Chip Kelly: Releasing Jackson “purely football” move after no trade offers

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The NFL said last week that it was satisfied that the Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson for football reasons and coach Chip Kelly said the same thing on Monday.

Kelly said he had no personality conflicts with Jackson during their year together with the Eagles and that the team decided to solicit trade offers for the receiver because of their overall plans for the team. When there were no offers, the team decided to release Jackson in a move that had nothing to do with a report of Jackson’s alleged gang ties.

“We just wanted to go in a different direction. It had nothing to do with any article. Purely football,” Kelly said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “We had no offers for DeSean. It doesn’t matter what we wanted, because we had no offers.”

Kelly wasn’t surprised by the lack of offers for Jackson under his former contract, nor should it be a surprise to anyone else. Jackson’s deal was set to pay him $10.7 million for the 2014 season, which is awfully rich even for a receiver of Jackson’s talents.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie also spoke to reporters and said that he is concerned about all players’ off-field behavior, but had no special concerns about Jackson. Lurie said Kelly came to him after the season ended and said he wanted to move in a different direction at receiver, which was enough for the owner to sign off on the move.

Both men said they had no concerns about Jackson going to a division rival. Jackson will have two chances to make them feel differently next season.

54 responses to “Chip Kelly: Releasing Jackson “purely football” move after no trade offers

  1. philly let me go & i went to baltimore where i won something that has NEVER been won in philly

    a world champion head coach

  2. He wasn’t worth that much money, and every year he contemplated holding out for MORE money. He’s completely about self. Kelly had a solid first season in Philly, let him coach his team.

  3. What they really meant to say was “we have no concerns about Jackson going to a division rival given that RGFragileEgo will be the one throwing to him”.

  4. No doubt. Everyone knows Jackson is but a mere shadow of himself, non-productive, and rapidly deteriorating as we speak.


  5. Chip is clearly just trying to say the right things concerning the release of DeSean, but if Jackson were ACTUALLY being evaluated from a “purely football” standpoint…he never would have been released. It truly makes me wonder if this was going to happen regardless of DeSean’s performance on the field, because top-10 receivers (in terms of yards at least) don’t get dropped like a bad habit very regularly…more like never.

    If Jackson put up even better numbers, sayyyy 1600 yards and 15 TDs…would he STILL have been cut? Was his fate truly sealed even before he blew up last year? (Very likely).

  6. So the football reasons were that he didn’t want to follow the same regimen as his teammates and he didn’t want film sessions interrupting his rap music?

  7. Jackson is Percy Harvin without the migraines. This ends up being addition by subtraction. In a couple of years, he’ll end up in Oakland.

  8. A year ago, Chip Kelly said “We want taller, longer people because bigger people beat up little people.” Once he was entrenched and clearly in his own as a head coach, he got the team to release a 5’10”, 175 lb speedster who was the Eagles’ #1 wide receiver. It’s pretty clear that he is sticking with his coaching philosophy: replace the little guy with a bigger one. Jeremy Maclin has 2 inches and 18 pounds on Jackson, and I’d bet they draft a wideout north of 6’3″.

  9. The most telling sentence in the article is this: “Lurie said Kelly came to him after the season ended and said he wanted to move in a different direction at receiver,”

    I thought that Jackson was a perfect for Kelly’s high octane style of offense, but apparently not. Maybe the Kelly offense requires receivers who run more disciplined routes so the quick passes more reliably connect.
    For all his physical talents I don’t think anyone ever accused Jackson of being disciplined.

  10. Eagles fans now all think Jackson is a bum. Typical for their ilk. Completely unappreciative for what he did for your team. Remember the last second punt return? You think any old “speedster” can make plays like that? Not to mention the fact he’s led league since came in in 40+ yard receptions. The Redskins say “Thanks.”

  11. You guy keep saying you can easily replace Jackson with another speed guy in the draft. There are plenty of speed guys on the unemployment line.

    Jackson is more than just speed. He actually catches the ball and scores touchdowns.

  12. If he’s going to get rid of a top ten WR based on “football decisions”, here’s hoping he makes more “football decisions”.

  13. Exactly, Aldrick Robinson is a speedster. You think he’s anywhere net the playmaker Jackson is? Just shows how insecure Eagles fans are about Jackson’s release.

