny Manziel on Chip Kelly, “I love the coach – He’s got a good eye for talent. However, the Eagles don’t have the top pick in the Draft”.

  5. eagles don’t need to be worrying about the QB position. some in Philly slam Andy Reid still, but he did leave you with a heck of a parting gift in Nick Foles.

  6. man, if only the Ducks had been able to find a competent QB to run their system after Johnny bailed..

  7. The Eagles are not yet a superbowl contender although they are not far off. The Eagles need to pick Best Player Available regardless of offense or defense to insure sustained success. If that means drafting Manziel at 22, even thoug I doubt he’ld be available or best player available, then do it. The real question is whether the Eagles snatch Bridgewater at 22 if he’s there.

  8. Johnny Football, Bridgewater,Bortels, Carr, I would any of these QBs in favor of Foles. Foles is a system QB who can only complete short to mid range passes when his receivers are wide open, and all of his deep balls look like punts, and thus, are jump balls.

    He rarely threw picks in 2013 because if there was anybody within five yards of the receiver, he’d take a sack instead of pulling the trigger, and he has no poise in the pocket. As soon as someone gets anywhere near him he freaks out !

    People said Foles has a big arm; he doesn’t.

    People said Foles was accurate; he isn’t, all the screens and dump offs inflate his completion percentage.

    People said he got rid of the ball quickly, and yet we see him holding the ball for 8 seconds and takes -11 yard sacks.

    Quarterback is still a need.

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