  14. It’s a shame if they end up drafting a WR north of 6’3″…because most of the better receivers in this draft are 6’0″ or shorter. Cooper, Maclin, Celek, and Ertz are all good targets in the redzone, so I believe Chip may have to go against his “Big people beat up little people” philosophy and draft the best WR available. At pick 22…that is very likely Brandin Cooks. I wouldn’t mind drafting Cooks one bit, but Chip Kelly may very well see the depth at WR as reason to address a defensive position in Rd 1 and grab a solid WR in rounds 2 or 3.

  15. Football reasons like 2nd most 20+ catches only behind Josh Gordon? Or 60 of his 82 receptions for first downs? Those reasons what football is that, since when did Chip Kelly become Woody Hayes?

  16. Not buying it due to timing of the gang related activity article in the star ledger. Why then? No deadlines were approaching there was still time to work out trades. If Kelly wanted him gone in jan, why wait? I still think eagles got tense about the article and decided to cut bait, erroring on the side if caution that another wanna-be Hernandez was in the locker room.

  17. Thank goodness Chip said that so we can all move on. The media overblows everything. Desean cost them too much for what they thought he provided for the team.


  18. if your going to release every talent that has an attitude your going to find yourself with no superstars, just abotu every great that I can think of at one time or another has butted heads with there coach. this is the NFL, your not pushing around struggling kids any more

  19. I think what he means by purely football is that he wants a more consistent presence at WR. Desean would get his 110 yard and 150 yard games but then he would have his 15 yard games. And sometimes his 110 yard games would be only for 2 catches. With Chips fast past offense he needs receivers to get multiple reception, to continue to move the chains and to keep his defense off the field for more than 2 minutes.

    Your not going to get that from Desean. He’s not a crisp route runner. So he will never be a possession receiver. You have to get Desean space for him to be effective and I dont think that’s what Chip wants in a receiver.

    For $10m a year no team should have to work so hard to get you the ball. You should be able to do everything at your position if your making that much money. If you cant then dont be surprised when they move on. Their not going to lower their expectations just because you cant meet them.

  20. If Jackson were a team guy he’d still be in Philly. That is major production to throw away, regardless of Chip Kelly’s strategy. 1332 yards on 82 receptions and 9 TDs. Yikes!

    As we saw with the Patriots against Baltimore, if you don’t have a deep ball threat, that fast paced short passing offense that Kelly runs can be shut down with the right coverage.

    To make it worth releasing him there was defintely an issue of some kind. Kelly would never say that and he never has to.

  21. The fact Chip says releasing DeSean was a football move should terrify any intelligent Eagles Fan. No real NFL coach releases that much talent and that much production unless he is a complete idiot or got a Ego to big for his own good. Don’t worry Philly keep believing in him and he will make the Eagles a complete mess then run back to college to escape the blame like he did in Oregon. Enjoy your role model locker room favorite Riley Cooper and we will take DeSean. Think Philly! Who would you really want? Thank you Chip!

  22. Just don’t understand letting him go for nothing. At least hold on to him until the draft. May be a team targeting a WR misses on the guy they want and will be tempted to give up a late pick for a pro bowl WR. I mean the Raiders got a late pick for Pryor, Jackson should be worth something.

    That’s the part I am not getting

  23. Vicksprman, I love the fact you stood up for Jackson but you’re missing one fact.. You say he has the 2nd most 20+ yard receptions just behind Gordon… But did you know Jackson has the MOST 40+ yard receptions of any wideout in the nfl. I’ll take that over 20 yard receptions anyday.

  24. I don’t think ‘just anyone’ can return punts as well as jackson, but darren sproles could be comparable at least. If only we could get him… oh yeah.

  25. Wow, people still put so much stock in what coaches say to the media. Still. Amazing.

  26. DeSean Jackson will feast on the Eagles in the near term because the Eagles don’t have any defensive backs who can stop him. Whether that costs the Eagles losses that would have otherwise been wins had Jackson not be let go remains to be seen. But if Chip Kelly is not concerned about that (assuming that he’s telling the truth), then neither will I be. I have to trust in the fact that Kelly knows more about football and his team than I do.

  27. Teams don’t just cut great players. The guys a plague. Here I go again with a Vikings comparison… When the Vikings dropped Daunte Culpepper everybody was flabbergasted. Turns out, he was ego tripping, self indulgent, poor work ethic head case of a guy who never made an impact for another team again. At least the Dolphins gave him a chance over Drew Brees, so much charity down there in Miami.

  28. Some of you posters really crack me up–

    Coach John Harbaugh–Philly didn’t “let you go”. You were an assistant coach who was wanted for an interview for a head coaching job. In the NFL, teams cannot keep individuals from interviewing for head coaching jobs. It is that simple.

    Phillyfan21–what don’t you understand? No one was going to trade for him under his existing contract and he had already said on record he wasn’t renegotiating it to facilitate a trade. So who was going to make them an offer? And let’s not forget, they tried to trade for him LAST offseason and no one made an offer then either. In fact, the Skins were the ONLY team to make him an offer, despite teams with cap space and needs at WR–the Raiders and the Jets passed.

    dallascowboys….–really?? The way that Owens was supposed to make them pay when he went to the Boys–the Eagles were 4-2 agains them while Owens was there. Or how about when McNabb went to the Skins–they won the first game, then the Eagles put a beat down on them in D.C. in the rematch and Donovan didn’t survive the year. Or how about years ago when Trotter fled to go to the Skins?? That didn’t turn out well for the Skins either.

    Listen these are the reasons why the Eagles, IMHO, released him–

    1. At their OTAs, Jackson had to be told why he had to learn all the WR positions the way Kelly wanted it.

    2. Ever since his concussions, he doesn’t like to go over the middle.

    3. He doesn’t like to block downfield. In case you missed it, Kelly’s offense was great at running the ball, and was quite often assisted by WRs not named DeSean Jackson blocking downfield.

    4. Kelly wants bigger than 5’10 recievers.

    5. He publicly said his agent “had a great plan for the offseason” if his contract wasn’t renegotiated. Howie Roseman saw what happened in 2011 and decided, with Kelly, it wasn’t going to happen again.

  29. It has not gone unnoticed that DeSean largely disappears in big games where he’s needed the most. The exact reason for that is not known, but one can assume that it may have something to do with the Eagles playing good teams who have good defensive backs who can take Jackson out of the game, for the most part. He was totally off the radar in the New Orleans game until their starting cornerback got hurt. That doesn’t happen with true #1 receivers.

  30. So what exactly is a ‘purely football move’ anyway? Because the guy could play. Why don’t these clowns just say what they mean. Kelly thought the guy was a prick, couldn’t get along with him and didn’t want to deal with the BS so he sent the guy, his 10 Mill and 1500 yards packing.

    Was that so hard?

  31. So according to Chipper this was a football move only. Even though DeSean is the prototypical WR in chips offense he ran at Oregon?? I’m calling BS.

  32. bobbyinlondon an so many others love the Kool-Aid.

    I mean the Raiders and the Jets PASSED on Jackson. Yeah right. I guess the Niners had no interest too.

    Enjoy your brain trust Chip. In this league coaching will take you so far especially after the first year. Now about those NCAA sanctions……I guess he was smart enough to bail.

  33. Washington has a better supporting cast on offense than Philadelphia. Jackson is going to open things wide open. Garçon AND Jackson. Reed, Roberts, Moss. Morris totin’ the rock. RGIII’s skills. And we do have other receivers competing for that number 3 spot.

  34. pardon me but where are the pyramids?

    surely there has to be pyramids this is Egypt right?
    then why is everyone in denial?
    Jackson led your team in every statistical category a receiver can have. if he took off a game now and then it’s because everyone sucked. he has three pro bowls. that’s three more than most of your team. If anyone honestly believes his production will not be missed in Philly , God bless you. I’m still waiting for one Eagle player to come out and say he was a cancer in the locker room because I can’t find one, and as for Chip? every year he coaches in the NFL he will lose at least one player that doesn’t want to run a track meet every sunday.

  35. Anyone who has played football has met a player like DeSean. Supremely talented, but sports a bad attitude from being so good.

    In all my levels, if someone was thought to be cancerous to the locker room, they were removed.

    A coach with a backbone and a plan isn’t going to let some punk dilute and destroy the team atmosphere that is needed to be a championship squad.

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